Module Coordinators

Classic Systems
Dr. J.M.Gnanasekar
CS6551 Computer Networks
CS6401 Operating Systems
CS6403 Software Engineering
CS6503 Theory of Computation
CS6660 Compiler Design
IT6502 Digital Signal Processing
CS6704 Resource Management Techniques

Computational Systems
Dr. P. Janarthanan
GE6151 Computer Programming
CS6201 Digital Principles and System Design
CS6202 Programming and Data Structures I
CS6301 Programming and Data Structure II
CS6303Computer Architecture
CS6402Design and Analysis of Algorithms
EC6504Microprocessor and Microcontroller

Advanced Systems
Dr. S. P. Manikandan
CS6302 Database Management Systems
CS6501Internet Programming
CS6502 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
CS6504 Computer Graphics
CS6601 Distributed Systems
IT6601Mobile Computing
CS6701 Cryptography and Network Security
IT6702 Data Warehousing & Data mining

Intelligent Systems
Dr. R. Anitha
CS6659 Artificial Intelligence
CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications
CS6703 Grid and Cloud Computing
CS6801 Multi Core Architectures and Programming
IT6011 Knowledge Management
GE6757 Total Quality management
GE6075 Professional Ethics & Engineering