Name Dr. R. Anitha
Designation Professor & Head of the Department
Areas of Interest Cloud Computing,Data Mining, Large Scale Database, Data Structures and Algorithms & Big Data Analytics
Room No. 5008
Intercom No. 044-27152000 / 300
Mobile 9952337212
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Academic Experience
Courses Handled

Theory Courses

Laboratory Courses

Developing curriculum and Syllabus for new course Artificial Intelligence and Data Science course
Syllabus framing for the following subjects

Research & Consultancy

Patent Published

Book Chapter Published

Funded Projects

Projects submitted for approval


Name of Dept. Client Organization Title of Consultancy project Amount (in Rs.)
CSE Cameo Corporate Services Pvt.Ltd Robotics Process Automation Tools 2,50,000

Guest Lecture arranged:

International Journal

Research Guidance

Name of Scholars 



Date of Joining 

C. Muralidharan

Selection of Cloud Service Provider by analysing the Risk


Jan 2016

Y. Mohamed Sirajudeen

Homomorphic Encryption based Data Security in Federated Cloud Environment


Jan 2016

P. Vinothiyalakshmi

Efficient Dynamic Resource Provisioning using Auction based technique with improved QoS in Cloud environment


Jan 2016

T. Padmavathy

Enhanced Multi-Table support of SDN for Efficient VM Migration in Cloud environment using deep learning


Jan 2016

S. U. Muthunagai

Attack Detection in Virtual Network Service using Detector Daemon in Virtualized Environment


July 2016

S. Senthamizh Selvi

Enhanced Rule Based Machine Translation System for Language Translation using recurrent neural network


July 2016

N. Uma

Enhancing the performance of Offline computation in mobile cloud environment using Component based approach


Jan  2017

Poorani S

Data Security in Cloud Using Quantum Computing.


Jan 2021

Selvamani P

Green and Secured Offloading Of Workloads to Edge-Cloud in IOT Environment.


July 2021

Sivakumar E

A Statistical approach for the development of English-Tamil Machine Translation System.


July 2021

Iyswarya R

Data Security in Cloud Using Post Quantum Safe Cryptography.


July 2021

Ph.D Guided:5

Details of Projects submitted to various funding agencies:

S. No Title Cost in Lakh Period Role as PI/Co-PI Agency Status
1 Enhanced Line Drawing based Ancient mural restoration using Modified Generative Adversarial Network 17 Lakhs 2 years PI DST Submitted 13.08.2021
2 Quantum Key Generation and Distribution using Quantum Cryptographic Techniques for Data Security in Cloud Computing Environment 27 Lakhs 3 years PI DST Submitted 08.10.2021
3 Number Plate Recognition using Deep Learning 0.1 Lakhs 6 Months PI SVCE Submitted

Ongoing Projects

S. No Title Cost in Lakh Period Role as PI/Co-PI Agency Status
1 Development of Language Translation Engine for Text book conversion from foreign to native Language in the field of Science & Engineering using cloud based Virtual dictionary based on Deep Neural Networks 9.73 L April 2019 – April 2022 PI AICTE – RPS Ongoing
2 Intelligence Computing for Big Data Analytics using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods 11 L Dec 2019 – Dec 2021 PC AICTE – MODROB Completed – Received Closure Report
Conference / Workshop / FDP

International Conferences 

National Conferences 

FDP/Workshops Organized

Workshops and FDP Attended

Guest Lectures Delivered

NPTEL Course

Association of Computing Machinery(ACM) – ACTIVITIES


Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities




Recognition by Higher Bodies

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