The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the three major departments established right from the beginning of the College. The department has well experienced faculty and staff members of proven ability and administrative skills. It has well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories that cater to the needs of the students. The department also takes up industrial consultancy works from various industries.

The Department is accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) since 1998.

Programmes run by the department are,

  • B.E. - Mechanical Engineering.
  • M.E - Computer Aided Design.
  • M.E - Internal Combustion Engineering.
  • M.E - Mechatronics
  • M.S - (by Research)
  • PhD (Full time & Part time)

Vision of Mechanical Engineering Department

To be a centre of Excellence in the core areas like Design, Manufacturing and Thermal Engineering

Mission of Mechanical Engineering Department

To create an ambience for academic, Professional and research excellence by providing adequate resources in terms of facilities and faculty guidance.

Program Educational Objectives:

• Graduate will be employed in core industries or software industries with domain specialization

• Graduates will pursue higher education in reputed institutions, both in India and abroad

• Graduates will become entrepreneurs thereby contributing to the society

The B.E Mechanical program demonstrates the following twelve 

Program Outcomes (PO’s):

  1. Applying the engineering knowledge to solve problems in different areas of Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Identification, hypothesizing and conducting experiments using various theories of Mechanical Engineering.
  3. Designing and developing the solutions for complex processes in Mechanical Engineering to meet the need of the society.
  4. Developing the ability to conduct research in diversified field of Mechanical to obtain valid conclusions for challenging problems.
  5. Developing the skills to use modern and advanced tools of Mechanical Engineering.
  6. Developing the ability to perform good Mechanical practices that benefit the society.
  7. Developing the projects using Mechanical tools for environmental conservation and sustainable development.
  8. Learning and following the Management principles involved in Mechanical research and industrial practices.
  9. Developing the ability to work as an individual based on interest and also in multi-disciplinary team of Mechanical engineering.
  10. Developing the effective communication and scientific writing in Mechanical research and industrial practices.
  11. Developing the management skills to work in Mechanical industry and also to become an entrepreneur in Mechanical Field.
  12. Engaging in life-long learning towards the area of specialization in Mechanical Engineering.