Name Leela Rani P, M.E.
Designation Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest Wireless Sensor Networks, Data Mining
Room No. Room no:11-104
Intercom No. Extn:360
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)
  • Pursuing Ph.D at SVCE, Anna University.
  • M.E.(CSE) at SVCE.
  • B.E. – Information Technology, Bharathiar University
Academic Experience
  • Working as an assistant professor since 2005,svce
  • Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Narasipuram, Coimbatore – Lecturer
  • Vel Sri Rangarajan Sakunthala College of Multimedia, Avadi, Chennai – Lecturer
Courses Handled


  • Programming for Problem Solving (IT18101)
  • Information and Coding Theory (IT18303)
  • Software Engineering Methodologies (IT18404)
  • Fundamentals of Computing and programming(GE2112)
  • Operating Systems(CS1252)
  • Data Warehousing & Mining(CS1004)
  • Computer Programming ( GE1X02 )
  • Visual Programming ( CS1253 )
  • Web Technology(IT1451)
  • Cryptography & Network Security(IT1352)
  • Computer Networks(CS2302)
  • Network Programming & Management (IT2351)
  • Software Project Management (IT2403)
  • Software Design (IT2053)
  • Advanced Data Structures And Algorithms (CP7102 )
  • Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science (CP7201)
  • Multimedia Communication Networks (MU7102)
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design (CS6502)
  • Network Programming(NE7201)
  • Data Warehousing & Data Mining (IT6702)
  • Software Project Management(MG6088)
  • Software Testing (IT6004)



  • Programming for Problem Solving Laboratory (IT18111)
  • Software Engineering Methodologies Laboratory (IT18413)
  • Database Management Systems lab
  • Computer Practice I
  • Computer Practice II
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab
  • Software Development Lab
  • Operating Systems Lab (CS1254)
  • Visual Programming Lab (CS1255)
  • Networks Lab(CS2307)
  • Advanced Datastructures Laboratory (NE7111)
  • Programming and Data Structures Laboratory II (IT6311)
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design Lab
  • Data Mining Lab(I6711)
  • Compiler Lab(IT6612)
  • Grid and Cloud Computing Lab (IT6713)
Research & Consultancy


International Journal

  • Devi N and Leela Rani P, “Double Clustering Approach for Predicting Comorbidity Condition in Cardio Vascular Diseases”,International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (UGC Approved) ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 14, Number 10 (2019) pp. 2296-2302.
  • “A Novel Opinion Dynamics Model based Clustering Protocol in Four-level Heterogeneous WSN”, International Journal of Recent Advances in Engineering & Technology (IJRAET), ISSN (Online): 2347 – 2812, Volume-5, Issue – 4,5, June 2017.
  • “A Novel Opinion Dynamics Model based Clustering Protocol in Multi-level Heterogeneous WSN”, International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology(IJSRCSEIT),Volume 2|Issue 3 | ISSN : 2456-3307.
  • Leela Rani.P and Revathi.N, Enhancing the Utility of Generalization for Privacy Preserving Re-publication of Dynamic Datasets, International Journal of Computer Applications (0975-8887), vol.13, no.6, pp.42-49, January 2011.
  • Srivatsan. M, Sunil Kumar. M, Vijayshankar. V and Leela Rani. P, “Predicting Missing Items in Shopping Carts using Fast Algorithm”, International Journal of Computer Applications (0975-8887), vol.21, no.5, pp.35-41, May 2011.
  • Meenakshi PC, Meenu S, Mithra M and Leela Rani.P, “Fault Prediction using Quad Tree and Expectation Maximization Algorithm”, International Journal of Applied Information Systems (IJAIS)ISSN: 2249-0868, Volume 2, No.4, pp.36-40, May 2012
  • Leela Rani.P and Rajalakshmi.P, “Clustering Gene Expression Data using Quad Tree based Expectation Maximization Approach”, International Journal of Applied Information Systems (IJAIS)ISSN: 2249-0868, Volume 2, No.8, pp. 10-13, June 2012.



Proposals Submitted

  • Submitted a proposal to ISRO for seminar grant on the topic “Role of LTE-Advanced in future space communications” during November 2016.
  • Submitted a Funded Project titled “Deep Learning Based Enhancements for Weather Forecasting” to ISRO.



Conference / Workshop / FDP


International Conference

  • Presented a paper titled “A Survey on Algorithms used for Tracking Targets in WSNs” in International Conference on Energy, Communication, Data Analytics And Soft Computing (ICECDS 2017) organized by SKR Engineering College during 1st & 2nd August 2017.


  • Published a paper titled “A Survey on Algorithms used for Tracking Targets in WSNs” in International Conference on Energy, Communication, Data Analytics And Soft Computing (ICECDS 2017) organized by SKR Engineering College during 1st & 2nd August 2017.

National Conference

  • National Conference on Recent Trends in Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Technology(RTUCCT),”An Automatic American Sign Language Recognizer to recognise isolated words using Finger Detection and HMM Classifier”, 9th and 10th Dec,2016.
  • National Conference on Recent Trends in Computing and Communication Technologies, “A Novel Opinion Dynamics Model based Clustering Protocol in Four -level Heterogeneous WSN” on 28th March 2017 at St.Peter’s University.



Professional bodies

  • Life Member ISTE
  • Member of Computer Society of India


Workshops Attended

  • Attended a FDP on “Constitution of India” organised by Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, on 19/12/2019 and 20/12/2019.
  • Attended two day FDP on “Curious Programme” conducted by IITM’s HTIC MedTech Incubator on 24-25 Jan 2019 at IITM Research Park, Taramani, Chennai.
  • TNSCST sponsored state level FDP on “change your life with IOT-The Revolution of the Internet” ,August 9th and 10th 2017
  • Attended WORKSHOP ON “DATA SCIENCE” on 13/6/2017 at SVCE.
  • Attended 2 DAY WORKSHOP ON “System Modelling, Simulation and Implementation using MATLAB and OrCAD” on 13/3/17 &14/3/17 at SVCE.
  • Attended 6 day FDP on Grid & Cloud Computing at SVCE during 7th-14th August 2014.
  • Workshop on SOA Boot Camp organized by CTS on 7th & 8th December,2007
  • Workshop on Cloud Computing conducted by CTS & SVCE on 30th June,2009
  • FDP on Open Source Software conducted by CTS at SVCE on 8thSeptember 2010
  • FDP on “Software Testing” organized by Cognizant on July 16th 2011


Workshops Organized

  • Organized a FDP on “Train the trainer for programming skills” at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering during 11/11/2019 – 14/11/2019.
  • Organized One day “Hackathon on Digitalization” programme for the students on 09.03.2017.
  • Three day workshop on “IBM Database 2 (DB2-2010)” August 6th to 8th 2010
  • Four day workshop on “IBM Tivoli” January 5th to 8th 2012


Technical Talk Delivered

  • Delivered technical talk in Anna University Approved FDP on “Web Programming” organized during12thJune – 19thJune 2015.



Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities
  • Autonomous Coordinator
  • CAT coordinator



  • Awarded Intramural funding of Rs.10,000/- for the project titled “Hybrid Clustering Analysis of Cardio Vascular Diseases”,2016-17.




  • IBM certified DB2 Database Associate in DB2 9 Fundamentals
  • IBM certified Deployment Professional in Tivoli Directory Server V6.3



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