1. Introduction:

1.1 This Under Graduate Course/Programme is a Degree in Engineering and also prepares the Cadets for the arduous life at sea by subjecting them to a balanced programme of technical, general and disciplinary training and numerous co-curricular activities necessary for their eventual success in life

1.2 Cadets are informed of the routine and activities through the following:

1) College Circulars/Orders
2) Hostel Circulars/ Orders
3) Announcements and General notice.

2. General Discipline Rules:

2.1 It is compulsory for all cadets to take part in P.T., indoor and outdoor games, swimming, parade, divisions and any other co-curricular activities.

2.2 Cadets must carry out all written or verbal orders of authorities and rank holders promptly without any argument.

Rank Holders are:

1st Year -Leading Cadet (LC)
2nd Year -Junior Cadet Capt (JCC)
3rd Year -Cadet Capt (CC)
4th Year -Senior Cadet Capt (SCC)

2.3 Cadets wishing an appointment with the Principal, Vice Principal must arrange it through HOD(Mar)/Dean.

2.4 All Activities and routine must be carried out smartly and punctually.

2.5 Wearing of Uniform is compulsory at all times. Uniform must be clean, ironed and worn correctly.

2.6 Partaking of alcohol or consuming drug is strictly forbidden. Defaulters will be dealt with severely and may result in suspension/removal from training.

2.7 Cadets are prohibited from smoking during any activity organised by SVCE and in presence of superiors.

2.8 Cadets shall have their hair, beard, moustache trimmed and groomed properly or remains clean shaven excepting Sikh Cadets. Cadets are not permitted to wear any jewellery or ornaments.

2.9 Cadets will not leave College/Hostel without prior permission. Unauthorised absence from hostel will be dealt with severely and may result in suspension and or serving of back time.

2.10 Cadets are strictly prohibited from assaulting anybody physically or inflicting injury in any manner, also they are prohibited from using abusive language, cat-calling, shouting, disorderly behaviour, misdemeanour and misconduct reflecting lack of disciplined behaviour. All the above may result in severe punishment.

2.11 Ragging of junior Cadet of Cadets of their own batch is a cognizable offence and as such is punishable under the law. Cadets will, therefore, not indulge in such an act. Cadets are liable to be expelled from training/College if found guilty of the same apart from any other punishment under criminal law.

3. Hostel Discipline Rules:

Further to the Rules and Regulations displayed in Hostel website of the college, Marine Cadets also need to adhere to the following:

3.1 Cadets must keep their rooms and surroundings clean.

3.2 Cadets are not to remain in their beds after Revellie has been sounded. All beds must be made promptly on getting up.

3.3 Mosquito nets (prevention against malaria and filaria) should be removed and folded and put under the pillow every morning. All beds must be covered with a counterpane.

3.4 Cadets must not keep large amount of cash in their possession or in the hostel. They should keep the cash in the bank.

3.5 Hostel and College premises, furniture and fixtures must not be disfigured with writing, scratching etc., or wilfully destroyed. No furniture should be displaced without permission from the Hostel Warden.

3.6 Cadets must remain in Hostel in proper uniform at all times. They are not to loiter in towels of sleeping suits.

3.7 Cadets will use recreation rooms etc., only during specific timings.

3.8 Cadets will take their meals/ tea etc. in the dining hall and during specified timings only.

3.9 Food is to be taken in an orderly manner in Mess Hall only. Strict table manners must be observed.

3.10 Cadets are to remain in their respective cabins or study rooms during study hours.

3.11 Cadets will meet their guests in the lounge on the ground floor and normally between 1730 to 1900 hrs. Cadets having unauthorised guest or guests at odd hours will be dealt with severely and may be suspended/removed from training.

3.12 If parents and guardian arrive to meet the cadets during normal working hours for any reason the cadets should meet them only in the cadets rest room and returned to the class as soon as possible.

3.13 Fees, Hostel and Mess dues etc., as notified are payable in advance. No notice to parents will be sent.

3.14 Application for exemption from any activity o medical grounds must supported by Medical Officer's Certificate. Medical Officer can be consulted in dispensary on all working days from 0900 to 1700 hrs.

3.15 Cadets are liable to lose Internal Assessment marks for being absent from hostel routine, dressed improperly and for indisciplinary activities besides other punishments.

3.16 Internal Assessment marks will be awarded for enthusiastic participation in various college activities.

4. Standing Rules for Classes & Workshop:

4.1 Attendance at classes and workshop is compulsory. Under no circumstances will a cadet absent himself from classes/workshop except with proper permission.

4.2 Cadet should not loiter around in the corridors during the class hours.

4.3 Cadets are not permitted to attend Marine Workshop from home.

4.4 Whenever any cadet is suspended from a Marine workshop for any reason whatsoever, he must immediately inform the Faculty advisor.

4.5 Unauthorised absence from the place of duty or from Workshop will be dealt with severely and may result in suspension/removal from the training.

5. Library Rules:

5.1 General rules of library shall be followed by the cadets.

5.2 Periodicals, Journals, Manuals and charts and any other books that form a part of the Reference Collection of Marine Library or any rare valuable book shall not be lent out to the cadets without special permission of the HOD(Mar)/Dean.

5.3 Entry into the library must always be in proper uniform. Boiler suits or sports uniform are not allowed.

5.4 Strict silence should be observed and any cadet found to disregard this condition will be asked to leave the library.

5.5 A register is available with the Librarian for recording suggestions regarding new books and/or periodicals.

5.6 If a cadet is found to deface or tear pages of any book borrowed by him/ or being used by him in the reading form, full cost of the book will be recovered form the concerned cadet.

6. Leave Rules:

6.1 Cadets are granted leave during periods of vacation which is declared by the College Order.

6.2 Written requests for late pass up to 2100 hrs after classes/workshop should be made well in advance.

6.3 A night off from the hostel for staying in the city may be granted at the discretion of the Faculty Advisor/Residential Tutor/HOD (Mar) on receiving specific written requests form the cadets. A maximum of 10 nights offs permitted during one full academic year.

6.4 A cadet is liable to lose internal assessment marks besides other punishment if he reports back late form home leave, city leave, late pass, night off etc.,

6.5 Cadets absent/ away form the training in excess of the permitted leave on whatsoever account may lose internal assessment marks, may be debarred from appearing in the examinations, and may be removed from the training on disciplinary grounds.

6.6 Cadets may be granted leave on medical grounds on the recommendation of the Medical Officer. A maximum of 15 days medical leave is permitted per academic year.

6.7 All applications must be addressed to the Principal and forwarded through Faculty advisor.

6.8 In the interpretation of these rules, the Principal's decision will be final.

7. Daily Routine:

Morning Revellie 0600 0630
Morning Pt 0600 - 0700
Breakfast 0700 - 0800 0700 - 0900
Morning Check Fall-In 0825 0930
Classes/Lab/Workshop 0830 - 1130  
0830 - 1205  
Lunch 1100 - 1130 1200 - 1300
1205 - 1230  
Classes 1140 - 1605  
1245 - 1605  
Snacks 1535 - 1615 1535 - 1615
Games Fall-In 1630  
Evening Check Fall-In 1845  
Dinner 1845 - 2000 1845- 2000
Last Fall-In 2100 2100
Compulsory Study Hour 2100 - 2200 2100 - 2200
Rest 2200 - 0600 2200 - 0630


1. Number of Tests and Examinations:

There will be 3 Continuous Assessment Tests and Assignments wherever applicable during each semester and finally University examinations for both practical and theory.

All the CAT answer sheets have to be kept in a safe custody till they apply for the Part "A" Exemption.

2. Details of credit Group:

Cadets in every year are allotted some marks called credit marks (Annexure I) and are entitled to obtain the maximum possible marks after deductions due to various defaults as detailed in Annexure II.

3. Attendance at Examination and Tests etc.,:

a) Appearing in all tests and examinations during an academic session is compulsory.
b) A cadet, not appearing in the examination and tests, partly or completely for any reason whatsoever will not be awarded any marks in the subjects or papers where he has not appeared.

4. Eligibility for Appearing in the University Examinations:

a) A cadet must maintain minimum 80% of attendance in any academic session.
In case the attendance falls short by not more than 10%, due to illness certified by Medical Officer or for any other reasons considered valid, the Head of the Institution may condone such deficiency and permit the candidate to appear in the University Examinations. The cadets, having short attendance, if not condoned, will not be permitted to appear in the University examinations.

b) He must not have been barred on disciplinary grounds.

c) He must fulfil all other statutory requirements of the Institution.

d) In the event of non-compliance of any of above rules, the candidature of the cadet in any Examination, will be decided by the Faculty advisor, HOD (Mar)/Dean and the Principal.

5. Pass Marks:

Pass marks in each subject will be 50% of the total marks for the subject in the semester/supplementary examination and the sessional mark. For University examination the University rules will be applicable.

7. Award of Class: As per University rules

8. Penalty for using unfair means in the examinations:

Any cadet who is found to be using unfair means (talking to other, copying) in any of the examinations conducted by the SVCE/UNIVERSITY will be subjected to the following punishments:

a) University examination - As per university rules
b) CAT - Zero marks will be awarded in the paper concerned.
c) Immediate expulsion from examination hall for that particular paper.

9. TAR Book &Training Manual:

It is mandatory that every cadet should possess a TAR Book and Training Manual. The cadets should fill up the TAR Book regularly and get the signature from the concerned subject teacher. Training Manual is to be completed in all respects before leaving the authorised Marine Workshop where the cadet is deputed for six month afloat training and submitted to I/C Professor /HOD(Mar) on return to College.



SI. No. Occasion Competent Authority Deduction of Marks
Reporting late for fall-in maximum 5 minutes L.C/J.C.C/C.C/S.C.C/ C.C.C
Absence from fall-in and P.T L.C/J.C.C/C.C/S.C.C/C.C.C/Instructor
Unauthorised absence hostel Countersigned by RT Action to be taken by HW an HOD(Mar)/Dean
Reporting late from city leave HW and FA Up to 15 minutes - 1
Beyond 30 - 3
Not reporting back from city leave but reporting at the next morning P.T. HW and FA
5 a
Absence from last fall-in and next day's morning P.T and check fall-in   To be treated as unauthorised absence from hostel.
Sleepiness L.C/J.C.C/C.C/S.C.C /C.C.C/Countersigned by AO(H)  
a) Wearing improper uniform
b) wearing dirty or torn uniform
c) not shaved or improperly groomed hair
d) Bed, wardrobes, room disarranged /dirty
Impertinence and misbehaviour towards superiors Action to be taken by the Authorities  
Unauthorised absence from workshop or found in hostel during workshop period. HW or HOD(Mar)/Dean 1st offence - 5
2nd offence - severe disciplinary action


L.C - Leading Cadet
J.C.C - Junior Cadet Captain
C.C - Cadet Captain
S.C.C - Senior Cadet Captain
C.C.C - Chief Cadet Captain
R.T - Residential Tutor
AO(H) - Administrative Officer(Hostel)
HW - Hostel Warden
FA - Faculty Advisor
HOD(Mar) - Head of the Department(Marine Engineering)


1. Cadets will be required to successfully complete any modular courses introduced from time to time and tests prescribed for them. e.g., Elementary First Aid, Fire Prevention and Fire fighting, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, Personal survival techniques etc.

2. Cadets will also be required to pass any other tests which may be introduced from time to time e.g. Physical Fitness Tests, Swimming Tests etc. before they are eligible to receive the final Passing out Certificate.