Name S Kumaravel
Designation Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems and Power Electronics
  • Power System deregulation
Room No. 3005
Intercom No. 251
Mobile 9940695670
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)
  1. Pursuing Ph.D at Anna University, Chennai
  2. M.E (Power System Engg) from Government College of Technology, Coimbatore,affiliated to Anna University, Chennai, June-2005, First Class with Distinction.
  3. B.E (Electrical and Electronics Engg) from Priyadarshini Engineering College, affiliated to Madras University, June-2003, First Class with Distinction
  1. Member of Institution of Engineers (M-1603048)-Life Member
Academic Experience
  1. Working as Assistant Professor in SVCE from 01/06/2010 to till date. (10 Yrs)
  2. Worked as lecturer in SVCE from 13/06/2005 to 31/05/2010. (5 Yrs)
Courses Handled
  1. Utilization of Electrical Energy and Conservation
  2. Digital Logic Circuits
  3. Marine Electrical Machines I
  4. Marine Electrical Technology
  5. Marine Electrical Machines II
  6. Power System Analysis
  7. Power System Protection
  8. Power System Operation and Control
  9. Transmission and Distribution
  10. Electrical Power System
  1. Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  2. Flexible AC Transmission Systems
  3. High Voltage DC Transmission
  4. Analysis of Electrical Machinery
  5. Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Sources
  1. Power System Simulation Lab
  2. Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
  3. Electric Circuits Lab
  4. Engineering Practices Lab
  5. Linear Integrated Citcuits Lab
  6. Control System Lab
  7. Electrical Machines Lab-I
  8. Electrical Machines Lab-II
  9. Electrical Engineering and Control System Lab
  10. Electrical Engineering,Electronics and Microprocessor Lab
Research & Consultancy
International Journal:
  1. Kumaravel, S & Bharathidasan, SG (2019) “Enhancement of Grid Primary Frequency Response using Type 3 and Type 4 WECS with Virtual Inertia Control”, Journal of Electrical Engineering, ISSN 1582-4594.
  2. Kumaravel, S R. Sundaravel (2017) “Control of PMSG Based Variable Speed Wind Turbines for Voltage Regulation”,IJAREEIE, ISSN:2320-3765, Vol. 6, Special Issue 2, March 2017.
  3. Kumaravel, S Gopinath. R (2016) “Implementation of Cascaded Resonant DC-DC converter Topology”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering IJAREEIE, ISSN:2320-3765,vol.5,Issue 3,Page no,1-9.
  4. Kumaravel, S & Abhinav Srinivas, M (2015) “Fuzzy Logic Controller for Shunt Active Power Filer using Synchronous Reference Frame Theory” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Vol.10 no.36 pp.27838-27846.
  5. Mohamed Azharudeen, J & Kumaravel, S (2015) “A Two stage Boost converter coupled with cascaded H-Bridge inverter” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Vol.10 no.9 pp.7724-7729.
International Conferences:
  1. Kumaravel, S Gopinath.R(2016),” Cascaded Hybrid Resonant DC-DC Converter” in IEEE ICIIECS’16, third International conference at Karpagam College of Engineering on 17 and 18 March 2016, Coimbatore.
  2. Kumaravel, S V. Nithya.\”Fault diagnosis of PSFB DC-DC Converter\”Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Electronis and Renewable energy system\”-REC,April,2014.
National Conferences:
  1. Kumaravel, S Govindarasu.R,Geetha.V.,\” fuzzy logic based automatic generation control for multi-area system in a deregulated electricity market\”, Proceedings of the National Conference on computational Intelligence to emerging electric power systems, Pondicherry Engg College, Pondicherry, Sep 2006.
  2. Kumaravel, S Mary,D.,\” simulation of automatic generation control in a new distributed generation environment with genetic algorithm optimization\” , Proceedings of the National Conference on Power Electronics and Power Systems (EtEE 2005), St. Joseph\’s College of Engineering, Chennai, Jan 2005.
Conference / Workshop / FDP
List of Conferences/Workshops Organised:
  1. Co-cordinator for the “Two days workshop on Grid Stability with Distributed Generation-Advanced Ancillary Services” on 05.09.2019 & 06.09.2019
  2. Co-cordinator for the “Two days workshop on Artificial Intelligence Application to Renewable Energy systems” on 29/8/2019 & 30/08/2019.
  3. Co-cordinator for the Career awareness program to UG students through Alumni students during Feb 2019.
  4. Co-cordinator for the ISTE SVCE chapter sponsored two days workshop on “State Feedback Controllers for Power electronics & Power System Applications”, 30/09/2016 & 01/10/2016
  5. Organized Two Days “National conference on Advances in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-NCAEEE, March 2017”, in SVCE
  6. Two Days National conference on Advances in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-NCAEEE , 21 th and 22 nd March 2016, in SVCE
  7. Two Days National Workshop on “MATLAB Application to Power Electronics and Power System” 28 th & 29 th August 2015,in SVCE
  8. Two Days National conference on Advances in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-NCAEEE , April 2015, in SVCE
  9. Two Days National Workshop on “MATLAB Application to Electrical Engineering” at SVCE on 26/09/2014 and 29/09/2014.
  10. Three days Training program on “MiPower software”,19-21,February 2014.
  11. Two Days National conference on Advances in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-NCAEEE-2013,March 2013 in SVCE.
  12. One Day National Technical Symposium-PULSE 2009 at SVCE,September 2009.
  13. One Day National Workshop on Vision-Robotricks, at SVCE, February 2010.
List of Workshops attended:
  1. Two weeks Short Term Training course on “Big Data Analytics in Bioinformatics” from 4/11/2019 to 17/11/2019, MNM Jain Engineering College, Chennai.
  2. Four Days Training program on “Data Science and machine learning using python” from 29.04.2019 & 03.05.2019, SVCE.
  3. Industrial Training in “Switchgear and Fusegear Protection” at Panickker Switchgear Pvt. Ltd., Sriperumbudur from 14/06/2019 to 21/06/2019
  4. Two days National workshop on ” A Revolutionary Technology-IoT Applications in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SVCE from 3/1/2019 to 4/1/2019
  5. Industrial Training in the field of Power Electronics” at Jayam Electronics, Chennai from 7/05/2018 to 11/05/2018
  6. One week FDP on “Electrical Machines” from 20/11/2017 to 26/11/2017, MNM Jain Engineering College, Chennai
  7. Two Days National Workshop on “Design of Controllers & Compensators using MATLAB” from 01.04.2016 to 02.04.2016,SVCE.
  8. Two Days Workshop on “Power conversion for Smart Grids” at SSN College of Engineering on 18/07/2014 and 19/07/2014.
  9. Four Days Training program on Solar Photovoltaic System,23-26,June 2014 at Anna University, Chennai.
  10. Three days Training program on Mi Power software,19-21,February 2014 at SVCE.
  11. Two days National Workshop on “Recent Trends in Optimization & Control” at VIT, August 2012.
  12. Two days National Workshop on “PSCAD Power System Simulator” at Bangalore, July 2012.
  13. Two weeks AICTE sponsored National Level workshop on “Fundamentals of Solar Photovoltaics and Applications” conducted by IIT-Bombay from 12/12/11 to 24/12/11.
  14. Two weeks workshop on FDP On “Power System Analysis” in Anna University, Chennai from 03/12/07 to 15/12/07.
  15. Two weeks Training Course in “Training for Trainers and Assessors” at HIMT,Chennai from 12/11/2007 to 24/11/2007.
  16. Two days workshop on FDP On Computer Applications In Power System in IIT Madras from 06/04/07 to 07/04/07.
  17. Two weeks workshop on “SDP On FACTs Power 2006” in Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, sivakasi from 13/11/06 to 24/11/06.
Lectures Delivered:
  1. Delivered lecture on “Impact of DG on primary frequency control of wind turbine generator for Grid support” during two days workshop on Grid Stability with Distributed Generation-Advanced Ancillary Services on 06.09.2019
  2. Delivered lecture on “Simulation of Fuzzy Logic Controller application to wind turbine generator using MATLAB” during Two days workshop on Artificial Intelligence Application to Renewable Energy systems” on 30/08/2019.
  3. Delivered lecture on “MATLAB applications for Electrical Engineering” on 13/12/2017 ,SVCE,Tirupati
  4. Delivered lecture on “Design of state feedback controller for LFC applications” during two days workshop on “State Feedback Controllers for Power electronics & Power System Applications”, on 01/10/2016,SVCE.
  5. Delivered lecture on “Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering” during training programme on BEEE to Engineers from Hyundai India Pvt Ltd on 03/11/2015,SVCE.
  6. Delivered lecture on “FLC Design for Power system Application” at SVCE on 26/09/2014.
  7. Delivered a lecture on “Automatic Generation Control” at SVCE, Aug-2014.
Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities
Current Responsibilities:
  1. AICTE Co ordinator
  2. National Institutional Ranking Framework Coordinator
  3. Software laboratory Incharge
  4. Faculty Advisor for II year A batch students (Roll no-01-15)
  5. Alumni Co ordinator
  6. UG and PG projects Guide
  7. NBA related work
  8. Soft skill training to III year and IV year EEE students
  9. Syllabus preparation for Autonomous Curriculum
  10. Anti-Ragging committee member in the Gents Hostel.
  11. Preparation of Tau report for II year EE students.
  12. Autonomous Examination related work.
  13. Deputy Warden Hostel
Previous Responsibilities:
  1. Residential Tutor Hostel from June 2005 to June 2015
  2. Dept Placement Coordinator from June 2010-May2012.
  3. Dept ISO Employability Objective Incharge from June 2010-May 2012.
  4. Dept ISO Students Skill Development Objective Incharge from June 2009-May 2010.
  5. Time table Coordinator from June 2007-May 2008.
  6. Coordinator of AEEE and Guest Lectures from June 2009- May 2010.
  7. Dept Alumini Incharge from June 2008-May 2009.
  8. Exam cell Coordinator for AU examination from June 2005 to May 2008and May 2014.
  9. AUR and Flying squad member for AU Theory and Practical examination.
  10. Class committee Chairperson.
  11. Vacation Roster-In charge from June 2011 to May 2017
  1. Received the SVCE prestigious award “Outstanding Teacher Award” for the academic year 2015 – 2016.
  2. Received the cash prize for best Research presentation during Faculty Research Day 2019
  3. Received appreciation certificate for achieving 100% results for 10 core subjects.
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