Congratulations to the team TRAXION OFF-ROADING participated in BAJA SAEINDIA 2020
Our college team "TRAXION OFF-ROADING" consisting of Automobile and Mechanical Engineering students participated in the BAJA SAEINDIA 2020, held at Chitkara UniversityRajpura, Punjab, India between 5th March 2020 and 9th March 2020. Our team has secured the overall 20th Rank out of 82 teams. The event demands the designing and fabrication of a robust All Terrain-Vehicle (ATV Buggy) which has to endure the tough off-road track of 2 km distance for 4 hours without any problems.

The team TRAXION OFF-ROADING headed by the following student members:

1. Mr. Abhilash Venkat G  / Final Year, Automobile Engineering - CAPTAIN

2. Mr. Sharan P / Final YearMechanical Engineering - VICE-CAPTAIN

3. Mr. Sai Ajay Shankar / Final Year, Automobile Engineering  - CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER

4. Mr. Manoj Kumar S / Final Year, Automobile Engineering - CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER

5. Mr. Dhivakkar N / Final Year, Automobile Engineering - FABRICATION LEAD

Dr. Ganesh V, ASP/AUT and Mr. A. K. Boobalasenthilraj AP/AUT are the Faculty Advisors for the event. And Mr. J. Sivaramapandian, AP/MEC is the Faculty Coordinator for the student members of Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The management of SVCE have sponsored Rs. 1 Lakh to the team and encouraged the students to build a robust vehicle.


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