Ph.D Awarded

List of Ph.D Awardees through our Research centre

Research Centre: Department of Mathematics                                                                                               University: Anna University

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering



Name of the Scholar

Title of the Thesis

Name of the Supervisor



Dr. J. Venkatesan

Parabolic flow past an infinite vertical plate with heat and mass flux

Dr. R. Muthucumaraswamy

July 2015


Dr. S. Chinthamani

On Different Subclasses of Univalent and

Bi-Univalent Analytic Functions

Dr. A. Gangadharan  /

Dr. R. Muthucumaraswamy

Nov 2017


Dr. C. Santhana Lakshmi

Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction Effects on an Exponentially Accelerated Vertical Plate in the Presence of Magnetic Field

Dr. R. Muthucumaraswamy

Nov 2017


Dr. Muthuracku @ Prema

Exact Solution if Hall Effects on Hydromagnetic Flow Past an accelerated Infinite Vertical Plate

Dr. R. Muthucumaraswamy

Jan 2018


Dr. Janaki Sivasankaran

Studies in Stochastic Models for Human Resource Management Problems

Dr. B. Thilaka

Apr 2018


Dr. V. Lakshmi

Thermal Radiation Effects on Parabolic Heating of an Infinite Vertical Plate

Dr. R. Muthucumaraswamy

Jul 2018


Dr. L. Jeyanthi

Hall Effects on MHD Flow Past on an Accelerated Infinite Vertical Plate in the Presence of Rotating Fluid with First Order Chemical Reaction

Dr. R. Muthucumaraswamy

Nov 2018



Ms B Kanimozhi




MHD Effects on rotating fluid past a vertical plate in the presence of thermal radiation


Dr A R Vijayalakshmi


Sep 2019



Ms P Subbu alias Suba



                                    An exploration on Hydromagnetic free convective radiative flow in a rotating system by Numerical approach


Dr R Muthucumaraswamy


Dec 2019

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