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ACE is the birth place of many innovators, who have brought laurels to the department, in turn to the college. It is proud, happy and noteworthy that ACE has crossed two decades from its inception. ACE plays a significant role as an adjunct to the course work.

ACE – a place where a student discovers his hidden talents, gets rid of all sorts of inhibitions, sets up and creates a new history every year. ACE strives for the synchronization between academic learning and recent development in the technology and industry.

ACE is run by the students and for the students to nurture their creativity and wholesome personality.

ACE extracts the best out of every student, because of the laudable efforts by the students under the able guidance of the faculty and staff. ACE provides avenues for developing technical skills, updating knowledge on the state of the art subjects, enhancing personality & service to the department and of course to the computer society.

The activities undertaken by ACE are conducting seminars & workshops, special lectures by eminent speakers, paper presentations, quiz, debates, intra department contests & imparting practical skills.

Apart from these activities, ACE under takes INTERRUPT and INNOVATION DAY.

  • INTERRUPT – We all know our departmental technical symposium. It’s a grand hit that spreads ACE’s fame amidst students from others colleges.
  • INNOVATION DAY – a celebration of our ability to get new ideas, indulges imagination to make new decisions, to make ourselves better and to make our place in the world better too.

ACE Events (2018-2019)

  • Inauguration of ACE 2018-19 by Mr.A.Sada Siva Sarma, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR - Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Chennai on 20th July,2018

  • Guest Lecture on " Current Trends in Industrial IoT and Machine Vision Systems " on 20th July, 2018 by Mr.A.Sada Siva Sarma, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR - Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Chennai.

  • National Level Technical Symposium, "Interrupt'18" as a part of ACE(Association of Computer Engineers) on 29th September, 2018.

  • A Workshop on "Amazon Web Services" by Computer Science and Engineering students to inter college students was organized by Association of Computer Engineers on 29th September, 2018.

  • A Guest Lecture on "Applications of AI/ML in Industrial Scenario " by Mr.C.Kirubakaran, Chief Technology Officer, KKMSoft, Chennai as a part of Association of Computer Engineers on 29th September, 2018.

Co-ordinators of ACE 2018-19

  • Mr.K.Srinivasan, Assistant Professor
  • Ms.G.Janakasudha, Assistant Professor
  • Ms.R.Iyswarya, Assistant Professor

    Office Bearers for ACE 2018-19

    N.U.Sathvik ManikantanPresidentIVC
    S.ChranVice PresidentIVA
    K.VijayashreeVice PresidentIVC
    R.Shravan DheepSecretaryIIIC
    R.Ajay AthityaTreasurerIIIA
    R.DharshaJoint SecretaryIIA
    Durairaja VigneshwarExecutive MemberIIIA
    S.DivyalekhaExecutive MemberIIIA
    G.K.MaheshExecutive MemberIIIB
    R.JeevaExecutive MemberIIIB
    K.KoushikaExecutive MemberIIIB
    B.SrinathExecutive MemberIIIC
    P.Sandhya RaoExecutive MemberIIIC
    Vaisali SundarExecutive MemberIIIC
    Chavali MrudulaExecutive MemberIIA
    Merin Ann JoseExecutive MemberIIB
    K.R.SaiHarshithExecutive MemberIIB
    R.SooryaprakashExecutive MemberIIC
    R.SarjhanaExecutive MemberIIC

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