Programming Skills Syllabus
Unit I - Conditional statements
  • Today’ is an application that reads a number between 1 and 7 and prints the respective week day. For example, if it reads 3, it displays ‘Tuesday’. Develop the application ‘Today’.
  • “This Month” is an application that reads a number between 1 and 12 and prints the numbers of days in that month. For example, if it reads 3, it displays 31. Develop the application ‘This Month’.
  • TOMORROW is an application that reads a date and generates the next day as output. Write logic to implement TOMORROW. Note: Be cautious about leap year, month end, year end.
  • Shivaji Telecommunications, your client, requires a software module that calculates the due date, given a date and the number of days from that date. Create a Due Date Calculator module for your client.

Unit II - Loops
  • An astrologer calculates the day’s fortune as the sum of the numbers in the date. If the sum is between 1 and 5(both inclusive), he predicts the day as ‘Excellent’. If the sum is between 6 and 8 (both inclusive) he predicts the day as ‘Good’ and if the sum is 9 he predicts the day as ‘Fair’. The astrologer requests you to automate his prediction model at a cost of Rs.5 for a day’s prediction. Develop an application for his model.
  • A billionaire cuts your phone call by revealing the first seven digits of an eight account number 5634592X in which he credited a huge amount. Write logic that finds the last digit.
  • Kummi Communications developed a new mobile model "Kummi" with low memory usage. It requires a call log to be added as an application. Due to its memory limitations, Kummi allows to store only two of its recent calls. You are asked to develop Call log application for Kummi. I/O: Enter numbers, -1 to stop: Input: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,-1 : Output: 7,8Enter numbers, -1 to stop: Input: 2,-1 : Output: 2 Enter numbers, -1 to stop: Input:-1 : Output: Call log is empty

Unit III - Functions, Arrays & Structures
  • A section of students with roll numbers 1 to N write an exam in two halls with half of the students’ strength (in random) in each hall. Write logic to collect the answer scripts in increasing order of roll numbers in each class, and write logic to combine the answer scripts into a single sorted set.
  • Design a class register for students with roll_number and name for each student. Write logic to assign a temporary roll_number starting from 1 to each student on their arrival, maintaining the order of their roll numbers and names in the register. Once the student count reaches N, print the class register with student details.
  • As a soft skill trainer, you wish to organize the N participants of an event in groups with each group having the participants born on same month. Given the names and DOB of each participant, being a BE graduate, how will you automate the grouping? Write logic for the same.
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