Name Dr. J. Vijayarangam
Designation Assistant Professor
Room No.
Intercom No.
Mobile 9884088893
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)
  • M.Sc(Mathematics), Presidency College,Chennai-1995.
  • Ph.D(Mathematics), Presidency College,Chennai-2012.
Academic Experience
  • Asst Prof, SVCE, Sriperumbudur, Sep2021- Till date.
  • Guest Faculty, BITS PILANI-WILP, Chennai, Aug2019-Aug2021.
  • Asst Prof,Dept Of Computing, CIT, Coimbatore, Aug2017-July2019.
  • Asst Prof, CIPET, Chennai, Jan2015-July2017.
  • Asst Prof, VIT, Chennai, May2013-May2014.
  • Assoc.Prof, VELS University, Chennai, June1999-May2013.
Courses Handled

    UG Level:

  • Engineering Mathematics I
  • Engineering Mathematics II
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Operations Research
  • Probability and Random Processes
  • Nautical Mathematics
  • PG Level:

  • Linear Algebra and Optimization
  • Natural Language Processing using R, Python
  • Introduction to Machine Learning using R
  • Predictive Analytics using R
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Modeling and Simulation using Excel and R
Research & Consultancy


  • G.Balaji, J.Vijayarangam,et al(2021), Numerical investigation of expansion Fan optimization of truncated annular aerospike nozzle, Materials Today proceedings,In Print.
  • B.Navin KumaraJ.Vijayarangam et al(2021), Design and fabrication of bamboo composites sandwich panels for flooring, Materials Today Proceedings, In Print.
  • Pandiyarajan, VijayarangamJ et al(2021), Microstructural and tensile behaviour of FS welded dissimilar Al-Cu alloy, Materials Today Proceedings, In Print.
  • V. Sangeetha1,, J. Vijayarangam2,, K. Thirisangu3 and P. Elumalai4 (2021), Simplex based solution for a fuzzy transportation problem, Malaya Journal of Matematik, Vol. S, No. 1, 393-396, 2021.
  • S. Perumal1, Dr. Kavitha2. J, Dr. J.Vijayarangam3(2021), A Study of Energy of Graphs Using Multiple Regression Technique, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Volume 9, Issue 1, March-April-2021.
  • J.Vijayarangam et al(2020), Simplified Analysis of a Multiproduct Newsboy problem using Simulation, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering.
  • A.Vasudevan, J.Vijayarangam et al(2020), Effect of Kevlar Ply Orientation on Mechanical Characterization of Kevlar-Glass Fiber Laminated Composites, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering.
  • Navin Kumar, J.Vijayarangam, et al(2020), Over Speed Protection of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Using Slot in the Turbine Blade, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering.
  • J.Vijayarangam et al(2020), Machine learning based comparison of financial forecasting methods, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Vol. 29, No. 7, (2020), pp. 8902-8907.
  • Mathivilasini, K.Sucharitha, Hemashankari, J.Vijayarangam(2020), ID3-Decision Trees in Machine Learning, Alochana Chakra Journal-ISSN-2231-3991.
  • A.Vijayalakshmi, V.Sumalatha, J.Vijayarangam(2020), Machine Learning application in Healthcare, Alochana Chakra Journal-ISSN-2231-3990.
  • Hemashankari,Mathivilasini,DilliArasu,J.Vijayarangam(2020), Decision Trees of Machine Learning applied For Adult dataset, Mukt Shabd Journal-ISSN-2347-3150, VOLUME IX ISSUE 6 2020, 4641-4646.
  • J.Vijayarangam(2016), Singular value decomposition-based balancing of chemical equations using MATLAB, JTASR.
  • J.Vijayarangam, Simulation-Based analysis of a Newsboy problem(2015), JTASR.
  • Vijayarangam et al(2013), Potability Study of Drinking water wells in Namakkal, Tamilnadu, Intrnl.Jrnl.of Sc.and Tech, ISSN2321-0494,July2013,Vol1(3),1-8.
  • S. Udayabaskaran, J.Vijayarangam(2012), Utility maximization in a modified form of Black-Scholes environment, MTC Global Jrnl.Of Mgt. and Entrepreneurship, ISSN 2231-3710, Jan2012, Vol1(3)30-36.
  • S. Udayabaskaran, SJ.Venkatesan, J.Vijayarangam(2012), Optimal trading strategies in the presence of two different types of utility functions, MTC Global Jrnl.Of Mgt. and Entrepreneurship,ISSN 2231-3710, Oct2011,Vol1,(2),16-32.
  • Consultancy Projects:

  • Project on service facility scheduling ZAN Computech Pvt.Ltd(2019), Coimbatore.
  • Reviewer of Journals:

  • Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics
  • International Journal of Modeling, Simulation and scientific computing
Conference / Workshop / FDP


  • Fuzzy Logic and Neural network Approaches for engineering solutions, two-day workshop,JAER and Hexacube on 29&30 Apr2020.
  • Fuzzy Logic and Neural network Approaches for engineering solutions, two day workshop, JAER and Hexacube on 03rd & 04th May 2020.
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Webinar by Dept of CSE&IT, Rai University, Gujarat on 29 Jul 2020.
  • CAE analysis using Hypermesh and Deform 3D, JAER on 16 & 17 May2020.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization of COVID19 dataset using Python, FDP by Jerusalem College of Engg. on 7-May-20.
  • Food Processing Technologies-Industry and research perspective, Webinar by CFNFT, Fisheries University from 09 to 15 Oct 2020.
  • Mathematical science for GATE.., Sree Narayana guru college, CBE from 11 to 15, May 2020.
  • International webinar on recent trends in maths, Dept of maths, Patrician College, Chennai from 24 to 26 June 2020.
  • Statistical modelling for High dimnl data, national webinar, Dept of Statistics,
    Presidency College on 6th and 07th July 2020.
  • ICTMEG, VIT, Chennai, Jul-19.
  • Workshop in Machine Learning with Business Applications, IIM, Bangalore from 21 to 25

  • MLAI, CIT, Coimbatore, on 27 & 28 Aug.
  • Workshop in Computational Intelligence, Department of Computing, CIT, Coimbatore from
    16 to 24 Aug.
  • International workshop in wireless communication, Conducted by VEL TECH Technical University, Chennai.26 Dec 2012 – 2 Jan 2013
  • Attended one day workshop on Differential equations and Transform Techniques, Using Matlab, conducted by VIT University, Chennai on Feb01

  • Attended one-day workshop in graph theory, VIT Chennai on Feb22.
  • Has attended AICTE sponsored QIP, a short-term course in Introductory Financial Mathematics, Conducted by the Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Delhi, from 2 to 13 July.
  • International Conference On Stochastic Modelling and Simulation(ICSMS2011)
      Conducted by VELTECH Technical University, Chennai, from 17 to 19 Dec.
  • International Conference on Mathematics in Engg. and bus. Mgt, Jointly Conducted by
      Stella Maris and Loyola Colege, Chennai on 9th and 10th Mar.

  • Two-day seminar,”Recent Advances in computational Statistics -Theory and
      Methods(RACSTAN-2012)” Bharathidasan University,Tiruchy on 17th and 18th Feb.
  • International Conference On Stochastic Modelling and Simulation(ICSMS2011)+D55
      Conducted by VELTECH Technical University, Chennai, from 15 to 17 Dec.
      “SOUTHBANK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Australia at Vels University, from 01 to 12 April.
  • UGC-SAP(DRS) seminar on Stochastic Differential Equations and its Applications,
      at Dept of Mathematics, Gandhigram Rural University, Gandhigram, on 16th and 17th April.
  • UGC-CSIR sponsored national conference on Applied Stochastic Processes
      at Dept. of Mathematics, Presidency college, Chennai, from 15 to 17 Dec.
  • Conducted:

  • One day Seminar in mathematics, 2005, Vels College of Science, Chennai.
  • FDP in Probability and Applications-I, 2018, CIT, Coimbatore.
  • FDP in Probability and Applications-II, 2019,CIT, Coimbatore.
  • FDP in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, 2019, CIT, Coimbatore.
  • Invited Lectures:

  • Resource Person for One Day Workshop on Queuing Theory,Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai on 27.11.2015.
  • Resource Person One day National Seminar on “Mathematics For Big-Data Analytics”(CSIR sponsored) on 13-07-2019.
  • Resource Person for FDP on “Data Science and Analytics”,STC College, Pollachi, from 16-6-2021 to 22-06-2021.
  • NPTEL Courses attended:

  • NPTEL Online Certification Machine Learning, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Jul-19.

Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities
  • Award for producing 100% results, two times, VELS University.
  • Gold Medallist, M.Sc, Mathematics, Presidency College, 1997.
  • Silver Medallist,B.Sc, Mathematics, Presidency College,1995.
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