How to Write an effective Statement of Purpose

01 October 2021: Speakers' Forum of SVCE conducted a workshop exclusively for students of Biotechnology. Through the workshop, the participants were introduced to the writing strategies and techniques involved in writing a statement of purpose for their future academic pursuits. The workshop began with a brainstorming session and involved interaction till the end. The points were well received by the participants.

Get your Paper Published - Nuances of Writing a Research Paper

30 September 2021: Speakers’ Forum of SVCE conducted a workshop exclusively for students of Biotechnology. The workshop aimed to address the nuances involved in writing a research paper. The participants were exposed to different formats such as MLA, APA, Chicago, etc, that are usually used and various platforms through which research articles can be published.

Communicate like a Leader - Learn ways for effective and efficient communication.

13 July 2021: Speakers' Forum of SVCE conducted a personality development workshop. The program involved real-time scenarios and interactions to help the participants understand how to communicate like a leader. Besides the lingual aspects, the seminar will also address the nuances of the role of a leader.

Online Seminar on Cultural Nuances involved in Studying Abroad

Organized a webinar titled 'Prepare Yourself to Study Abroad' on 20 June 2020 for the students of SVCE. The webinar aimed not only to give students an insight into getting prepared culturally for studying abroad but also identify professional opportunities available abroad.

Webinar on Strategies to Adopt during Job Interviews

Organized a webinar titled "How to Face Online Interviews Confidently" on 12 July 2020. The webinar aimed to give Tips, Techniques, and Strategies on cracking the interviews to the students of SVCE who are seeking jobs.

Strategies to Adopt during Job Interviews

One of the core components of our work is the professional development of teachers and teacher educators in early grades through a variety of long and short duration blended distance learning programs on early literacy and multilingual education

Language Training and Career Counseling

'Authenticating the Acquired Language Proficiency for Desired Academic and Professional Progress’ to the students of the third-year classes. This talk exposed students to ways in which they plan either their academics or professional ventures. The talk was given by expert consultants from Thirdwave Overseas Education, Chennai on March 10, 2020.

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