1. Automobile Engineering

2. Bio Technology

3. Civil Engineering

4. Chemical Engineering

5. Computer Science Engineering

6. Electronics Communication Engineering

7. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

8. Information Technology

9. Mechanical Engineering

10. Marine Engineering

Automobile Engineering

Thermodynamic Modelling of Thermal Power Equipment
Design of Automotive Braking Systems
Automotive Pollution Control
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Automotive Components
Internal Combustion Engines

Bio Technology

Immunotechnology, Fermentation Technology
Downstream Processing
Food Processing, Environmental Biotechnology
Immune mechanism in Parasitic & Viral Infections
Clinical Biochemistry
Immunomodulation by Probiotics
Bioprocess and Byproducts
Degenerative Diseases and Antioxidant Therapy,Molecular Toxicology
Nanoparticles biosynthesis and its applications
Metabolic Engineering and Waste Management
Food Technology,Medicinal Plants and Pharmacology
Computational Biology,Biomedical Engineering
Pharmaceutical Technology and Immunotechnology
Biofuels,Green Energy
Genetic Engineering and Tissue Engineering,Stem cell technology
Omega 3 Fatty Acid
Microbiology and Genetic Engineering
Environmental Biotechnology and Enzyme Engineering
Growth Modelling

Civil Engineering

Structural engineering
Construction planning & management
Water resources engineering
Soil mechanics & foundation engineering
Environmental engineering & Management

Chemical Engineering

Mass transfer Operations
Membrane Separation
Waste Water Treatment
Tissue Engineering
Environmental Technology
Separation Technology
Control and Algal Biofuel Technology
Automation of Fuel Cell
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Liquid Extraction and Mixing
Ion Exchange Chromatograph
Biomedical Engineering
Stem Cell Technology
Electrochemical Processes
Bioprocess Monitoring
Process Control and Instrumentation
Leaching and Extractive distillation
Biological Engineering

Computer Science Engineering

Cloud computing
Big Data and Data Analytics,Data Mining
Big Data and Networking
Natural Language Processing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Internet of things
Pervasive Computing
Information Retrieval
Database Management
Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning
Parallel computing, and Bioinspired Computing
Data science
Pattern Recognition
Representation Learning
Speech Recognition, Speaker Recognition

Electronics Communication Engineering

High Performance Computing
Electronics for Automation
Soft Computing
Sensor Networks
Wireless Communication
Microwave antennas
Wireless Communication and RF MEMS
Pattern Recognition
Image and Video Processing
Embedded Systems
Image Processing
Network Security
Wireless Communication
RF and Microwave Communication,
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
RF and Microwave Engineering
Applied Electronics
Computer vision
VLSI Signal processing

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Digital signal processing
Power electronics and Drives
Power systems
MEMS, Nanotechnology
Special electrical machines,
High Voltage Engineering
Embedded systems
Renewable energy systems

Information Technology

Natural language processing,
Speech coding,
Machine learning,
Data mining,
Distributed systems,
Grid and Cloud computing,
Multimedia, Image processing,
Information security,Network security

Mechanical Engineering

Super plastic formation,
Friction stir welding,Non-ferrous metal joining processes,
Fluid Mechanics & Machinery,
Heat & Mass transfer,Thermodynamics,
Composites,Machinability study,Metal matrix composites,
Optimization,Vibration,Tribology, Tribological characterization,
IC engines,Heat transfer equipments,
Behaviour of Engg Materials, Materials processing and characterization,
Design engineering,Spray characterization,
Fuels and performance,
Multi-layer coating,Casting,Solidification,
Supply chain management.

Marine Engineering

Internal Combustion Engines
Alternative Fuels
Emission Control
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Metal Joining, Cladding
Artificial Neural Networks
Submerged Friction Stir Welding

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