Name Dr. M. Thirumalaikumar
Designation Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest Organic Chemistry
Room No. 13-101
Intercom No. 169 and 851
Mobile 9710265497
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)

Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry) – Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai – 1998

M.Sc. (Chemistry) – Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai – 1991

B.Sc. (Chemistry) – Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai – 1989

Life Member – ISTE

Academic Experience

Academic Experience
Assistant Professor (01.10.2010 – Till date)
Department of Applied Chemistry
Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
Pennalur, Sriperumbudhur – 602117.

Lecturer (01.08.2006 – 30.09.2010)
Department of Applied Chemistry
Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
Pennalur, Sriperumbudhur – 602117.

Deputy Manager (01-12-2004 – 31-05-2005)
Amrutanjan Limited
Egattur, Padur P.O.
Chennai – 603 103, TN

Post Doctoral Fellow (01-01-2003 – 31-12-2003)
Prof. Pedro Merino
Laboratory of Asymmetric Synthesis
Department of Organic Chemistry
University of Zaragoza
E-50009 Zaragoza

Research Associate (12-04-2002 – 30-09-2002)
Prof. G. Sundararajan
Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai – 600 036, TN

Post Doctoral Fellow (14-12-2000 – 13-12-2001)
Prof. Israel Agranat
Department of Organic Chemistry
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
91904 – Jerusalem

Research Associate (01-09-1998 – 31-10-2000)
Prof. M. Periasamy
School of Chemistry
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad – 500 046, AP

Courses Handled

Engineering Chemistry-I & II
Organic Chemistry
Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Environmental Science & Engineering

Chemistry for Technologists

Physical Chemistry (CH 16303)

Physics Chemistry Laboratory
Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Chemical Analysis Laboratory
Technical Analysis Laboratory


Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Environmental Science & Engineering

Research & Consultancy

Part-time Ph.D. candidate registered

Ms. Revathi, DMI College of Engineering

Papers Published

1. Structural and spectral studies on Benzoyl thiourea based on DFT calculations
R.Kumutha, S.Sampath Krishnan, P.G.Rubarani and M.Thirumalaikumar
Journal of Advances in Chemistry, 12(15), 4826 – 4844 (2016)

2. Molecular structure, non linear optical, second order perturbation studies and thermodynamic properties of 2-(1-phenylethylidene)hydrazine carbaxamide by density functional theory
P.G.Rubarani, S.Sampath Krishnan and M.Thirumalaikumar
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 7(7), 875 – 893 (2015)

3. Computational studies on 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-N-phenyl nitrone, spectroscopic investigation
R.Kumutha, S.Sampath Krishnan and M.Thirumalaikumar
Oriental Journal of Chemistry, 30(4), 1905 – 1912 (2014)

4. Experimental and theoretical investigations of spectroscopic properties of N-acetyl thiourea
R.Kumutha, M.Thirumalaikumar, S.Sampath Krishnan
Elixir Comp. Chem., 63, 18536 – 18554 (2013)

5. Reductive amination of aldehydes with sodium borohydride-silica gel system
H.Revathi and M.Thirumalaikumar
Chemical Science Transactions, 2(S1), S43 – S46 (2013)

6. Quantum mechanical study of the structure and spectroscopic, first order hyperpolarizability, Fukui function, NBO, normal coordinate analysis of phenyl-N-(4-methylphenyl) nitrone
N.R.Sheela, S.Sampathkrishnan, M.Thirumalaikumar and S.Muthu
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 112, 62-77 (2013).

7.Synthesis, spectroscopic (FT-IR, FT-Raman, 13C, 1H, UV) study, first order hyperpolarizability, NBO analysis, HOMO and LUMO analysis of 2(2-hydroxyphenyl(-N-(4-methylphenyl) nitrone
N.R.Sheela, S.Sampathkrishnan, M.Thirumalaikumar and S.Muthu
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 109, 272-281 (2013).

8. Deoxygenation of nitrones using NaBH4-silica gel system
M.Thirumalaikumar , S.Jegannathan and S.Dharaniya
Int. J. Chem. Sci., 10, 2027-2032 (2012).

9. Zinc Phosphating of Aluminium by Electrochemical Method
S.Jegannathan and M.Thirumalaikumar
International Journal of Contemporary Science, Engineering and Technology, 2, 19-26 (2011).

10. Enantioselective Michael Addition Reactions
Organic Preparations and Procedures International, 43,(1),67-129(2011).

11. Inhibition effects of nitrones on the corrosion of mild steel in organic acid media
M.Thirumalaikumar and S.Jegannathan
Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta, 29(1), 1-8 (2011).

12. Stereoselective synthesis of pyrrolidinyl glycines from nitrones: complementarity of nucleophilic addition and 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition
P.Merino, P.Padar, I.Delso, M.Thirumalaikumar , T.Tejero and L.Kovacs
Tetrahedron Letters, 47, 5013 – 5016 (2006).

13. Unusual dimerization of 3-methylphenalen-1-one, leading to a chiral heptacyclic oxocin
S. Pogodin, M. Thirumalaikumar , S. Cohen and I. Agranat
Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2, 398 – 403 (2005).

14. Peri interactions in naphthalene diketones : A preference for (Z,Z) conformations
Shmuel Cohen, Muniappan Thirumalaikumar , Sergey Pogodin and Israel Agranat
Structural Chemistry, 15, 339 (2004).

15. Asymmetric dihydroxylation of trans-stilbene with a new chiral ligand prepared using dihydrocinchonine and C2 symmetric chiral trans-9,10-dihydroethanoanthracene-11,12- dicarboxylic acid
M.Periasamy, C.R.Ramanathan, N.Sampath Kumar and M.Thirumalaikumar
Journal of Chemical Research (S), 512 – 513 (2001).

16. Methods of enhancement of reactivity and selectivity of sodium borohydride for applications in organic synthesis
M.Periasamy and M.Thirumalaikumar
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 609, 137 – 151 (2000).

17. Synthesis, characterisation and antimicrobial studies of metal(II) bis- chelates and mixed-ligand complexes of -(2-hydroxyphenyl)-N-(1- phenyl-2-nitroethyl)nitrone
M.Thirumalaikumar , S.Sivakolunthu, S.Muthusubramanian, P.Mohan and S.Sivasubramanian
Bolletino Chimico Farmaceutico, 138(5), 207- 210 (1999).

18. Unexpected reaction of -aryl-N-( -phenylethyl)nitrones with chlorinating agents
P.Mohan, A.Vanangamudi, M.Thirumalaikumar , S.Muthusubramanian and S.Sivasubramanian
Synthetic Communications, 29(11), 2013 (1999).

19. Synthesis and characterisation of cobalt(II), nickel(II) and copper(II) bis-chelates and mixed-ligand complexes of -(2-hydroxyphenyl)-N-(2- nitrocyclohexyl)nitrone
M.Thirumalaikumar , S.Sivakolunthu, A.Ponnuswamy and S.Sivasubramanian
Indian Journal of Chemistry(Sec.A), 38A, 720 – 722 (1999).

20. Synthesis and antibacterial study of nitrones with sulfur heterocycles
G.Valli, M.Thirumalaikumar , S.Muthusubramanian and S.Sivasubramanian
Indian Journal of Heterocyclclic Chemistry, 8, 153 – 154 (1998).

21. A clean clay catalyzed synthesis of ,N-diarylnitrones
C.Venkatachalapathy, M.Thirumalaikumar , S.Muthusubramanian, K.Pitchumani and S.Sivasubramanian
Synthetic Communications, 27(23), 4041 -4047 (1997).

22. Synthesis, reactions and antimicrobial studies of -aryl-N-(2- nitrocyclohexyl)nitrones
M.Thirumalaikumar , S.Sivasubramanian, A.Ponnuswamy and P.Mohan
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 31, 905 – 908 (1996).

23. Rearrangement of nitrones with acetic anhydride
S.Sivasubramanian, M.Thirumalaikumar , K.Ravichandran and S.Muthusubramanian
Indian Journal of Chemistry(Sec.B), 35B, 1345 – 1346 (1996).

24. Synthesis, reactions and antibacterial activity of N-(arylmethylene)- – phenyl- – nitroethylamine-N-oxides
S.Sivasubramanian, C.Amutha, M.Thirumalaikumar and S.Muthusubramanian
Indian Journal of Chemistry(Sec.B), 35B, 503 – 504(1996).

25. Chemoselective elimination of iodine azide – Directivity effect of the t- butyl group
S.Sivasubramanian, A.Ponnuswamy, S.Muthusubramanian and M.Thirumalaikumar
Indian Journal of Chemistry(Sec.B), 35B, 77 – 78 (1996).

26. Synthesis and separation of the E and Z isomers of simple aldonitrones
S.Sivasubramanian, P.Mohan, M.Thirumalaikumar and S.Muthusubramanian
Journal of Chemical Society – Perkin Transactions 1, 3353 – 3354 (1994).

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Additional Responsibilities

Bus Incharge R.No. 36

College Timetable Coordinator

Department NBA, NAAC and IQAC Coordinator

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