1. Project Title :   A   Framework   for  Resource  Monitoring   and  Fault  Tolerant Scheduling   in Heterogeneous   Computational Grids

Principal Investigator:   Dr. G. Sumathi

Funding Agency :   DRDO

Duration :  Two years

Sanctioned Amount : Rs. 4.55 Lakhs


2. Project Title : Dual Blind Detection Robust Watermarking for Multimedia Security

Principal Investigator : Ms.K.Thaiyalnayaki, AP/IT

Funding Agency : ISRO

Duration: Two years

Funding Amount : Rs. 3,30,000 Lakhs

3. Project Title :  Robust Video Streaming using H.264 Scalable Video Coding over Mobile Broadband Networks

Principal Investigator:   Ms.S.Swarna Parvathi

Funding Agency :   ISRO

Duration :  Two years

Sanctioned Amount : Rs.9 Lakhs


Department of Information Technology is recognized as Research centre to pursue Doctoral research programme 

by Anna University, Chennai with effect from April 2011.


List of Ph.D. supervisors recognized by Anna University, Chennai.

1. Dr. G. Sumathi, Professor & Head IMS

2. Dr. C. Yaashuwanth, Associate Professor


No.of Scholars completed Ph.D in IT Research Centre : 3

No.of Scholars pursuing Ph.D in IT Research Centre : 21

Grants Received