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Posted by The office of the Director CITM

Office of CITM

Dr.D.Balasubramanian [ Head - CITM ]

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1.Title of the Programme: Teaching Programming Languages Effectively - 30th September, 2014

The Centre for Innovative Teaching Methods (CITM) organized a convention on “Teaching programming Languages effectively” with faculty members of IT,CSE and ECE as participants and Dr. R. S. Milton, Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, SSN College of Engineering as mentor.

The resource person started the session with identifying the problems encountered by the faculty members in teaching programming languages. The following were the problems discussed by him:

  • Inattentiveness of students in class.

  • No eagerness to learn the science behind programming languages.

    Students have fully understood the system of posing questions in Practical examinations, which will be only within the 10 or so prescribed questions.

He said that the problems in teaching programming languages can be bypassed to some extent if we provide adequate motivation to the students. Also he urged the members of faculty to spend more time in learning the science behind programming languages so that interest in students can be instilled to learn programming languages.

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2.Title of the Programme: Reach the students – An easy way

During the start of every academic year new faculty members join our institution at different capacities to fill the vacancies. To make them feel comfortable with the teaching-learning process, a continuous programme titled “Reach the students – An easy way” is conducted. This has been designed and administered by HSS department.

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3. Title of the Programme: Multiple Teaching Technique for effective learning - 20.01.2015

A seminar was organized for the faculty members on the topic Multiple Teaching
Technique for effective learning on 20.01.2015. Trainers from “SAMARTH” made the session interactive and we had a discussion on how to get the attention of today's youth amidst the digital and technology disturbances. Concepts of Knowing versus Learning were discussed and the participants got an insight on adult learning techniques.

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