Dr.S Ganesh Vaidyanathan


Area of Interest
Electronics for automation
Image Processing
Soft Computing

Contact Address
Block :14, Room No:209
Department of ECE,SVCE.
Fax: 91-4111-262462.



ME (Mechatronics), Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University

MS (Electronics and Control), Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

PhD "Development and Performance Evaluation of Processing Techniques for Automatic Karyotyping" Faculty of Information and Communication,Anna University

Academic Experience

Associate Lecturer-Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering ; September 1991 to May 2003.

Lecturer - Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Senior Lecturer - Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Assistant Professor - Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Associate Professor - Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, from June 2009 to September 2011

Professor - Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering from October 2011 to Till Date

Courses Handled

Courses Handling:
Soft Computing

Courses Handled:
Measurements and Instrumentation
Digital Electronics
Control Systems
Circuit Theory
Network Analysis and Synthesis
Computer Architecture and Organization
Multi Core Architectures
Image processing
Soft Computing
Communication Engineering
Mobile Communication
Principles of Management
Professional Ethics

Laboratory Courses:
Microprocessor Lab
Communication Engineering Lab
Mechatronics Lab

Research Publications

Title of PhD thesis: Development and Performance Evaluation of Processing techniques for Automatic Karyotyping

Number of Research Scholars: 4

Number of papers Published:

National Journals: 1

International Journals: 5

National Conferences: 6

International Conferences: 19

Conference Papers:

Ganesh Vaidyanathan.S,Professor, Member of technical advisory committee of "International Conference on Computational Systems in Engineering and Technology" organized by SVCE during March 2014

Ganesh Vaidyanathan.S Associate Professor-Department of ECE chaired the session "BIPED/QUADRUPED/HEXAPOD ROBOTS AND VEHICLES" at the IASTED Conference on "Robotics and Applications" which was held in Vancouver,BC,Canada June 01-03,2011

Ganesh Vaidyanathan.S Associate Professor-Department of ECE presented a international conference paper titled "A Novel Motion Controller for Quadruped All Terrain Vehicle" in IASTED Conference on "Robotics and Applications", held June 01-03,2011 in Vancouver,BC,Canada.

Ganesh Vaidyanathan S,"A novel method for resolving occlusion of chromosomes",Proc of ICSPS,Singapore,May 2009

Ganesh Vaidyanathan S,"A novel method for identification of hidden text using GA" Proceedings of ICSPS,Singapore, May 2009

Ganesh Vaidyanathan S,Dr.N.Kumaravel,Dr.Bibhas Kar A novel method for Separation of unwanted components from photomicrographs, applied to automatic karyotyping, , Proc of International symposium of Bioinformatics research, Jan 2008,Chennai,India.

Ganesh Vaidyanathan S,Dr.N.Kumaravel,Dr.Bibhas Kar A regression based approach to separation of non-linearly separable pattern classes, applied to chromosomal classification;, Proc of ICSCN, Jan 2008,India

Ganesh Vaidyanathan S,Dr.N.Kumaravel,Dr.Bibhas Kar Chromosomal grouping system using tree structured discriminant functions-, Proc of ICBME, Singapore,Dec 2005.

Ganesh vaidyanathan S,A state machine based approach to fluid power circuit sequencing, Proc of National conference on precision manufacturing,Punjab,2004.

Ganesh Vaidyanathan.S,K.K.Divya and Sankaravadivoo Fuzzy based drug dosage controller- - Proceedings of ANNIE 2001- Published by ASME

Ganesh Vaidyanathan S , Mandeep Singh Oberoi, Ergonomically designed intelligent aid for quadriplegics,Proceedings of 11th Nordic Baltic conference on Bio-medical Engineering , Talinn,Estonia, 1999.

Journal papers:

S.Ganesh Vaidyanathan,"Comparative analysis of wind power forecasting using ANN",Int Journal of Engineering and Computer Science,2013

S.Ganesh Vaidyanathan,"Segmentation and removal of interphase cells from Chromosome images using multidirectional block ranking,"Int. Journal of bio-Science and bio-technology, 2013

S.Ganesh Vaidyanathan, "Optimization of selection Combining using GA", International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology,2013

S.Ganesh Vaidyanathan, Dr.N.Kumaravel,Dr.Bibhas Kar:A novel technique for resolving occluded data using stochastic optimization techniques; Journal of Multiple valued logic and Soft computing-2009 (Accepted for publication )

S Ganesh Vaidyanathan , Dr.N.Kumaravel, Dr.Bibhas kar,:A Feature space sampling approach for separation of non-linearly separable classes applied to chromosome classification, International Journal of Biomedical Engineering Technology 2009 ( Accepted for publication )

S Ganesh Vaidyanathan , Dr.N.Kumaravel, Dr.Bibhas kar,:Segmentation of structrurally Homogeneous objects by Pixel ranking using Multidirectional Parameter Evaluation, Applied to chromosome images International Journal of computational Intelligence and Healthcare Informatics, Vol 1, No.1, 2008

S Ganesh Vaidyanathan , Dr.N.Kumaravel, Dr.Bibhas kar,:A Regression based approach to a maximum margin classifier for separation of linearly inseparable pattern classes Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics vol.11 PP.237-245,2008.

Workshops Attended

Short term Courses organised

National Conference "AICT-2014"

Lectures Delivered

Delivered a lecture on "World of sensors" organised by Velammal Engineering College and SVCE

Delivered a lecture on "Image processing for Robotics" organised by Madras institute of technology

Delivered a lecture on "Sensors in Mechatronics" oraganised by SSN College of Engineering

Delivered a lecture on "Image Analysis " organized by P.T.Lee.Chengalvaraya Naicker College of Engineering and Technology,Kan chipuram on 19th April 2013.

Delivered a lecture on "Fuzzy Logic based system Design" in an AICTE sponsored workshop on "Intelligent system design" organized by Amal Jyoti College of Engineering,Kanjirapally,Kerala on 15th May 2012.

Delivered a lecture on "Image Processing for automatic karyotyping" organised by National Seminar on advances in medical imaging techniques, SSN college of Engineering on 04/02/2012 .

Delivered a lecture on "Artificial Intelligence in Medicine" organised by Department of Biomedical Engineering, SSN college of Engineering on 24/02/2012.

Delivered a lecture on "Robotic Vision" organised by Madras Institute of Technology,Chromepet on 17/12/2011.

Workshop Attended

Workshop on Autonomous vehicles at IITM

Hands on training "Using PSoC for Biomedical applications" at SSN College of Engineering on Sep2010

Current Responsibilities


IEEE Student Branch Counselor

Executive Member - Alumni Association

Member of Medical Benevolent Fund Committee