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News of the Month
(2008-09 & 2009-10)


April 2010:

A three-day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp was organised between 27.04.2010 and 29.04.2010 for the benefit of our college students in which the necessary information on Project Identification, preparation of Project Report, importance of Market Survey, Accounting concept, etc are given.

March 2010:

Student Competition – Villgro My Idea Program & Young Innovator Program

Our EDC-SVCE organized a student competition, Villgro My Idea Program, with the support of PSG-STEP, Coimbatore on 29.01.2010 in our college campus. The main objective of this programme is to encourage the budding engineers to come out with their innovative ideas / concepts.

The total number of teams enrolled is 33 in which 19 teams presented their ideas. This is intra-collegiate level competition held in our college campus. Team of Mr.R.Arjun, Mr.Dinesh Kumar, Mr.Abhishek Srinivas from sixth semester BE (Mech) presented their sixth semester design project, titled “Continuously Variable Transmission System for Farm Equipments and Pumps”, which has been selected for first prize.

They are qualified to participate in the inter-collegiate level competition, Villgro Young Innovator Program, held in IITM on 19th and 20th March 2010. Around 60team from various engineering colleges participated. The first prize won by our college students Mr.R.Arjun, Mr.Dinesh Kumar, Mr.Abhishek Srinivas with cash award of Rs.10,000/-

His project aims to design a step less transmission mechanism, very simple in design and completely eliminates the application of gears. The organizer, Villgro came forward to encourage our students by means extending their support in all aspects to convert their concept into commercialization and further for parent.

January 2010:

"My Idea Programme" , Stage-1 of student competition at intra-college level, was organised in our college campus. The main objective of this programme is to encourage the budding engineers to bring out their innovative idea/concept, which will be highly useful for society.

Nearly 32 teams enrolled out of which 19teams presented thier ideas. The results:

First prize winner - III BE (Mech):
Mr.Dinesh Kumar
Mr.Abhishek Srinivas

Second Prize winner - III B.Tech (IT):

Third Prize winner - II B.Tech(Bio-Tech):
Mr.P.B.Kushal Kumar

The First prize winner is eligible to participate in the stage-2 of student competition at inter-collegiate level to be held in IITM.

This programme was organised on 29.01.2010 with the support of PSG-STEP, Coimbatore and Villgro Rural innovations Netwoek.

December 2009:


The Department of Automobile Engineering and Entrepreneurship Development Cell of our college is jointly organizing a 6 weeks training on "Repair and Maintenance of Automotive Vehicles (Two and Three Wheelers)" for ITI/ Diploma holders from 24. 11.2009 to 06.01.2010.

The program has been sponsored by "National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi

The motivational campaign for the training program was conducted in our college on 20.11.2009. In that program, Prof.S.Ramesh explained the delegates about the objectives of the training program, whereas Mr.V.Ganesh, Senior Lecturer, Department of Automobile Engineering explained the course content and objective of the program. On the same day, 21 participants registered for the training program.


Dr.R.Ramachandran, Principal inaugurated the training program on 24.11.2009. Dr.T.N.Srikantha Dath, Head of the Department, Automobile Engineering delivered the welcome address and mentioned that the participants can make use of excellent facilities available in the department. The EDC objective behind this training program was highlighted by Prof.S.Ramesh, Chief Project Co-ordinator, EDC-SVCE.

The program objectives and the course content details was explained to the participants by Mr.C.Kannan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Automobile Engineering on the inauguration day. At the end of inauguration, the training program started with a total of 25 participants.

Mr.V.Senthilvelan, Project Officer, EDC-SVCE coordinated all the activities.



September 2009:

A three-day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp was organised between 22.9.2009 and 24.9.2009 for the benefit of engineering, science & technology students.

Mr.R.Elango, an Social Entrepreneur cum Managing Trustee of Trust for Village Self Governance, inaugurated this program. Subsequent to his motivation talk, all the participants are inspired to visit his set-up. A field visit was arranged to M/s Trust for Village Self Governance at Kuthambakkam, Poonamallee.

Mr.Balaji & Mr.Prashanth, alumni of SVCE, bussing Entrepreneurs are invited to have a session, "an interaction with upcoming / successful entrepreneurs".

March 2009:

Three-day Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme was organized between 11th and 13th Mar, 2009 with the support of Dept. of Science &
Technology(NSTEDB Division) and Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad. The main objective is to create awareness on
entrepreneurship among the college students in which 79 students participated.

An Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme was organised between 24th and 26th Mar, 2009 exclusively for the benefit of the students from nearby engineering institution. This programme was organised with the support of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), New Delhi.

December2008 - January 2009:

22days Business Skill Development Programme has been organized from 12th Dec, 2008 to 12th Jan, 2009 for the benefit of young engineering and management graduates with the support of MSME Development Institute, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. 27persons attended this programme.

November 2008 - December 2008:

Six-weeks Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme on Computer Hardware Maintenance has been organized from 3rd Nov, 2008 to 16th Dec, 2008 for the benefit of unemployed youth with the support of Dept. of Science & Technology(NSTEDB Division) and Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad. 32persons were benefited. First follow-up meet was organized on 19th Feb, 2009.

September 2008:

A three-day Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme has been organized between 29.9.2008 and 01.10.2008 for the benefit of students from nearby engineering institutions.

This program was organised in the college campus with the support of Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad under the aegis of National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board(NSTEDB), Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

Experts from various sources have been invited as Resource Person to enlighten the Participants. Also, visits have been arranged to have an interaction with practicing / successful entrepreneur.

August 2008

With the support of DST and EDII, EDC-SVCE organised 3day Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp in our college campus between 20.8.2008 and 22.8.2008 for the benefit of SVCE students.

Nearly 100students attended this programme. Mr.Alan, alumnus of SVCE who is an young entrepreneur, motivated the participants.

February - March 2008

EDC-SVCE organised a 22days Business Skill Development Programme in association with MSME Development Institute (MSME-DI), Guindy, Chennai with the support of Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India. The target participants were BE/BTech/MBA graduates.

The BSDP was conducted in the college campus between 06.02.2008 and 01.03.2008. Shri S.Sivagananam, Director, MSME-DI, Chennai inaugurated the programme on 6th Feb 2008.

22 resource persons were invited and three business visits were arranged to train/motivate/encourage the participants.

The valedictory of this 22days programme was held on 4th Mar, 2008. Shri R.Pannerselvam, Deputy Director, MSME-DI delivered the valedictory address. Shri T.G.Balachandran, Secretary & Registrar, SVEHT handed over the certificates. Prof Dr.R.Ramachandran, Principal, SVCE presided over the valedictory. Prof.Dr.A.Venkatesan, Chief Project Coordinator, EDC-SVCE concluded the 22days programme details.

January 2008

Entrepreneuship Development Cell at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and MSME Development Institute, Chennai were jointly organised an Entrepreneurship Motivational Campaign on 28th Jan, 2008 at Guindy. The target participants are BE/BTech/MBA Graduates. Nearly 65 persons were participated.

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