Designation Associate Professor
Areas of Interest Surface Engineering, Tribology, Composite & Polymeric Materials
Room No. 4013
Intercom No.
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)

Ph.D – Mechanical Engineering, Okayama University, Japan.
M.E. – Plastic Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

B.E. – Mechanical Engineering , Government College of Engineering, Tirunelveli

Academic Experience

Associate Professor – SVCE .
Professor – Bharathiyar College of Engineering & Technology, Karaikal.

Lecturer – PET Engineering College, Vallioor..

Lecturer – Sri Ramakrishna Polytechnic, Coimbatore..

Lecturer – Nanjappa Institute of Technology, Coimbatore..

Courses Handled

Advanced Mechanics of Materials.
Concepts in Mechanisms and Machines.

Engineering Materials and Metallurgy.

Strength of Materials Laboratory .

Research & Consultancy

Research Publications:.
Papers Published in International / National Journals.

M.Ananth Kumar, Masahiro Fujii, Takuya Fukuda, �Tribological Characteristics of DLC coatings in vacuum under sliding contact�, Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology, Vol.2, No.1, pp.22-27, 2012..

Masahiro Fujii, M.Ananth Kumar, Akira Yoshida, �Influence of DLC coating thickness on tribological characteristics under sliding rolling contact condition�, Tribology International, Vol.44, No.11, pp.1289-1295, 2011..

M.Ananth Kumar, Ramesh Chandra Agarwala, Vijaya Agarwala, �Synthesis and characterization of Ni-P coated graphite particles�, Bulletin of Materials Science, Vol.31, No.5, pp.819-824, 2008..

M.Ananth Kumar, R.C.Agarwala, V.Agarwala, �Development of Electroless Ni-P complex composite nanocoatings�, Nano trends: A journal of nanotechnology and its applications, Vol.4, No.1, pp.29-32, 2008..

International Conference Presentations (Overseas).

M.Ananth Kumar and Masahiro Fujii, �Effect of coating thickness and environment on the tribology of thick DLC coating under sliding contact�, International Tribology Conference, Hiroshima 2011, Japan, 2011, Presentation No. E1-04..

M.Ananth Kumar, M.Fujii and S.Nita, �A study of tribological characteristics of plasma CVD DLC coating in siding contact under oil lubrication�, Tribology Congress in Australia, Perth, Australia, 2010, Presentation No.1080..

M.Ananth Kumar, Masahiro Fujii, Koichi Murata and Takuya Fukuda, �Influence of substrate roughness and thickness of DLC coating on tribological behavior in vacuum under sliding contact�, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Design Engineering and Science, Tokyo, Japan, 2010, pp.192-196..

Masahiro Fujii, M.Ananth Kumar, Akira Yoshida, �Influence of DLC coating thickness on tribological characteristics under sliding rolling contact condition�, World Tribology Congress 2009, Kyoto, Japan, 2009, Presentation No. J-335.

Conference / Workshop / FDP

Workshops Attended
Attended one week training program on �Electron Microscopy and their usage for nanotechnology related work� by Centre of Nanotechnology, IIT Roorkee during 3-10 October 2007..
Attended one day workshop on �Professionalism in Teaching� conducted by Key Consultants at PET Engineering College, Vallioor, Tamilnadu on 10th January 2004..

Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities

Department Student Disciplinary Committee Member.

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