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Congratulations to First Year IT student Mr.S.S.Keerthivasan, on his achievement

on 23/05/18,by HOD IT, under College Circular,SVCE in NEWS

Mr Keerthivasan, a student from I year IT, has ventured an entrepreneurial initiative to promote and market pencils, manufactured by 'ZOYO' company, across the state of Tamil Nadu. These pencils are made of waste news papers so as to save trees and recycle papers so that a great deal of tree conservation and waste management can be achieved. 

Moreover, these pencils carry seeds of herbs and vegetable yielding plants so that when buried under the soil, after use, it will get germinated to be a plant. This qualifies these pencils to be 100% Eco-friendly. 

The initiative has progressed to such a level that it was exhibited at the Chennai Trade Centre where it reached a good number of population which was also published on a daily called Dhinakaran on 13 May 2018. 

Mr Keerthivasan says that the profit gained from his initiative will be used for building libraries in at least 50 progressing schools in villages. The Department of Information Technology is proud of his intention and hard work and the College congratulates him on his achievements and wishes him for all his future endeavors.