Designation Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest Design, CAD, FEA & Natural Fibers Polymer Composites
Room No. 4117
Intercom No. 419
Mobile 089036 26901
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Academic Experience
Courses Handled


  • Engineering Graphics
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Design of Machine Elements
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  • Material Characterization and Metallurgy


  • Engineering Practices Laboratory
  • Machine Drawing Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory
  • Machine Drawing Laboratory
  • Simulation and Analysis Laboratory
  • CAD/CAM Laboratory
Research & Consultancy
Conference / Workshop / FDP



“Advanced Writing” an online non-credit course authorized by University of California, Irvine and offered through Coursera and completed on 28/05/2020.

“Write Professional Emails in English” an online non-credit course authorized by Georgia Institute of Technology and offered through Coursera and completed on 28/05/2020.

“Materials Science: 10 Things Every Engineer Should Know” an online non-credit course authorized by University of California, Davis and offered through Coursera and completed on 05/06/2020.



  • Attended “What lies between the pen and the reader, Only word – A fascinating insight into writing skills” International virtual talk series on Revisiting English language and literature in the digital era, organized by the school of English, Kumaraguru college of Liberal Arts and Science, Coimbatore,. Tamilnadu, India on 13 Oct 2020.
  • Attended International Webinar on “Hydrogen Embrittlement Degradation of Engineering Metals”, delivered by Dr. Dhinakaran Sampath, Project leader, Fracture and Fatigue Metallurgist, Research and Development, TATA Steel, Swansea, United Kingdom Organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering on 10th July, 2020.
  • Attended, Webinar on “Fiber reinforced polymeric composites Characterization – A Research Perspective” on 20/06/2020 at St.Joseph’S College of Engineering, OMR, Chennai.
  • Attended FDP on “Enterprise Resource Planning” at SVCE on 05/06/2020 to 06/06/2020
  • Attended, “Smart vehicles – IOT Enabled Vehicular Communication” on 04/06/2020 at Tagore Engineering College, Chennai, through Pantech Elearning Online Learning Platform.
  • Attended, AICTE-MHRD program “Leadership Talk” on 30/05/2020. Dr. Abhay Jere (Chief Innovation Officer- MHRD Innovation Cell, Govt. of India).
  • Attended, Webinar on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), on 30/05/2020 at SVCE.
  • Attended, AICTE-MHRD program “Leadership Talk” on 23.04.2020 by Mr.Gautham Bambawale.
  • Attended, AICTE-MHRD program “Leadership Talk” on 16.05.2020 by Dr.Pramod Chaudhari.
  • Attended, Webinar on Design for Energy: A Methodological Note” on 18/05/2020 at SCAD college of Engineering & Technology.
  • Attended “Fundamentals of Vibration measurement and analysis with experimental approach” at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering on 08/03/2019 to 09/03/2019.
  • Attended 5 days Three Day workshop on Coordinate Measuring Machine and it’s applications on GD & T, at SVCE on 27/11/2018 to 01/12/2018.
  • Attended one day national level workshop on “Instrumentation techniques for advanced research” at SVCE on 28 July 2017.
  • Attended one day national level workshop on “Mechanical vibration, mitigation, approaches and measurement techniques for structural application” at SVCE on 30 March 2017.
  • Attended one day national level workshop on “Instrumentation techniques for advanced research” at SVCE on 28 July 2017.
  • Attended one day workshop on “Recent Developments in Automotive Powertrain” at SVCE on 13 May 2016.
  • Attended one day workshop on “Design of Experiments (DOE)” at SVCE on 12thMarch 2016.
  • Attended one day NRB Research Dissemination workshop on “Friction Stir Processing of Aluminium Alloys and Composites” at IIT Madras, Chennai on 5 March 2015.
  • Attended Two day workshop on Failure Analysis and Design (FAAD”14) at SVCE during 26 Sep 2014 to 27 Sep 2014.
  • Attended one day workshop on Advances in Metal Inert GAS welding process at SVCE on 18 February 2014.
  • Attended two week “ISTE workshop on Engineering Mechanics” conducted by IIT-Bombay during 26 Nov 2013 to 06 Dec 2013.
  • Two days workshop on “Recent trends in natural composites and its hybrids for natural applications” (NCHSA’13) at SVCE during 25 Sep 2013 to 26 Sep
  • One day workshop on “Recent Trends in Engineering Tribology & Surface Characterization” TRIBO-2012 at SVCE during 29 Sep
  • Two days workshop on “Mechanical Behavior of Composites” MBC-2012 at SVCE, during 30 March 2012 to 31 March 2012.
  • Two days workshop on “Recent Advancements In Composites, Smart Materials and Contact Mechanics” at K.S.R college of engineering, Thiruchengode-637215 during 17 Feb 2010 to 18 Feb 2010.
  • Two days workshop on “Modern Manufacturing Techniques” (TEQIP SPONSERSHIP) at Government College of Engineering, Salem-11 during 29 Sep 2008 &30 Sep 2008.


  • Participated and completed successfully AICTE training and Learning(ATAL) Academy online FDP on 3D printing and Design from 01-09-2020 to 05-09-2020 at B.M.S college of engineering, Bangalore.
  • One week Online FDP on “Purely Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineerin” on 01/06/2020 to 05/06/2020 at CIT, Chennai.
  • Five day Online FDP on “Mechanical Behaviour of Advanced Materials and Its Scope for Engineering Applications” on 10/06/2020 to 14/06/2020 at SVCE.
  • Attended “Empowering Teachers in 21st Century skills Education” National Institute of Technology Trichy on 29/04/2019 to 3/05/2019.
  • Attended 3 days FDP on Teaching Learning Process at TEACHING LEARNING CENTER, IITM, CHENNAI on 12.11.2019 to 14.11.2019.
  • Attended 5 days FDP on Empowering Teachers in 21st Century Skills Education on 29.04.2019 to 03.05.2019 at NIT, Tiruchirappalli
  • Attended 5 days FDP on Vehicle Dynamics Using MATLAB, at SVCE on 06/12/2018 TO 08/12/2018.
  • Attended AICTE sponsored 2week FDP on “Theory and performance Evaluation of automotive vehicle subsystems using modern tools and equipment” at SVCE on 06/11/2017 to 21/11/2017.
  • Attended one day FDP on “Learn & Teach Engineering Graphics through Solid Modelling” at SKR Engineering College on 23rdJuly 2016.
  • Attended one week FDP on “GE6152-Engineering Graphics” at SVCE during 13 June 2016 to 18 June 2016.
  • Attended one week FDP on “GE6253-Engineering Mechanics” at REC during 04 Jan 2016 to 11 Jan 2016.
  • Attended one week FDP on “Design of Experiments and Optimization Techniques” at SVCE during 16 Dec 2013 to 21 Dec 2013.
  • Attended one week “FDP on Applications of Finite Element Method in Engineering problems” at NIT Calicut during 09 Dec 2013 to 15 Dec 2013.
  • Attended one day FDP on “Technical advancements in CAD/CAM/CAE” at M/S.Trident Tech labs, Chennai on 09 Feb 2013.


  • Two Day workshop on “Employability Skill Development Program for Pre-Final Year” (Lateral Entrty and Tamil Medium) students on 24.09.2018 & 25.09.2018 at SVCE.
  • One Day workshop on “Entrepreneurship as a career” on 20.09.2019 at SVCE.


  • International webinar: “HYDROGEN EMBRITTLEMENT DEGRADATION OF ENGINEERING METALS” on 10/07/2020 through online mode.
  • Expert webinar: “CFD APPLICATION IN BLUFF BODY FLOW ANALYSIS” on 01/08/2020 through online mode.
  • Expert webinar: “ART OF PUBLISHING REVIEW AND RESEARCH ARTICLES” 08/08/2020 through online mode.
Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities


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