Association of Computing Machinery, Student Chapter

SVCE ACM Student Chapter was set up by students of CSE department under the guidance of Dr.Susan Elias, HOD/CSE. It was officially chartered by ACM New York on 26th August 2011. ACM is an international organization whose aim is "Advancing computing as a science and profession". A team of 26 enthusiastic students from the Department took the initiative to set up this chapter. The official launch was on 22nd September 2011. SVCE ACM student chapter was set up to to facilitate all activities which aim at spreading quality computing education by setting up learning groups, organizing seminars, conducting workshops, facilitating contests and so on.


       SVCE's ACM Student Chapter is one of the most well reputed associations both within and outside of the institution. Although it wasn't a part of the college when the college was first founded, it is now a permanent and integral part of SVCE which has achieved great acclaim and laurels throughout the years it has been active. Even though we are quite few in number, we strongly believe that quality is more important than quantity.

       Organizing technical events intertwined with loads of fun filled challenges is our forte. Our wide variety of events boosts both 'competing by learning' as well as 'learning by competing'! Participating in our events helps you take a step towards success, and thereby guides you to make your path towards success an interesting one rather than a difficult one.

List of Office Bearers for SVCE-ACM 2017-18

Laksh KhanterChairIVB
Naresh SingaraveluVice-ChairIVB
Mathangi.SJoint SecretaryIVB
Dipika RajeshMember ChairIVA
Sri VardhamananWebMasterIIIC


1. Inauguration of ACM on 25th July, 2017 for the academic year 2017-2018. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr Rajesh Padmanabhan, Founder and CEO of NFN Labs, who enthused the audience with a realistic but motivating outlook on life, technology and entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Game of Codes event held on 4th August, 2017 with the aim of providing student-sourced guidance to other students on attaining maximum success in placement interviews.

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