Name Dr. P. Venkateswara Rao
Designation Professor
Areas of Interest Smart Materials - Magnetorhelogical Gels Static, dynamic shear tests, creep and stress relaxation tests Constitutive modeling Vibration Isolation
Room No. 14-104
Intercom No. 476
Mobile 9445229344
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)

Ph.D – Applied Mechanics- IIT Madras-2013
M.E. – Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering- 1997 – College of Engineering,Guindy
B.E. – Civil Engineering – 1992 – Andhra University

Academic Experience

Academic Experience
Professor, SVCE, Sriperumbudur (July 2018- Till date)
Associate Professor, S.V.C.E. Sriperumbudur (June 2014 – June 2018)
Professor – 5 months – Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai
Assistant Professor – 11 months -S.V.C.E.T, Thirupachur
Assistant Professor – 1 year 8 months , Saint Gits College of Engineering, Kerala
Lecturer – 7 years 7 months , A.M.A College of Engineering, Kanchipuram
Teaching Assistant – 2 years 3 months , A.M.A College of Engineering, Kanchipuram

Research Scholar – 2 Years 8 Months – IIT Madras
Research Scholar – 1 year 8 months – Division of solid mechanics, Lund university, Sweden

Courses Handled

Mechanics of Solids -I
Mechanics of Solids-II
Solid Mechanics
Strength of Materials – I
Strength of Materials-II
Structural Analysis – I
Structural Analysis-II
Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Hydraulic Structures and Hydraulic Machinery
Irrigation Engineering
Construction Technology
Environmental Pollution
Environmental Health Engineering

Research & Consultancy

Research Publications
1. Venkateswara Rao.P, Maniprakash.S, Srinivasan.S.M, Arun Sreenivasa (2010). Functional behavior of magnetorheological gels, smart materials and structures, 19, 9pp.

2. Venkateswara Rao.P, Maniprakash.S, Srinivasan.S.M. (2010).A modified free decay test apparatus for the characterization of soft magnetic gels in the presence of soft magnetic fields, International journal of engineering, vol.4, issue 2, 179-190.

Conference / Workshop / FDP


1.Venkateswara Rao. P, Maniprakash.S, Jayaganesh N, Srinivasan S.M and Patnaik B.S.V.P.(2009). Dynamic characteristics of magnetic composite gel, World conference series with virtual participation, 2009 Interdisciplinary conference on Chemical, Mechanical and materials Engineering (2009 ICCMME), 7-20 December, hosted by Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials in Melborne, Australia.

2. Venkateswara Rao.P, Srinivasan.S.M, Arun Sreenivasa (2010). Modelling of dynamic characteristics of isotropic magnetorheological gels, 16th US National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (USNCTAM) on June 27 to July 2 at the Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA.


1. Rao.P.V, Maniprakash.S, Srinivasan S.M and Patnaik B.S.V.P.(2009). Non linear response of magnetic composite gels, Eighth ISAMPE National conference on composites (INCCOM-8), December 4-5, Thiruvananthapuram, India.

2. Venkateswara Rao.P, Ramesh.P, Srinivasan,S.M. (2010).Tunability of dynamic shear properties of soft magnetorheological gels, ICTACEM 2010 conference, IIT Kharaghpur, December 27-29, 2010.

3. Ketan Verma, Keerti Prakash, Srinivasan S.M and Venkateswara Rao. P (2013). Magneto-mechanical behavior of anisotropic magneto-rheological gels. 6th ISSS National conference on MEMS, Smart materials, Structures and Systems,September 06-07, 2013, R&DE, Pune.

4. T.R. Neelakantan, P.Venkateswara Rao, S. Thayumanavan and N.V. Pundarikanthan. (1997). A fuzzy linear programming model: The management of water resources for the Chennai city, National conference on Fuzzy sets and their applications, June 9-10, 1997, IIT Madras.

Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities

Head of the Department
Academic monitoring committee
Module Co-ordinator
OBE Co-ordinator
IV year class committee chairperson
Project reviewer

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