Name Prof. S. Krishnan
Designation Professor&Head and Dean- Academics
Areas of Interest Marine Engineering and other related subjects
Room No. 10-002
Intercom No. 500
Mobile 9994952762
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)

CoC as Class-I (MOTOR) Marine Chief Engineer.
D.M.E. Mechanical Engineering.

Academic Experience

Academic Experience

1. Professor and Dean-Academics, August 2011 onward.
2. Professor, Department of Marine Engineering, SVCE from August 2006 onward
3. Senior Faculty & In charge of placement and Ship-in-Campus, RL institute of Nautical Sciences, Madurai from April 2004 to till 31 July 2006.

Industrial Experience
1. Junior Engineer to Third Engineer, Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd., for the period of 7 years.
2. Second Engineer to Chief Engineer, Great Eastern Shipping Company, for 15 years

Courses Handled

Power Plant Operation
Marine Boilers and Steam Engineering
Watch Keeping and Class IV Preparation
Naval Architecture 1&2.
Basics for Marine Engineering
Marine Auxiliary Machinery 1&2.
Ship Construction
Tanker Operations
Marine Diesel Engines 1 & 2

Handling Practicals

Marine Power Plant Operation Lab
Dismantling and Assembly of Marine Machinery Lab.
Fire Fighting Lab

Research & Consultancy

International Journal
1. Prof.S.Krishnan and S.Ilaiyavel, Performance of Manganese Phosphate Coating on Ferrous Metals (Mild Steel, graphite Cast Iron, EN24, D2),  International Journal of Contemporary Science, Engineering and Technology, January-December 2011.

Conference / Workshop / FDP
  1. STCW Courses
  2. Specialised Oil Tanker Course
  3. Training of Trainers and Assessors (TTA) Course
Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities

Head of the department
Dean Academics
Member, Welding Research Cell, SVCE
In-charge of Dismantling and Assembly Lab

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