Name Dr. J. Vijayarangam
Designation Assistant Professor
Room No.
Intercom No.
Mobile 9884088893
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)
  • M.Sc(Mathematics), Presidency College,Chennai-1995.
  • Ph.D(Mathematics), Presidency College,Chennai-2012.
Academic Experience
  • Asst Prof, SVCE, Sriperumbudur, Sep2021- Till date.
  • Guest Faculty, BITS PILANI-WILP, Chennai, Aug2019-Aug2021.
  • Asst Prof,Dept Of Computing, CIT, Coimbatore, Aug2017-July2019.
  • Asst Prof, CIPET, Chennai, Jan2015-July2017.
  • Asst Prof, VIT, Chennai, May2013-May2014.
  • Assoc.Prof, VELS University, Chennai, June1999-May2013.
Courses Handled

    UG Level:

  • Engineering Mathematics I
  • Engineering Mathematics II
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Operations Research
  • Probability and Random Processes
  • Nautical Mathematics
  • PG Level:

  • Linear Algebra and Optimization
  • Natural Language Processing using R, Python
  • Introduction to Machine Learning using R
  • Predictive Analytics using R
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Modeling and Simulation using Excel and R
Research & Consultancy


  • G.Balaji, J.Vijayarangam,et al(2021), Numerical investigation of expansion Fan optimization of truncated annular aerospike nozzle, Materials Today proceedings,In Print.
  • B.Navin KumaraJ.Vijayarangam et al(2021), Design and fabrication of bamboo composites sandwich panels for flooring, Materials Today Proceedings, In Print.
  • Pandiyarajan, VijayarangamJ et al(2021), Microstructural and tensile behaviour of FS welded dissimilar Al-Cu alloy, Materials Today Proceedings, In Print.
  • V. Sangeetha1,, J. Vijayarangam2,, K. Thirisangu3 and P. Elumalai4 (2021), Simplex based solution for a fuzzy transportation problem, Malaya Journal of Matematik, Vol. S, No. 1, 393-396, 2021.
  • S. Perumal1, Dr. Kavitha2. J, Dr. J.Vijayarangam3(2021), A Study of Energy of Graphs Using Multiple Regression Technique, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Volume 9, Issue 1, March-April-2021.
  • J.Vijayarangam et al(2020), Simplified Analysis of a Multiproduct Newsboy problem using Simulation, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering.
  • A.Vasudevan, J.Vijayarangam et al(2020), Effect of Kevlar Ply Orientation on Mechanical Characterization of Kevlar-Glass Fiber Laminated Composites, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering.
  • Navin Kumar, J.Vijayarangam, et al(2020), Over Speed Protection of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Using Slot in the Turbine Blade, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering.
  • J.Vijayarangam et al(2020), Machine learning based comparison of financial forecasting methods, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Vol. 29, No. 7, (2020), pp. 8902-8907.
  • Mathivilasini, K.Sucharitha, Hemashankari, J.Vijayarangam(2020), ID3-Decision Trees in Machine Learning, Alochana Chakra Journal-ISSN-2231-3991.
  • A.Vijayalakshmi, V.Sumalatha, J.Vijayarangam(2020), Machine Learning application in Healthcare, Alochana Chakra Journal-ISSN-2231-3990.
  • Hemashankari,Mathivilasini,DilliArasu,J.Vijayarangam(2020), Decision Trees of Machine Learning applied For Adult dataset, Mukt Shabd Journal-ISSN-2347-3150, VOLUME IX ISSUE 6 2020, 4641-4646.
  • J.Vijayarangam(2016), Singular value decomposition-based balancing of chemical equations using MATLAB, JTASR.
  • J.Vijayarangam, Simulation-Based analysis of a Newsboy problem(2015), JTASR.
  • Vijayarangam et al(2013), Potability Study of Drinking water wells in Namakkal, Tamilnadu, Intrnl.Jrnl.of Sc.and Tech, ISSN2321-0494,July2013,Vol1(3),1-8.
  • S. Udayabaskaran, J.Vijayarangam(2012), Utility maximization in a modified form of Black-Scholes environment, MTC Global Jrnl.Of Mgt. and Entrepreneurship, ISSN 2231-3710, Jan2012, Vol1(3)30-36.
  • S. Udayabaskaran, SJ.Venkatesan, J.Vijayarangam(2012), Optimal trading strategies in the presence of two different types of utility functions, MTC Global Jrnl.Of Mgt. and Entrepreneurship,ISSN 2231-3710, Oct2011,Vol1,(2),16-32.
  • Consultancy Projects:

  • Project on service facility scheduling ZAN Computech Pvt.Ltd(2019), Coimbatore.
  • Reviewer of Journals:

  • Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics
  • International Journal of Modeling, Simulation and scientific computing
Conference / Workshop / FDP


  • Fuzzy Logic and Neural network Approaches for engineering solutions, two-day workshop,JAER and Hexacube on 29&30 Apr2020.
  • Fuzzy Logic and Neural network Approaches for engineering solutions, two day workshop, JAER and Hexacube on 03rd & 04th May 2020.
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Webinar by Dept of CSE&IT, Rai University, Gujarat on 29 Jul 2020.
  • CAE analysis using Hypermesh and Deform 3D, JAER on 16 & 17 May2020.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization of COVID19 dataset using Python, FDP by Jerusalem College of Engg. on 7-May-20.
  • Food Processing Technologies-Industry and research perspective, Webinar by CFNFT, Fisheries University from 09 to 15 Oct 2020.
  • Mathematical science for GATE.., Sree Narayana guru college, CBE from 11 to 15, May 2020.
  • International webinar on recent trends in maths, Dept of maths, Patrician College, Chennai from 24 to 26 June 2020.
  • Statistical modelling for High dimnl data, national webinar, Dept of Statistics,
    Presidency College on 6th and 07th July 2020.
  • ICTMEG, VIT, Chennai, Jul-19.
  • Workshop in Machine Learning with Business Applications, IIM, Bangalore from 21 to 25

  • MLAI, CIT, Coimbatore, on 27 & 28 Aug.
  • Workshop in Computational Intelligence, Department of Computing, CIT, Coimbatore from
    16 to 24 Aug.
  • International workshop in wireless communication, Conducted by VEL TECH Technical University, Chennai.26 Dec 2012 – 2 Jan 2013
  • Attended one day workshop on Differential equations and Transform Techniques, Using Matlab, conducted by VIT University, Chennai on Feb01

  • Attended one-day workshop in graph theory, VIT Chennai on Feb22.
  • Has attended AICTE sponsored QIP, a short-term course in Introductory Financial Mathematics, Conducted by the Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Delhi, from 2 to 13 July.
  • International Conference On Stochastic Modelling and Simulation(ICSMS2011)
      Conducted by VELTECH Technical University, Chennai, from 17 to 19 Dec.
  • International Conference on Mathematics in Engg. and bus. Mgt, Jointly Conducted by
      Stella Maris and Loyola Colege, Chennai on 9th and 10th Mar.

  • Two-day seminar,”Recent Advances in computational Statistics -Theory and
      Methods(RACSTAN-2012)” Bharathidasan University,Tiruchy on 17th and 18th Feb.
  • International Conference On Stochastic Modelling and Simulation(ICSMS2011)+D55
      Conducted by VELTECH Technical University, Chennai, from 15 to 17 Dec.
      “SOUTHBANK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Australia at Vels University, from 01 to 12 April.
  • UGC-SAP(DRS) seminar on Stochastic Differential Equations and its Applications,
      at Dept of Mathematics, Gandhigram Rural University, Gandhigram, on 16th and 17th April.
  • UGC-CSIR sponsored national conference on Applied Stochastic Processes
      at Dept. of Mathematics, Presidency college, Chennai, from 15 to 17 Dec.
  • Conducted:

  • One day Seminar in mathematics, 2005, Vels College of Science, Chennai.
  • FDP in Probability and Applications-I, 2018, CIT, Coimbatore.
  • FDP in Probability and Applications-II, 2019,CIT, Coimbatore.
  • FDP in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, 2019, CIT, Coimbatore.
  • Invited Lectures:

  • Resource Person for One Day Workshop on Queuing Theory,Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai on 27.11.2015.
  • Resource Person One day National Seminar on “Mathematics For Big-Data Analytics”(CSIR sponsored) on 13-07-2019.
  • Resource Person for FDP on “Data Science and Analytics”,STC College, Pollachi, from 16-6-2021 to 22-06-2021.
  • NPTEL Courses attended:

  • NPTEL Online Certification Machine Learning, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Jul-19.
  • Attended DRDO sponsored Two-Day workshop on “Heat and MAss Transfer Analysis of Nanofluid and Hands-on Training with CFD Ansys Fluent Software” organised by the Department of Applied Mathematics in association with Department of Mechanical Engineering, SVCE, on 26 ,27 March 2024.

Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities
  • Award for producing 100% results, two times, VELS University.
  • Gold Medallist, M.Sc, Mathematics, Presidency College, 1997.
  • Silver Medallist,B.Sc, Mathematics, Presidency College,1995.
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