Name Dr. R. Kannadasan
Designation Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest Power Systems Engineering, Electric Vehicle, Internet of Things (IOT), Metal Oxide Surge Arrester, Smart City
Room No. 3214
Intercom No. 251
Mobile 9600137705
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)
Academic Experience
Courses Handled
Research & Consultancy

Journal Publications (Scopus/SCIE)

S. No. Title of paper Journal Name Status Impact Factor
1 Performance improvement of Metal Oxide Arrester for Very Fast Transients IET-Science, Measurement & Technology Vol. 11, No 1, pp. 438 – 444, 2017 1.517
2 Modelling and Validation of Metal Oxide arrester Model for Very Fast Transients IET High Voltage Vol. 3, No 2, pp. 147 – 153, 2018 4.967
3 Successful Turning on of MOSAs under Very Fast Transients IET-Generation, Transmission and Distribution Vol. 12 , No. 16, pp. 3852 – 3861, 2018 2.503
4 Effect of Capacitance on ZnO-Bi2O3-Yb2O3 based varistor for nanosecond transients Springer-Journal of Central South University Vol. 25, No. 10, pp. 2332-2338, 2018. 2.392
5 High gradient metal oxide surge arrester block for VFTO applications Journal of Electrical Engineering Vol 17 (1):pp. 411-417, 2017 0.212
6 Development of metal oxide arrester block for very fast transient overvoltage Turkish journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer sciences Vol. 25, 2017, pp. 4893 – 4900 0.853
7 An Assessment of Onshore and Offshore Wind Energy Potential in India Using Moth Flame Optimization Energies Vol. 13 (12), 2020, 3063 3.252
8 Development of High Gradient ZnO Arrester Material for high voltage applications IEEE Access Vol. 8, 2020, 115685 – 115693 3.476
9 A Holistic Review of the Present and Future Drivers of the Renewable Energy Mix in Maharashtra, State of India Sustainability Vol. 12 (16), 2020, 6596. 3.889
10 COVID-19: Impact Analysis and Recommendations for Power Sector Operation Elsevier- Applied Energy Vol. 279, 2020, 115739 11.446
11 Design of Rotor Blades for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Wind Flow Modifier for Low Wind Profile Areas Sustainability Vol. 12, 2020, 8050 3.889
12 Investigation on Sizing of Voltage Source for a Battery Energy Storage System in Microgrid With Renewable Energy Sources IEEE Access Vol 8, 2020, 188861-188874 3.476
13 An Evaluation on Wind Energy Potential Using Multi-Objective Optimization Based Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm III Sustainability 13(1), 2021, 410 3.889
14 Short Term Power Dispatch Using Neural Network Based Ensemble Classifier Elsevier- Journal of energy storage Vol 33, 2021, 102101 8.907
15 Sensorless Parameters Estimation of VFD Based Cascade Centrifugal Pumping System Using Automatic Pump Curve Adaption Method Elsevier -Energy reports Vol 7, 2021, Pages 453-466 4.937
16 Design and Validation of BAT Algorithm Based Photovoltaic System Using Simplified High Gain Quasi Boost Inverter Energies Vol. 14, 2021, 1086 3.252
17 Techno-Economic Investigation of Wind Energy Potential in selected Sites with Uncertainty Factors Sustainability 2021, 13, 2182. 3.889
18 Optimal Cost aware Paradigm for Off grid Green Cellular Networks in Oman. Computers, Materials & Continua DOI:10.32604/cmc.2021.016836 3.860
19 A Novel Multiobjective Hybrid Technique for Siting and Sizing of Distributed Generation and Capacitor Banks in Radial Distribution Systems Sustainability Vol. 13 (6), 2021, 3308 3.889
20 Adaptive cell zooming strategy towards next generation cellular networks with joint transmission. Computers, Materials & Continua DOI:10.32604/cmc.2021.017711 3.860
21 Powering mobile networks with optimal green energy for sustainable development Computers, Materials & Continua DOI:10.32604/cmc.2021.017059 3.860
22 A Field Study of Distribution Transformers provided with Fixed Capacitors in Indian Utilities” Journal of Research and Advancement in Electrical Engineering Journal of Research and Advancement in Electrical Engineering Vol 4, No. 1, 2021, Pages 1- 4 0.1
23 Long-term Techno-economic Analysis of Sustainable and Zero Grid Cellular Base Station IEEE Access Vol. 9, 2021, 54159-54172 3.476
24 Assessment and Integration of Renewable Energy Resources Installations with Reactive Power Compensator in Indian Utility Power System Network Electronics Vol. 10 (8), 2021, 912 2.690
25 Design of low cost air quality monitoring system using Arduino and thing speak Computers, Materials & Continua DOI:10.32604/cmc.2022.019431 3.860
26 Autonomous Fuzzy Controller Design for the Utilization of Hybrid PV-Wind Energy Resources in Demand Side Management Environment Electronics Vol. 10, 2021, 1618 2.690
27 Categorizing Diseases from Leaf Images Using a Hybrid Learning Model Symmetry 2021,13, 2073. DOI: 10.3390/ sym13112073 2.940
28 Power Quality Enhancement in Electric Arc Furnace Using Matrix Converter and Static VAR Compensator Electronics Vol. 10, 2021, 1125, 2021 2.690
29 Design of efficient off-grid solar photovoltaic water pumping system based on improved fractional open circuit voltage MPPT technique International journal of photo energy 10.1155/2021/4925433, 2021 2.535
30 Exploration of Machine Learning Approaches for Paddy Yield Prediction in Eastern Part of Tamilnadu Agronomy 11 (10), 2068, 2021 3.949
31 Optimization analysis of sustainable solar power system for mobile communication system Computers, Materials & Continua “Vol. 71, no. 2, pp. 3243-3255, 2022 3.860
32 Prediction of Crop Yield Using Machine Learning Approaches on a Wide Spectrum Computers, Materials & Continua Vol. 72, no.3, pp. 5663-5679, 2022 3.860
33 Re-Allocation of Distributed Generations Using Available Renewable Potential Based Multi-Criterion-Multi-Objective Hybrid Technique Sustainability 3.889
34 Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics Assessment of Wind Turbine System Employing Acoustic Sensors and Matrix Converter Sustainability, Vol. 14, pp. 4404, 2022 3.889
35 A Framework-Based Wind Forecasting to Assess Wind Potential with Improved Grey Wolf Optimization and Support Vector Regression Sustainability, Vol. 14(7), pp. 4235, 2022 3.889
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40 Target Object Detection from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Images Based on Improved YOLO Algorithm Electronics Vol. 11, 2343, 2022, 2.690
41 An improved intelligent technique for maximum power point tracking under partial shading conditions of photo voltaic system Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems DOI: 10.3233/JIFS-220892, 2022. 1.737
42 Analysis of Hybrid Spectrum Sensing for 5G and 6G Waveforms Electronics 2023, 12(1), 138; 2.690
43 Suspicious Actions Detection System Using Enhanced CNN and Surveillance Video Electronics 2022, 11(24), 4210; 2.690
44 Brain Tumor Identification Using Data Augmentation and Transfer Learning Approach Computers, Materials & Continua DOI: 10.32604/csse.2023.033927 3.860
45 Enhanced Metaheuristic Algorithm-Based Load Balancing in a 5G Cloud Radio Access Network Electronics 2022, 11(21), 3611; 2.690
46 A Novel Hybrid MPPT Approach for Solar PV Systems using Particle Swarm Optimization Trained Machine Learning and Flying Squirrel Search Optimization Sustainability Vo. 15(6), pp. 5575, 2023 3.889
47 Fault Identification and Classification of Asynchronous Motor Drive Using Optimization Approach with Improved Reliability Energies Vol. 16, no 6, pp. 2660, 2023 3.252
48 Design and Modeling of Modified Interleaved Phase-Shifted Semi-Bridgeless Boost Converter for EV Battery Charging Applications Sustainability Vol. 15, no 3, 2712, 2023. 3.889
49 Extended Deep Learning Algorithm for Improved Brain Tumor Diagnosis System Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing Accepted for publication 3.401
50 Green IoT: A Review and Future Research Directions Symmetry Vol. 15(3), pp 757, 2023 2.940
51 Smart load-based resource optimization model to enhance the performance of device-to-device communication in 5G-WPAN Electronics Vol. 12(8), pp. 1821; 2023 2.690
52 Design of Novel Modified Double-Ended Forward Converter for Stepper Motor Drive Machines Vol. 11(8), pp. 777, 2023 3.8
53 Technological advancements toward smart energy management in smart cities Energy Reports Vo. 10, pp. 648-677, 2023 5.2
54 Role of hydro generation in Indian power grid to challenge the uncommon load patterns during crisis Energy Strategy Reviews Vol. 49, pp. 101140, 2023 8.2

National Conference:

S. No. Title of paper Conference name Organized by Status
1 Possible measures for protection of gas insulated substation with high gradient metal oxide arrester. International Conference on renewable energy utilization-(ICREU) DEEE, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. 2016 Presented
2 Review and Simulation of Power System Blackout using Power World Simulator Proceedings of the National Conference on Smart Advancements in Green Energy DEEE, SMIT-Chennai, 2014 Presented
3 Simulation of power market analyzes using optimal power flow in power world simulator National Conference on Methods Enriching Power and Energy Developments – MEPED’13 DEEE, Jeppiar Engineering college, Chennai, 2013 Presented

International Conference:

S. No. Title of paper Conference name Organized by Status
1 Performance improvement of MO surge arrester using high gradient arrester block against VFTOs Proceeding of Electrical Engineering, Computer science and Informatics Bandung, Indonesia, 18-20 Sept 2019 10.11591/eecsi.v6.2017.
2 Selective Harmonics Elimination in Multilevel Inverter Using Bio-Inspired Intelligent Algorithms IEEE 31st Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC)-2021 Australasian Universities Power Engineering DOI: 10.1109/AUPEC52110.2021.9597805

Laboratory Developed:

S. No. Lab Name Funded by Geography Month of Establishment
1 Autonomous Electric Vehicle and Internet of Things (IoT) SERB-GoI Dept. of EEE, EEE block, Second floor, SVCE, Chennai April 2022

Projects Grants Received:

S. No. Title Agency Cost Status
1 Multi-Layer-Multi-Purpose Smart Waste Management System Using Internet of Things (IoT) SERB-EEQ 42.3 Lacs Sanctioned/Project under progress

Projects Submitted:

S. No. Title Agency Cost Status
1 Techno Economic Assessment of PM KUSUM YOGANA COMPONENT A by Adapting Agrivoltaic Inter-Technology Hybrid Farming System DST-CRRC 54.30 Lacs Under Review
2. Decentralized Low-cost green hydrogen production from domestic waste water adapting Machine Learning and metaheuristic approaches SERB-CRG 58.10 Lacs Under Review
3. “Design and Optimization of C (Charging) – rate based on D (Demand) – rate Battery Charging and Swapping Station (BCSS) for Extended Lifetime of EV Batteries using sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) framework” DST International Cooperation -India and South Korea 74.50 Lacs Under Review


Ph. D. Guidance-Anna University:

S. No. Candidate name Registration No Faculty Status
1 Venkatesan C 1314399727 Electrical Completed
2 Siva Priya 1875286912 Electrical Course work completed
3 Keerthi Vijaydhasan 2123584741 Electrical Course work
4 Ramachandarn 2246547656 Electrical Course work

UG Guidance:

S. No. Academic Year Title
1 2017-2018 Smart Energy meter using Power Line Communication
2 2018-2019 Design and Implementation of remote monitoring of Transformers using Internet of Things (IoT)
3 2019-2020 Decision making analysis for Demand Side Management
4 2020-2021 Smart energy meter for multi-purpose applications
5 2021-2022 Re-Powering and potential assessment of wind turbine
6 2022-2023 Design and Implementation EV for various drive cycle

Editor – International Journals:

Conference / Workshop / FDP

Workshop Organized:

S. No. Title Supported by Date Venue
1. Energy Auditing in Industries Petroleum Corporation Research Association (PCRA), Government of India (GOI) and SVCE 28.12.2017 SVCE, Chennai, India

Guest Lecturer delivered

S. No. Title of Workshop Date Organized by
1 Analysis of Transients in Power System using Electromagnetic Transient Program (EMTP-RV) 08.03.2018 AMET University, Uthandi, Chennai, India
2 A Revolutionary Technology – IoT Applications in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. 03.01 2019 SVCE, Sriperumbudur, India

Workshop attended

S. No. Name of Workshop Institution Name Date Organized By
1 Routledge Editorial Workshop CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 3rd Aug 2016 Taylor & Francis Group
2 EMTP-RV training Get Started with Switching Transients in EMTP-RV Power sys solutions 10-11th March 2016 Power sys solutions
3 Author Workshop CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 2nd Nov 2015 Springer India Pvt. Ltd and Anna University Chennai.
4 Modern power system analysis tools. CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 12 & 13th Feb 2015 Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engg. CEG,AU, Chennai-25
5 Author Workshop CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 17th March 2015 Springer India Pvt. Ltd
6 Author Workshop on Book / Journal Publishing Elsevier Research solution & CEG, AU,CH 25 24th Sept 2014 Elsevier Publishing and Anna University, CEG, Chennai
7 New Materials their characterization and applications Center for Nano and Technology, Crystal Growth Centre & CEG, AU, Chennai. 09th & 10th Oct 2014 UGC Sponsored and Nano Tech, CEG, AU, Chennai 25
8 Research methodology CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 16th Dec 2014 Centre for faculty development (CFD), CEG, AU, Chennai-25
9 Seminar on Solar Pro V4.2 CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 31st Oct 2014 VATIO Energy India Pvt. Ltd, & CED, CEG, AU, Chennai-25
10 FACTS Controllers application in Transmission systems SCSVM, Kancheepuram 6th August 2012 DEEE, SCSVM, Kancheepuram

FDPs and Trainings

S. No. Title Date Venue
1 Applied Soft computing 19th to25th June 2018 Dept. of EEE, CEG, Anna University
2 Power System Analysis 27th 31st May 2019 Dept. of EEE, CEG, Anna University
Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities
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