Name Dr.R. Kannadasan
Designation Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest Power systems
High voltage Engineering
Advanced Material processing
Synthesis of Nanoparticles
Room No. Roon no: 3214
Intercom No.
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)
Date of Joining
Nature of Association





Year of passing




Vel tech Engineering college, Chennai

Anna University




Power systems

College of Engineering Guindy (CEG)

Anna University



Ph. D

(Thesis submitted)

Power systems,

High voltage and

Material processing

College of Engineering Guindy (CEG)

Anna University


Academic Experience





R. M Construction-Chennai

Electrical Engineer


2 Years

Rajiv Gandhi college of Engineering

Teaching Research Associate

Teaching Assist

1 Year

4 Months

College of Engineering Guindy (CEG)

Research Fellow


Visiting Faculty


2 Year

10 Months

Courses Handled

1. Transmission & Distribution

2. Utilization and Conservation of Electrical Energy

3. Extra High Voltage AC Power Transmission

4. High Voltage DC Transmission system

5. Protection & Switchgear.

6. Principles of Management

7. Power system simulation Laboratory

8. Electrical Machines Laboratory

Research & Consultancy




Editor of Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer sciences (Annex I)

Achievements and Awards:

The best research paper award for title “Possible measures for protection of gas insulated substation with High gradient metal oxide arrester” was awarded in the “International Conference on Renewable Energy Utilization (ICREU-2016)” held at Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT), Coimbatore on 6 – 8 th Jan 2016.



International Journals (Annex I)


S. No Title of paper Authors Journal Name Publisher Details
1 Performance improvement of metal–oxide arrester for VFTs Kannadasan Raju, Valsalal Prasad and Jayavel Ramasamy IET-Science, Measurement & Technology IEEE/IET Vol. 11, no. 4, 2017, pp. 438 – 444
2 Successful Turning on of MOSAs under Very Fast Transients Kannadasan Raju, and Valsalal Prasad IET-Generation, Transmission and Distribution IEEE/IET Accepted for Publication
3 Modeling and Validation of Metal Oxide Surge Arrester for Very Fast Transients Kannadasan Raju, and Valsalal Prasad IET-High Voltage IEEE/IET Accepted for Publication
4 Effect of Capacitance on ZnO-Bi2O3-Yb2O3 based varistor for nanosecond transients Kannadasan Raju, and Valsalal Prasad Journal of central south university Springer Accepted for Publication
5 Development of metal oxide arrester block using rare earth element for very fast transient overvoltage applications Kannadasan Raju, Valsalal Prasad and Jayavel Ramasamy Turkish journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer sciences Scientific & Technological research council of Turkey DOI: 10.3906/elk-1611-56
6 High gradient metal oxide surge arrester block for VFTO applications Kannadasan Raju, Valsalal Prasad and Jayavel Ramasamy Journal of Electrical Engineering Poly Technia University Vol 17 (1):pp. 411-417, 2017

International Conferences:

S. No

Title of paper


Conference name

Organized by


Possible measures for protection of gas insulated substation with high gradient metal oxide arrester.

Kannadasan Raju,

Valsalal Prasad and Jayavel Ramasamy

International Conference on renewable energy utilization-(ICREU) DEEE, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. 2016


Review and Simulation of Power System Blackout using Power World Simulator

Kannadasan Raju and

Valsalal Prasad

Proceedings of the National Conference on Smart Advancements in Green Energy DEEE, SMIT-Chennai. 2014


Simulation of power market analyzes using optimal power flow in power world simulator

Kannadasan Raju and

Valsalal Prasad

National Conference on Methods Enriching Power and Energy Developments – MEPED’13 DEEE, Jeppiar Engineering college, Chennai. 2013


S. No Title Date Organized by
1 Designing reliable and High-Density Power Solutions with GaN 1 November, 2017 IEEE
2 The Grid Of The Future, Synchronous Condensers and STATCOMs 24 October 2017 IEEE-Power & Energy society
3 Hybrid Renewable Energy Standalone Systems 12 October, 2017 IEEE
4 Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) for Traction Applications O7 October 2017 IEEE
5 Integration of Distributed Energy Resources in Power Distribution Systems 26 September 2017 IEEE-Power & Energy society
6 Why the More and All Electric Aircraft Needs Power Electronics – New Day and Time 21 September, 2017 IEEE
7 HVDC… Intelligent Transmission 14 September 2017 IEEE-Smart Grid
8 New Directions for Energy Storage 7 September 2017 IEEE-Smart Grid
9 The Valuation of Distributed Energy Resources 17 August 2017 IEEE-Smart Grid



Conference / Workshop / FDP

Workshops/Seminars/Courses attended:

S. No

Name of Workshop

Institution Name


Organized By


Routledge Editorial Workshop

CEG, Anna University, Chennai.

3 rd Aug 2016

Taylor & Francis Group


EMTP-RV training

Get Started with Switching Transients in EMTP-RV

Power sys solutions

10-11 th March 2016

Power sys solutions


Author Workshop CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 2 nd Nov 2015 Springer India Pvt. Ltd and Anna University Chennai.


Modern power system analysis tools. CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 12 & 13 th Feb 2015 Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engg. CEG,AU, Chennai-25


Author Workshop CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 17th March 2015 Springer India Pvt. Ltd


Author Workshop on Book / Journal Publishing Elsevier Research solution & CEG, AU,CH 25 24 th Sept 2014 Elsevier Publishing and Anna University, CEG, Chennai


New Materials their characterization and applications Center for Nano and Technology, Crystal Growth Centre & CEG, AU, Chennai. 09 th & 10 th Oct 2014 UGC Sponsored and Nano Tech, CEG, AU, Chennai 25


Research methodology CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 16 th Dec 2014 Centre for faculty development (CFD), CEG, AU, Chennai-25


Seminar on Solar Pro V4.2 CEG, Anna University, Chennai. 31 st Oct 2014 VATIO Energy India Pvt. Ltd, & CED, CEG, AU, Chennai-25


Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities

1. Budget Planning

2. Placement coordinator

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