Marine Engineering Association  -AY2018-19

Office Bearers

The following members are the office bearers of the Marine Engineering Students Association, for the academic year 2018 – 19, is constituted as follows:

President               -           Mr. S.A.Sub ash, B.E., (Marine) Final Year,

Secretary               -           Mr.G. Varun, B.E., (Marine) Final Year,

Joint Secretary      -           Mr.S.Mukesh Karthik., B.E., (Marine) Third Year,

Treasurer               -           Mr. S. Dharshanraju, B.E., (Marine) Second Year,


Inauguration and Guest Lecture

The Marine Engineering students association was inaugurated by  Mr.M.Sabarinathan, Marine Chief Engineer Bernhard Schulte Ship Management on 19th July 2018 and gave guest lecture on  “Role of Trainee Marine Engineers and importance of safe working practices”

Guest Lecture

The special lecture titled as “Understanding Ship Building Processes” given by Alagappan Karuppan Chetty,Project Management Consultant-Marine Industries, Chennai on 25th September 2018.


National Level Technical Symposium

The national level technical symposium SAILSYNERGY 2018 was held on 29th September 2018 and Mr. H R. Premnath, Principal, Indus Maritime College, Chennai was the Chief Guest and distributed the prizes and awards to the winners.

Marine Engineering Student  Association Activities  AY 2017-18

Distinguished Chief Guest, Capt.S.Krishnamurthi, executive Vice President-Operations (Technical) Sanmar Shipping Limited, Chennai Prof.S.Krishnan, Head of Department Marine Engineering, Prof.K.V.Sivanarayana, Prof.T.R.Mohan, faculty members of Marine Engineering and my fellow cadets. It is my utmost privilege to present the Annual Report of the Association of Marine Engineers for the academic year 2017-18.


The list of events which has been conducted in the academic year 2017-18 are as follows:

  1. The inauguration took place on 26th July 2017 by, Capt.G.S.Ranganathan Master Mariner GKM Institute of Marine Sciences And Technology who delivered a lecture on “Impact of ISM, STCW and PSC for Sea Farers.” 
  1. A National Level Technical Symposium Sail Synergy’17 was organized and held on 25th September 2017.
  • S.V.S. Reddy Senior Marine Chief Engineer presided over the function and delivered the inaugural address.          
  • Cadets from following Maritime institutions have participated
  1. Tolani marine institute of technology
  2. Hindustan institute of Maritime training (HIMT)
  4. SAMS
  5. Indian Maritime foundation
  6. AMET 
  • Valedictory address for the Symposium was given by S.V.S.REDDY Senior Marine Chief Engineer highlighting the skills required for cadets to excel in competency exams conducted by MMD.
  1. Captain N.V.Suresh delivered a guest lecture on 10th October 2017 emphasizing the “Post State Control Inspection (PSC)-Awareness Required by Junior Engineers.”
  2. G.Saravanan, Facility Manager Vector Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd, Chennai delivered the guest lecture & valedictory address on 19th January 2017 in the topic of "Six Sigma and its application in daily life and Lean Manufacturing Practices."

Academic Year 2015-16

Office bearers of Marine Engg Students Association

President - Mr.R.Karthik - B.E. (Marine) IV Year
Secretary - Mr.K.Jaswanth Kumar - B.E. (Marine) IV Year
Joint Secretary - Mr.A.Ragunath - B.E. (Marine) III Year
Treasurer - Mr.M.Lokesh - B.E. (Marine) II Year

Activities of Marine Association 2016 - 2017


Chief Guest


Association Inauguration & Guest lecture

Shri.N.V.PRASAD, Principal Consultant, DS marine


Marine Symposium SAILSYNERGY'16

Mr. H.R.PREMNATH, Professor-MASSA, Maritime Academy


Guest Lecture

Ms. Latha A Kumar, General Manager - Personnel, Sanmar Shipping Limited


Academic Year 2014-15 and 2013-14

Guest Lectures 



Chief Guest



Guest Lecture

Mr. A .M. Ramakrishnan



Guest Lecture

Dr. R. Vasanthakumari



Association of Marine Engineers

Mr. S.V.S. Reddy

SVCE Video hall



Shri S. Janaka

SVCE Video hall


Guest Lecture

D.M. Viswanathan

Retd. Chief Engineer.



Advances in MIG welding process





Valedictory Function

Dr. A. Venkatesan

HOD, Automobile Engg.



Academic Year 2012-13

Office bearers of Marine Engg Student Association

President - Mr.J. Ayyapan - B.E. (Marine) IV Year
Secretary - Mr.M.Pradeep Kumar - B.E. (Marine) III Year
Treasurer - Mr.K. BalaArasan- B.E. (Marine) II Year
Joint Secretary - Mr. A. Balaji B.E.- (Marine) II Year

Activities of the Association

The guest lecture on " Recent Trends in Marine Engineering and survval at Sea" by Shri A M Ramakrishnan, Senior Second Engineer, SANMAR Shipping Company, Chennai on 11th Feb 2013.

The Marine Engineering Association was inaugurated by Shri Rajan Issac, GM(NB), TEBMA Shipyards, Chennai on 9 August 2012.

The technical Symposium SAILSYNERGY 12 was held on 23 August 2012 and Prof.V.Srinivasan, Professor, IMU was the chief guest for the Inauguration function and Dr.R.Parthiban, Prof. and Head, Chemical Engg, SVCE ws the chief guest for the Valedictory Function.



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