Scholarship Scheme I

Dr. A. C. Muthiah, Chairman, Governing Council initiated a new scheme from academic year 2003-2004 to distribute 5% of tuition fees income to students as:-

Full semester Tuition fees Scholarship

Students will be given full semester fees as scholarship on the basis of:

Prizes for First Rankers in Test and Examination

Prizes will be given to the first rank holder in Continuous Assessment Tests (CAT) of each class in every semester and University Semester Examination of each branch, every semester.

Scholarship Scheme II

The College has Rs. 64 lakhs as Scholarship Fund as on 31st March 2010. The interest accruing on the fund is utilized for giving assistance for purchasing books & instruments and awarding medals & prizes. The list of major donors and the amount contributed by them is shown below.
Name of the Donor Amount (Rs. in lakhs)
The Hindu 1.00
Sri Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. 1.00
Smt. Devaki Muthiah Educational Foundation 5.00
MAC Charitable Trust 1.00
SPIC Educational Foundation 11.00
Lurgi India & Co 3.00
Tamilnadu Petro Products 11.00
Lucas TVS 1.00
A.R.R. Charitable Trust 1.00
Sundaram Clayton 1.00
Puri Foundation 2.00
V Madhusudhana Rao 1.00
Alumni Association 1.00
Others 24.00

Assistance for books and instruments

The grant for books and instruments to the students are distributed annually on the basis of:

Scholarship to Marine Engineering Student

Scholarship of Rs.40,000/- each to an outstanding student of Second, Third and Final year of Marine Engineering course based on his performance in the respective year of study is given by Vasant J. Sheth Memorial Foundation, Mumbai.

FAQ on Management Scholarships

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