Scheme for providing Laptop computers to students

Scheme. The scheme is named as “Laptop Scheme 2012-13”.

Applicability. The “Laptop Scheme” will be available to all students of 2nd year UG and MCA classes.

How students can avail the scheme. Students are required to apply for the Laptop Scheme in the prescribed format by 10th  August 2012. Students must obtain the consent of the parents / guardians to permit their son/daughter/ward to subscribe to the Scheme and commit to pay the amounts as and when the installments fall due. Students must submit applications with copies of the income certificates of parents / guardians.

Once applications are forwarded to Dean Student Affairs, same cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances. Right to reject/accept the application lies with the management.

Operation of the scheme. Based on the applications, up to say 50 students will be selected for issue of laptops in three groups, ‘Merit’,  ‘Economic Means’ and ‘Merit cum Means’.

Students will be categorized based on the income and Grades obtained in the I Semester University examinations (on the same criterion as per award of Merit, Economic Means and Merit cum Means scholarships). In case of lateral entry students the marks obtained in Diploma should be given.

Each selected student will be issued with a laptop computer of specifications decided. The college will bear the complete cost of the laptops initially. Subsequently, UG students will have to pay the value of the laptop at subsidized rates in 4 equal installments at 6 monthly intervals, commencing with January 2013 (to be paid within 15 days of the commencement of the semester). For MCA Students, there will be 3 equal installments at same intervals.

Students should pay the installments in time and return of laptop is not acceptable.
Any student leaving the college for any reasons, prior to the payment of final installment is required to pay all dues without subsidy.

Subsidy. There will be a subsidy as below, provided students do not have arrears more than as laid down, in the immediately preceding Semester Examinations for which revalued results are available: -

  1. ‘Economic Means’ category – 40 % subsidy on the installment amount, provided not more than 2 arrears. 
  2. ‘Merit’ & ‘Merit cum Means’ categories – 25% subsidy on the installment amount, provided no arrears.

Thus, a student who has no arrears in every examination up to V Semester will get a definite subsidy of 25% or 40%, depending on the category.

Custody and stock verification of the use of laptops. The laptops will be held in the stock register and issued to the students. During annual stock verification, the laptops will have to be produced for physical verification. The laptops will be taken off the stock register, as soon as the students pay the last installment.                                                                                               

Prof. KV.Sivanarayana
Dean (Student Affairs)