How Placements Cell Operates in SVCE

The Placement cell is one of the important department in SVCE. Knowing that you will be guided after your graduation so that you land a job helps you feel secure. This is the reason why we have a dedicated placement cell that helps, guides, and advises students about the future.

In SVCE, students come from all walks of lives. They come from different parts of the country including rural areas. Some individuals may not be aware of how things work. Some others may not be confident enough to walk into an interview even though they are skilled. These problems are more common and our skilled placement panel are helping students to get placed in top companies.

SVCE - Placement Cell

The Training and Placement Cell headed by a Senior Professor in the college plays a very active role in getting our students placed in various leading Multi National companies (MNCs) and Indian Companies.

Prof. S. Muraleedharan, MS, MBA
(Chief Placement Officer)
Dr. M. Suresh Kumar, M.E Ph.d.,
(Assistant Placement Officer)
Mr. A. K. Boobalasenthilraj, M.E., (Ph.D.,)
(Assistant Placement Officer)
Mr. AR Guru Gokul, M.E., (Ph.D.,)
(Assistant Placement Officer)
Mr. D. Pugazharasu, M.A., MCA.,
(Junior Assistant)

List of Department Placement Co-ordinators
Mr.J.Sivaramapandian M.E.,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. T. Rajasekaran M.E. Ph.d
Mr. M. Lakshmanan M.E. (Ph.d)
Mr. G. Ilamurgan M.E. (Ph.d)
Mrs. P. Kaviya M.E.
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Mr. P. Muthukumaran M.E., (Ph.d)
Mr. D. Silambarasan M.E., (Ph.d)
Mr. A. Mahadevan M.E.,
Department of Electroncis and Communication Engineering
Dr. E. Naveen Kumar M. Tech., Ph.D,
Mr. V. Karthikeyan M.E., (Ph.D)
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Dr. Philip Bernstein Saynik, M.Tech, Ph.D.
Mr. M. Ananda Boopathy, B.Tech, M.Tech.
Department of Chemical Engineering
Mr. N. Selvaganesh M.E.,
Mr. S. Siva Alagesh M.E.,
Department of Information Technology
Mr. A.K. Boobalasenthilraj M.E.,
Mr. Ramanjaneyulu Kolla M.E.,
Department of Automobile Engineering
Dr. K. Ganesh Prasath M.Tech., Ph.D
Department of Bio Technology
Mr. R. Kalaivannan M.E.,
Department of Civil Engineering
Mr. V. Gurusamy M.E. (Ph.d)
Department of Marine Engineering
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