Name Dr. A. Anandavadivel
Designation Associate Professor
Areas of Interest Dielectrics and condensed matter physics
Room No. 13-202
Intercom No. 179
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)

PDF – Neurophysics-2007(Institute of Neuro science, Pisa, Italy)
Ph.D – Physics (Dielectrics & Soft condensed mater Physics )-2004-University of Madras
M.Sc – Physics (Electronics)-1989-Annamalai University
B.Sc – Physics (Rank holder)-1985-University of Madras
Dip. – Process control & instrumentation-1989-Annamalai University

Academic Experience

Sri Venkateswara college of engineering-29years
(As per the Institution and University records)
(6yrs Technical 28+1yrs teaching including foreign lab. research)

Courses Handled

For Madras University
Engineering Physics (Theory & Practical)
Applied Physics (Theory & Practical)
Basic electronics
Physics of Materials
Material science
Electron tubes and circuits
Acoustical Engineering
Material science and metallurgy
For Anna University
Applied Physics (Theory & Practical)
Engineering Physics (Theory & Practical)

Research & Consultancy

(a) Post doctoral Fellow (PDFs) & Research fellowships and honors
Fellowships (PDFs)
1. TRIL Fellowship, ICTP, Trieste, Italy
2. JNCASR, Fellowship Bangalore, India
2. JNCASR, Visiting Fellowship, Bangalore, India
(b) No.of Ph.Ds produced : 01
on going : 02
No.of M.phills produced: 01
Research Guideship : Rayalaseema University, A.P

Conference / Workshop / FDP

Workshop/seminars/conferences/Guest lectures /participation /presentations
1. One day seminar on Recent advances in Physics and Advances of condensed matter physics-Invited talk, 13th Dec.2019 PG and Research Department of Physics, Jayaraj Annabakiam college for women Periyakulam-625 601, Theni Dt, TN, India

2. Second annual convention of RC-13,IAPT,Dept. of Physics, (18-19 Jan 2019)Central University of Tamil Nadu,thiruvarur
3. Electrospinning to fabrication of nano fibres –Invited talk A.Anandavadivel, Three days workshop on Semi conductor Nano devices,16-18 dec.2018
15. One day National level workshop for college teachers in physics 30Nov.2018 DG Vaishnava college & IAPT(RC13), Chennai-600 106
4. FTIR and Mechanical studies of Ethylene Vinyl acetate copolymer/ Nano clay composite films.
Kaviarasi,MVL Kumari A.Anandavadivel, A R Prabhakaran National conference on Recent trends
of materials,9-10 Feb.2018 PG research Department of Physics,Pachaiyappa’s college, Chennai-
600 030
5. Spectroscopic and mechanical studies of Epoxy resin in different solvent for the polymer backed nematic liquid crystals, MVL Kumari, A. Kaviarasi A Anandavadivel & A R Prabhakaran National conference on Recent trends of materials, 9-10 Feb.2018 PG research Department of Physics, Pachaiyappa;s college, Chennai-600 030
6. Thermoelectric properties of Ca3. AlSb under uni-axial 12strain: a First Principles calculations, Anandavadivel Annamalai & Rajesh A. Prashanth 10-11 Dec.2018, Two days symposium on thermoelectric materials, devices and systems, department of Physics, PSG college of Technology in association with Nanotech research, Innovation and Incubation Centre, PSG Institute of Advanced studies , Coimbatore india.
7. Comparative study of Epoxy resin with Different curing agents, MVL Kumari, A. Kaviarasi & A.Anandavadivel, International conference on materials & Spectroscopy,11-12 Dec.2018, Dept. of Physics, Saveetha Engineering college, Thandalam, Chennai- 602 105
8. The effect of curing agent on electro optic and thermo optic propertes of Epoxy resin Dispersed Nematic liquid crystal film, S. Mohanraj, A. Kaviarasi, MVL kumari & A.Anandavadivel, International conference on materials & Spectroscopy,11-12 Dec.2018, Dept. of Physics, Saveeth Engineering college, Thandalam, Chennai- 602 105
9. Mechanical and thermal characterization of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate copolymer/ Sodium silicate films, A. Kaviarasi, MVL kumari & A.Anandavadivel, International conference on materials & Spectroscopy,11-12 Dec.2018, Dept. of Physics, Saveeth Engineering college, Thandalam, Chennai- 602 105.
10. India-UK workshop on thermoelectric materials for waste heat Harvesting,8-10th Jan.2018, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for advanced scientific Research(India) & University of Reading(UK), Jakkur, Bangalore-500 064
11. One day symposium on Insects in Research-InSearch,5th Jan.2018, Behavioural Neuro genetic Lab. JNCASR, Jakkur, Bangalore-560 064
12. Int, symposium on Solid state chemistry,1-3 Dec.2017, JNCASR, Jakkur, Bangalore-560 064
13. I-Annual convention RC-13(National) , 22-23 Sept.2017,(EC Mem,RC-13), dept. of Physics, Indian Institute of technology (Madras, Chennai-600036), India
14. XXXII Annual convention of Indian Association of Physics Teachers and National symposium on Recent trends in Physics at Different Scale,29-31.Oct.2017, (EC- Mem RC-13) Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Harridwar-249 404,Uttarakhand, India
15. XXX(National) Annual convention of Indian Association of Physics Teachers, 20-22 Oct.2016, ,(EC- Mem RC-13) Dept. of Physics, Sree MM Patel Institute of Science and Research, Kadi sarva Viswavidyalaya, Sector-16, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat-382 016
16. XXX-Annual convention(National) of Indian Association of Physics Teachers,30-31Oct.and 1Nov.2015,(EC- Mem RC-13) St.Pious degree college and PG college for women, Snehapuri, Nacharam, Hyderabad- 500 076
17. The effect of polycarbonate in consumer product (containers):An Analytical study , A.Anandavadivel 11th International conference on Science, Engineering & Technology, 3-4 Nov.2015, School Social Sciences and Language, VIT, Vellore-602 014,TN, India

Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities

NSS Senior Programme Officer

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