Name Dr. M. Bindhu
Designation Associate Professor
Areas of Interest Communication Networking
Room No.
Intercom No.
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal) Communication Networking

BE,ECE,Kongu Engineering College,1995

M.Tech,Laser &Optical Engineering, Anna University,2000

D,(Software Defined Networking Algorithm for Load balancing and Multicasting),2017,St. Peters Institute of Higher Education & Research.

Academic Experience

SRM Engineering College as Lecturer

INTI University in Malaysia as Senior Lecturer

Saveetha Engineering College as Associate Professor

Courses Handled

Communication System

Optical Communication

Communication Networks

Research & Consultancy


  • Bindhu, M The Journey to SDN: A Peek into the History of Programmable Networks,IJCSEC- International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Communications, Vol 2 No. 5, pp,500-506,2014. (Impact Factor:0.321)
  • Bindhu, Load Balancing and Congestion Control in Software Defined Networking usingthe Extended Johnson Algorithm for Data Centre, International Journal of Applied Engineering ResearchISSN 0973-,© Research India Publications, Volume 10, No. 17 pp. 12911-12914,2015.( Scopus Indexed ,Impact Factor:0.13), H- index : 2
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  • M. Bindhu, , Adaptive Detection of Spoofing in Wireless Sensor

Network,IJPAM, Volume 119 No. 15 2018, 2041-2047,ISSN: 1314-3395 (on-line version)

url: ( Impact Factor:0.55)

  • M. Bindhu, ,Performance Optimization of Cluster Based Location Routing in Software Defined Wireless Networks (SDWNs).IJPAM, Volume 119 No. 15 2018, 2049-2054,ISSN:1314-3395 (on-line version)url: Factor:0.55)
  • Bindhu , Secured Routing using Neighbour coverage with MinimumOverhead in Ad Hoc Networks, JCTA. /(SI. Scopus Indexed,Impact Factor:0.8)
  • Bindhu ,Opinion System of Real-Time Emotions from Human Interaction Incorporated in Class Using Deep Learning,Rising Threats in Expert Applications and Solutions, 623-629.(SI. Scopus Indexed,Impact Factor:0.8)
  • Bindhu ,Implementation of Real-Time Facial Emotions for Feedback System using Deep Learning,Solid State Technology 63 (5), 8167-8173.
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Conference / Workshop / FDP

International Conference:

  • Inter National Conference
  • Presented a paper entitled Implementation of Asynchronous Amplitude and Phase Shift Keying for Optical Data in SDN-Intra-Data Centre Network in third International Conference (ICGPC’15) conducted by St. Peter’s University, Chennai.
  • Presented a paper entitled Implementation of Lifi technologies using NOMA third International Conference (ICMMT2022)


  • Workshop Participated in workshop on “Popularization of Research Methodology and Techniques” held on October 2014 in St.Peter’s University, Chennai.



  • FDP on Quantum Computing in ATAL-NTTTR , June 2020
  • IUCEE e-content Learning Tools ,IUCEE ,August 2020
  • FDP on Pedagogy in Engineering teaching methodology in SEC, Sponsored AICTE two week, May 2019
  • FDP on Pedagogy in Engineering teaching methodology in IIT-Bombay, May 2018.
Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities
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