Sl.NoName of Faculty Additional Responsibilities
1Dr. R.ANITHA(HOD)Budget Incharge, Stock Maintenance & NAAC
2Dr. R NEDUNCHELIANAutonomous Coordinator - PG, First year Coordinator - UG & Class Committee Chair-person II Yr PG
3Dr. J M GNANASEKARNBA,CCTV and LCD Incharge- College Level, Autonomous Coordinator -UG and PG
4Dr. C JAYAKUMARClass Committee Chair-person- I Year PG, ITMR
5Dr. P JANARTHANAN Deputy M-Rep college level, Alumni Association Treasurer & Administrator, Department Alumni Incharge, EDC
6Dr. R JAYABHADURIUG project Coordinator, CS-LAB-4(Networks System Lab ) Incharge, Vacation and Evening stay back duty roaster Incharge
7Dr. K S GAYATHRIStudents Award Incharge, TAU Coordinator III Year UG, Class Committee Chair-person III Year UG
8Dr. S P MANIKANDANNIRF, CCM Coordinator, Budget and Stock Incharge
16Dr. N M BALAMURUGANUG project Coordinator, CS LAB 2 Incharge(Operating Systems Lab),AMC,Autonomous UG and PG, Class Committee Chair Person - II Year.
9N RAJESWARINews Letter Incharge , Annual report, Research Coordinator, Class Committee Chair person(I Yr-UG)
10N REVATHIResearch Coordinator & Research Objective Incharge
11K SRINIVASANACE Coordinator, Building Maintenance Incharge, CS LAB-9A (MCA lab) Incharge, Alumni Association website administrator.
12V RAJALAKSHMIUG & PG project Coordinator
13G JANAKASUDHAWebsite Coordinator, ACE Coordinator, Class Committee Chair-person IV Year, CS-Lab 1 Incharge.
14E RAJALAKSHMIAcademic Objective Incharge,University Result Analysis Incharge( I Year(UG) & IV Year (UG), I & II Year (PG))
15R GAYATHRIISO Coordinator & IQAC
17T PADMAVATHYStaff Development and Professional Objective Incharge, Governing Council. CS LAB 8 In-charge
18U ABIRAMITAU In-charge IV UG and II year PG, SMS Incharge
19R BHUVANESWARITimetable Coordinator, Department Meeting Minutes Incharge, IQAC
20P VINOTHYALAKSHMINAAC, Autonomous UG and PG Coordinator
21S RAJALAKSHMICAT Coordinator, Autonomous UG Coordinator
22J BUVANATAU Incharge II year UG, Monitoring Duty Roaster/Reports & Department Register incharge(Counselling register).
23A SOWMYANARANANTimetable Coordinator, University Practical Exam Coordinator, NBA, Budget Incharge,CS LAB 5 incharge.
24S POORANIDepartment Library Incharge, Student Extra & Co-curricular activities Incharge IV year
25M SURESHKUMAREmployability Objective Incharge, Placement Coordinator, Higher studies.
26D SASIKALAAU exam invigilation duty allotment Incharge,NAAC
28S U MUTHUNAGAIUniversity Result Analysis Incharge (II Year(UG) & III Year (UG)),Students Feedback Incharge I and II year
29S K UMAMAHESWARITAU Incharge I year UG and PG, Student Extra & Co-curricular activities Incharge III
30K KUMANANCAT coordinator, Anna university practical exam coordinator
31M ADIMOOLAMEmployability Objective Incharge, Placement Coordinator & Higher Studies
32M P LAKSHMANAKUMARFeedback Incharge III and IV year UG, IEEE, CSI & AISHE Incharge
33R IYSWARYAACE Coordinator
34T KUMARANStudent Extra & Co-curricular activities Incharge I and II year UG, Scholarships, student welfare scheme
35R SENTHILKUMARISO Coordinator, Special Class Incharge, IQAC
37C S SANOJAU,AICTE-CII survey, EDC Incharge, Parent - Teacher Meeting coordinator, staff development, CS LAB 9(B) incharge.
38T RAJASEKARANIndustrial Objective Incharge, III Cell Incharge, Industrial Visit Incharge,AIRA.
39B PRAVEEN KUMARCAT Coordinator, AU-AICTE Incharge, CTS and Alan Turing hall incharge.
40P SELVAMANIAICTE - CII survey, AISHE, NCIR, Miscellaneous department work, CO-PO mapping.

Supporting Faculty

Sl.NoName of the StaffName of the Lab Additional Responsibilities
1P.SUBRAMANIANCS LAB 5 (Micro Processors Lab) & ALAN TURNG HALLCivil Maintenance & Building Maintenance
2S.RAJKUMARCS LAB 4 (Networks Lab) & CS LAB 6 (DRDO) Camera & Server Maintenance
3L.VENKATACHALAMCS LAB 1 (Database Systems Lab) & CS LAB 3 (HPC Lab CTS) AC & Stock Maintenance
4J.SENTHILKUMARCS LAB 2 (Operating Systems Lab)Budget & Purchase & Server Maintenance
5K.UMACS LAB 8 (Software Systems Lab)Stock Maintenance
6T. A. RAJASEKARCS LAB 9B (DST Lab)Software Maintenance & AMC
7R. CHANDRASEKARANCS LAB 9A(Programming Lab)UPS and Electrical Maintenance