Name Dr.M.Yogesh Kumar
Designation Associate Professor
Areas of Interest Material science, Process Modeling and Simulation, Bioprocess Engineering, solid waste management
Room No. 6104
Intercom No. 551
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)

Ph.D. – Chemical Engineering (March 2013)

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

M.Tech – Chemical Engineering (June 2004)

Annamalai University, Chidambaram

B.Tech – Chemical Engineering (Chemical (May 2002)

Sathyabama Engineering College, Chennai

Academic Experience

Post-doctoral Research Fellow 2013-2016 (3 years), Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton, UK

Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant 2008-2013 (5 years), Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India Department of Chemical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Lecturer 2005-2006 (1.5 years), Department of Biotechnology, Sathyabama University, Chennai, India

Lecturer 2004-2005 (1 year), in Department of Industrial Biotechnology, Shri Andal Alagar College of Engineering, Mamandur, India

Courses Handled

Chemical Process Calculations

Biochemical Engineering

Mechanics of Solids

Material Science and Technology

Environmental Science and Engineering

Process Equipment Design I

Mass Transfer Laboratory

Heat Transfer Laboratory

Process Control Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Research & Consultancy

Research Publications

O.Kurochkin, Yogesh Kumar M, G.D Alessandro, M.Kaczmarek, Thermal optical non-linearity of nematic mesophase enhanced by gold nanoparticles, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2016 (In print) DOI: 10. 1039/C6CP00116E

T.P.Bennett, Yogesh Kumar M, K.R.Daly, G.De Matteis and G.D’Alessandro, Fast algorithms for liquid crystal modelling, Proc. SPIE 9182, Liquid Crystals XVIII, 918208, 2014.

Yogesh Kumar M, D.Pasini and A.D.Rey, Self-assembly Mechanisms in Plant Cell Wall Components, Journal of Renewable Materials, 3, pp. 52-72, 2015

A.D.Rey, E.E.Herrera-Valencia and Yogesh Kumar M, Structure and dynamics of biological liquid crystals, Liquid Crystals, 41(3), pp. 430-451, 2013

Yogesh Kumar M, D.Pasini and A.D.Rey, Defect Textures in Polygonal Arrangements of Cylindrical Inclusions in Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Matrices, Soft Matter, 9, pp. 1054-1065, 2013

Yogesh Kumar M, D.Pasini and A.D.Rey, Microfibril organization modes in plant cell walls of variable curvature: a model system for two dimensional anisotropic soft matter, Soft Matter, 7, pp. 7078-7093, 2011

A.D.Rey and Yogesh Kumar M, “Mechanical model for fiber-laden membranes, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 23(1), pp.45-61, 2011

Yogesh Kumar M and A.D. Rey , Modeling Textural Processes during Self-Assembly of Plant-Based Chiral-Nematic Liquid Crystals, Polymers, 2, pp. 766-785, 2010

A.D.Rey and Yogesh Kumar M, Structure and Rheology of Fiber-laden Membranes via Integration of Nematodynamics and Membranodynamics, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 165(1-2), pp. 32-44, 20


Dr. M Yogesh Kumar, ASP/CHE presented an invited talk on “Surface wetting characterization and Estimation of surface energy of hydrophobic thin films: Theory, experiment and applications.” at International conference on Advanced Smart Materials on 6 February 2020.
K.S. Sakthisri, R. Raageswari, M. Yogesh Kumar, Demonstration of Life Cycle Analysis as Sustainability Assessment Tool for Process and Energy Industries and Solid Waste Management, Technological Innovations in Clean Energy Generation and Environmental Remedies, 4 October 2019, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Pennalur.

Conference / Workshop / FDP
Workshops Attended

Attended a Faculty Development Programme on “Data Analysis for Modelling of Chemical and Biochemical Reaction Systems Theory to Practice” held at IIT Madras, from 02nd to 07th December 2019.

Attended an  AICTE Sponsored short term course on “Instrumental Methods of Analysis” held at SVCE from 04th to 9th November 2019.

Attended an One day National Conference on “Technological Innovation on Clean Energy Generation and Environmental Remediation” held at SVCE on 04th October 2019.

Coordinated AICTE Sponsored National Level Workshop on Deposition and Wettability Characterization of Thin Films held at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering on 9th & 10th May, 2019

Attended AICTE-QIP Short Term course on “Sustinable Engineering: Theory and Practice” held at IIT Bombay between 03 Decenber 2018 and 07 December 2018.

Attended GIAN course on “Analysis and Design of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester” held at IIT Madras between 30 October 2017 and 3 November 2017.

Attended AICTE-QIP Short Term course on “Computational Fluid Dynamics: Development, Applications & Analysis” held at IIT Bombay between 29 May 2017 and 02 June 2017.

Attended FDP on Mechanics of Solids held at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Pennalur between 06 June 2016 and 14 June 2016.

Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities

Design – Module Member

IV Year Class Committee Chairperson

Faculty Advisor I Year

FM Lab In-charge

Employability Objective Coordinator

Department Placement Coordinator

Entrepreneurship Cell CH Coordinator

PALS – Placement Dept. Coordinator

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