Name P.Arul
Designation Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest Embedded systems Image processing
Room No. 14-005
Intercom No. 27152000 ext:227
Email Id (Official)
Email Id (Personal)

M.E-Medical Electronics

Academic Experience

As Lecturer in AMSCE, Avadi from17/12/2007 to 26/03/2010.
As Assistant professor in CKCET, Cuddalore from 27/03/2010 to 31/12/2014.
As Assistant professor in Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering from June 2015 to till date.

Courses Handled

Electronic Circuits I
Electronic Circuits II
Electrical Circuits & Electron devices
Linear Integrated Circuits
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Antennas and Wave Propagation
Optical Communication and Networks
Embedded Systems
Medical Electronics
Satellite Communication
Measurement & Instrumentation
Bio-Medical Instrumentation(For EEE)
Transmission Lines & Waveguides
AT POST GRADUATION LEVEL ( M.E Applied Electronics)
Advanced Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
Embedded Systems
Multi core Architecture
Professional Ethics in Engineering
Total Quality Management
Advanced Microprocessors and Micro controllers
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility

Research & Consultancy

International Conference Papers:

“Security issues related to IOT devices with AI” at International conference on future communication and IOT held at Aditya college of Engg, AP on 15/03/19.

Conference / Workshop / FDP
  • 25/07/15 One day workshop on Embedded system at Pallavan college of Engg
  • 04/01/16 to 11/01/16 7 days FDTP on Electromagnetic fields at REC, Thandalam
  • 10/03/16 to 11/03/16 2 days workshop on Recent trends in Embedded systems at SVCE
  • 07/04/16 Training in cardio Pulmonary resuscitation at Saveetha university
  • 04/05/16 Workshop on Pedogogical training an outcome based at CITM-SVCE
  • 06/05/16 Workshop on simulation of antenna array, EMI-EMC & protocol modeling using XFdtd and netsim at SVCE
    02/06/16 to 03/06/16 2 days FDP on Advanced Microprocessors and Microcontrollers at Jeppiar institute of technology
    19/08/16 to 20/08/16 Workshop on Analog custom IC design using Cadence eda tool at SVCE.
    16/11/16 to 18/11/16 FDP on Robotics and Automation at MNM jain Engg college
    05/12/16 to 09/12/16 5 days STC on Recent trends in soft computing at Pondicherry Engg college – QIP sponsored
    14/02/17 1 day seminar on Fuzzy set & its application in Science and Engineering at SVCE
    10/08/17 to 11/08/17 TNSCST sponsored 2 days FDP on Change your life with IOT at SVCE
    23/09/17 to 24/09/17 2 days Training on Industrial training on Embedded systems PIC at SVCE
    07/10/17 to 08/10/17 2 days Training on Industrial training on Embedded systems ARM core architecture at SVCE
    13/10/17 to 14/10/17 2 days Training on Industrial training on Embedded systems Raspberry Pi at SVCE
    13/11/17 to 17/11/17 5 days STC on 5G mmWave radio transmission for ultra high speed wireless technologies at Pondicherry Engg college – QIP sponsored
    10/03/18 1 day workshop on VLSI design tools at SVCE
    19/09/18 1 day workshop on MATLAB at SVCE
    10/12/18 to 14/12/18 5 days online FDP on Reference management & Knowledge organization for journal writing at AMSCE, Avadi
    07/01/19 to 11/01/19 (Phase2) 5 days online FDP on Reference management & Knowledge organization for journal writing at AMSCE, Avadi
    25/01/19 One day workshop on Instrumentation for RF measurements at SVCE
    27/02/19 One day workshop on PCB design and fabrication at SVCE
    03/05/19 One day workshop on Analog Discovery kit at CEG, Guindy
Laboratory Handled
Training Attended
Additional Responsibilities
  • ISO-EO In-charge
  • Placement Coordinator – 1,
  • AICTE Coordinator -2
  • SDC Coordinator-1
  • NIRF-2.
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