1. To plan, organize Technical Programs, Special Lectures, Workshops, Seminars Symposia, exhibitions for the benefit of students.

2. To provide common platform for students to exchange of ideas in technical topics of interest, e.g., curriculum, employment, higher educational opportunities, emerging trends, etc.

3. To facilitate technical visits, project works, employment, contact with industries and academic institutions.

4. Encourage team spirit and self reliance among student members.

5. ISFs should be a catalyst for the overall growth in technical and professional skills in young students.

February 2020

MAKE-A-THON 2.0 News clipping on the Makeathon_20✍

The 24Hr Make-A-Thon conducted by the ECE Association, the IETE - SF & the Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Club (RAIC) on the 7th & 8th February, 2020, at the Presentation Hall, New Placement Cell, has been attended by 24 teams with a total of 89 participants, with Mr. Umamahesh, CTO, Elektronik Labs India Pvt. Ltd. & Mr. Akash Jain, Embedded Hardware Engineer, VVDN Technologies, presiding over the event as Chief Guests and as Judges for the event. Headed by the RAIC Club President and the office bearers of the ECE Association and IETE - SF as the organizers, a total of 20 student organizers along with 8 faculty members of the ECE Department .We were successfully able to plan and execute within a span of 20 days from the day of proposal of event. For the first time in the ECE Department Inter Department hardware & software event on this scale was conducted, where over 40 teams sent in their abstracts where only 24 teams were shortlisted. All the teams and participants were assembled at the Presentation Hall at 9.00 am on the 7th of February, followed by a speech by the Head of the Department-ECE Dr. S. Muthukumar & by Chief Placement Officer Prof. S. Muraleedharan. All the teams and mentors were also addressed by Mr.Sandeep Kumar - former RAIC President (University of Wisconsin, Madison) The event commenced at 10.30 AM on the 7 th February 2020 and concluded sharp by 10.30 AM on the 8 th of February 2020.

Projects were designed and developed on the domains of:

  • IOT
  • Smart transport solutions
  • Water management system
  • Agricultural technology
  • Wearable technology

    September 2019

    IETE ZONAL (SOUTH) SEMINAR & ISF CONGRESS         Published from IETE Newsleter_19✍

    The students and faculty mentors of Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering have actively participated in the IETE Zonal Seminar on "SMART ENGINEERING FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT" and ISF Congress organized by IETE Chennai Centre hosted by Sri Sairam Engineering College, on 20th and 21st September 2019. Project on “Intelligent drainage cleaning using robot arm”, by Shruthi Sharada, Raksha and Saranya of III Year ECE was awarded first prize in Paper Presentation and project “First Response Drone” by S.Prem Raj and S.Lokesh of III year ECE,SVCE was awarded first place in Innovative Project Competition. The winners of Innovative Project Competition Mr.S.Prem Raj and Mr.S.Lokesh are requested to represent IETE Chennai Centre at the All India Innovative Project contest to be held at Venue: Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, W T Patil Marg, Next to Duke’s Company, Deonar, Mumbai-400088, on 22nd October 2019.

    April 2019

    The ISF Valedictory function was conducted in the afternoon of 1st April , 2019 and a technical talk on “Evolution in Telecommunication” was delivered by Shri A. Sadagopan, F-IETE and AGM (Retd.), BSNL.

    SVCE ISF organised a seminar on Computer & Communication Networks and Securityon 1st April, 2019. Three speakers, all alumni of SVCE, were invited for the seminar. Mr. V. Vignesh, an engineer from Qualcomm gave a talk on Layering concepts of TCP/IP, followed by a talk on “Web Applications and Security” by Ms. Reshma, Senior Systems Engineer, Infosys. It was followed by an interactive session by Mr. Shyam Lal Lakshminarayana Sridhar, Senior SystemsEngineer, Infosys, on the topic “Placement preparation for Communication and Networking”.

    March 2019

    A National level Conference on Signal processing, Communication and Networking (NCSPCN-19) was conducted on 15th March , 2019. The conference concluded with a guest lecture by Mr. RPB Sundaram, EC member of IETE Chennai, who spoke about Industry 4.0. Shri.Sridharan, Treasurer of IETE gave a brief talk on communication systems and technologies of the future.

    Initiation of activities of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Club as an event under ISF was conducted on 2nd March ,2019.

    Inauguration of IETE Students Forum (ISF) at SVCE on 1st March, 2019, in presence of Shri.RPB Sundaram, EC member, IETE, Chennai.
    Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

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