The College is a pioneer in starting Marine Engineering as an undergraduate degree programme through the University of Madras. This college is the first engineering college in India to get approval by Director General of Shipping, Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India to start the four year B.E. Marine Engineering course. The students after graduation, will be able to join as fifth engineers on board ship.

This programme is the first of its kind in India and was started in 1998. To give adequate training and to create confidence in the students to meet the challenges expected at sea after joining in the ship as fifth/Junior Engineers, we give more emphasis in practical training .To this effect the department is equipped with the following facilities.


Basic and Advanced Welding Workshop

The following equipments in the workshop:

  • MIG, TIG, Welding machines
  • Welding rectifiers
  • Welding transformers
  • Welding booths with accessories
  • Gas welding apparatus

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Hand and Power Tool Workshop


  • 6mm Light duty drill , High power pistol drill
  • 25mm Heavy duty drill
  • 13mm Light duty drill
  • 100mm Straight grainder
  • 180mm Heavy duty high speed angle grainder, horizontal sander
  • Torque wench various capacities spanners, taps,dies, etc.

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Marine Main Propulsion and Power Plant Laboratory


An operational main propulsion dieseM engine.


Power : 5130 HP

Marine power plant to generate 300 kW power

Make : CATERPILLAR Power : 300kw

Auxiliary equipment viz., Starting Air Compressor, Lube oil pump, Fuel oil pump, feed water pump,Main sea water pump, Lube oil Separator, Fuel oil separator ,Bilge separator and main fire pump, fire main pump, ballast pump, sludge pump, lub oil filter, fuel oil filter, lub oil cooler, sea water cooler, portable compressor

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Seamanship and Navigational Laboratory


  • Life Boat(35 person)
  • Gyro Compass
  • Gyro Repeaters
  • RACALL DECCA 2490 RADAR, Sextent
  • Life Jackets,
  • Life raft, life buoy
  • SCBA Pyrotechnics-Cartridges, Hand Flare and Smoke bombs
  • Gas Analyser
  • Portable radios set
  • Suez Canal Search light
  • Electrical ship log
  • Fog horn siren type Air horn
  • Navigation lights


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Heat Engineering Laboratory


  • Orsat gas analysis apparatus 4 test model complete unit
  • Spare absorption pipette and burette for the above apparatus
  • Redwood viscometer No.1
  • Pensky Marten flash point apparatus
  • Carbon residue apparatus(Conradson) as per IP.13 ASTM D.189 four test model
  • Century make model CK 710 digital water analysis kit
  • Four ball extreme pressure Lubricant tester I.E RAP/127 with accessories and
  • temperature regulations
  • Full range of Thermometers

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Marine Machinery Dismantling and Assembling Laboratory


  • Aux Engine Crankshaft
  • Valve chest ballast
  • Piston crown - 4-stroke engine
  • Exhaust Valve Mitsubishi UENO engine
  • Axial Compensator 400 mm dia
  • Turbo Charger rotor assembly- BBC-VTR 250
  • Woodward Governor type PGA
  • Boiler safety valve, boiler water gauge glass,
  • Different types of valves screw down valve, globe valve, buterfly valve, gate valve, non-return valve, cooler-tube nest.

Marine Auxiliary Machinery Laboratory


  • Deck air compressor
  • Heat exchanger
  • Incinerator
  • Oily water separator
  • Steering gear
  • Cargo Turbing oil pump
  • sewage treatment plant
  • Wilden Pump
  • Heleshaw pump
  • Piston pump
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Gear pump
  • Fire & GS Pump
  • Screw displacement pump
  • Cargo oil pump
  • Portable Compressor 10 bar


Fire Fighting Laboratory


  • Fixed fire fighting installation (Carbon dioxide flooding system)
  • Inert gas generators
  • Portable fire extinguishers (water, carbon dioxide, dry powder, mechnical type extinguishers)
  • Smoke and Thermal Sensors
  • Smoke detection unit
  • Fire main system
  • fire call point & gang bell
  • Non-portable extinguisher - Mechanical Extinguisher
  • CABA
  • Bellow type foot pump
  • First aid kit and stretcher

Marine Boiler Laboratory


  • Marine Auxiliary water tube boiler
  • Fresh Water generator

Marine AC & Refrigeration Laboratory


  • Air conditioning plant 60 TR
  • Refrigeration unit 40 TR


The department library has valuable books and journals on Marine Engineering subjects.

Titles - 300

National Journals - 05

International Journals - 18

Future Plans of the Department

The following faculties are planned to be setup in future.

Measurement, Instrument & Microprocessor Laboratory

Marine machinery refitting, welding, cutting and fabrication workshop

Hydraulic laboratory

High precision instrumentation laboratory

Simulator Laboratory

CAD Computing laboratory


Welding of composite materials using advanced facilities such as TIG, MIG. Machining of composite materials. Click here for futher details

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