The Applied Physics department has a well equipped laboratory and a well established library which subscribes to 6 journals (Indian and International).

This department caters to the the first year requirements of B.E / B.Tech programmes of all branches of engineering and to the B.Tech Chemical Engineering programme.

This department is provided with research facilities like computational research lab, crystal growth unit.

Applied Physics Laboratory

The Applied Physics Laboratory of the department has the following facilities. :

  • Ultrasonic testing equipment
    (NDT & Mechanical studies in the presences of high frequency waves to liquid/solid samples.)
  • Magnetic susceptibility measurements - Suitable for solid and liquid samples with temperature attachments.
  • Low power solid state laser - for Basic optical measurements.
  • Interference Based thickness measurements.
  • Bridges,Meters for Basic electrical Measurements.
  • Basic physical measurements with reasonable sophistication (to cater to the needs of the Under & Post graduate studies in Engineering & Technology)



    The following equipments are available at the Department of Applied Physics,
     Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering.







    Bridgman setup with modified ultra smooth vibration free translation unit for melt growth process.

    Designed and fabricated by Vi Micro system Pvt.Ltd,Chennai-96


    Constant temperature bath (CTB) with cryostat facility controlled by “Eurotherm controller” for Solution Growth technique.        



    Immercible magnetic stirrer.   

    Remi Equipments Pvt Ltd.


    Magnetic stirrer with temperature controller

    Remi Equipments Pvt Ltd.


    UPS with 5KV capacity attached with melt growth unit

    NUMERIC digital HPE1150


    Personal COMPUTER attached with melt growth unit





     I Constant temperature bath (CTB) with cryostat facility controlled by “Eurotherm Controller” for Solution Growth technique


    II.Modified ultra smooth, vibration free translation setup for growth of crystal by vertical Bridgman technique.



    1. Mechanical Setup with Controller

    In this setup linear translation is accomplished by directly coupling the motor shaft with string & pulley arrangements for Ultra smooth and vibration free movements.
    2. Translation Unit   
    Programmable micro controller based stepper motor control drive for translation.


    Translation rate   

    Variable from 0.001mm/hr  to 50.000 mm / hr                

    Micro stepper drive

     400,000 steps /revolution (default)

     200,000, 100,000, 50,000,  20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2,000,  1,000, 800, 400, 200 steps Revolution selectable by Software

    Control mode

    Manual/Programmable mode                  

    0.001 mm/hr to 50.000mm/hr                                                                                selectable by operator interface

    Line Alphanumeric LCD with key for operator interface.


    RS232C/RS485 Interface for computer connectivity



    3.  Resistive Single Zone Furnace with Programmable PID Temperature controller 
          for Single Zone Furnace.

    Temperature Range

    0-550° C


    0.1° C

    Output type      

    Voltage 0-5V & Current 4-20mA

    Control mode                   

    Set point/Programmable/Hold mode

    Operation mode              

    Single touch manual/Auto mode

    4. Thyristor Unit for Single Zone Furnace
    SCR based Regulator for furnace temperature controller, Two Numbers of SCR with proper Heat Sink and Snubber circuit ,Isolated pulse Amplifier with Suitable firing circuit to vary the 0-180 firing angle.

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