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To a man with an empty stomach food is God – Mahatma Gandhi

It has been a wonderful journey for the college canteen. From a ten by ten room with tinned roof to a two storey building spanning 340 sq mt. From catering to about 50 in its birth year (1985) to an almost 1000 (2015), and still counting …

The main canteen is situated on the ground floor and first floor adjacent to Class Room Block 2 (CRB). While breakfast and variety rice for lunch are served on the ground floor, full meals is served on the first floor. The breakfast menu includes poori masaala, idli, dosa, vadai, pongal and sambar and chutney as side dishes. Prices are nominal, quality food is served, hygiene is maintained. Afternoon snacks are provided through an arrangement with a renowned baker. Students and staff enjoy samosa, veg roll, veg puffs and pastries along with in-house noodles and chat varieties like bhel puri, dahi papad. The canteen also stocks bottled drinks like Appy, Frooty, along with pre-packed snacks of a wide range of biscuits and chips.

Variety, they say is the spice of life. So, to have a variety in spice, the college brought in an outside caterer to cater to pallets that always seek something new and different. The caterers who go by the name Kaapiteria are situated on the second floor of the same building as the College canteen. They have a wider variety of fresh fruit juices, milk shakes and breakfast menu. The pricing again is nominal and no compromise is made on the hygiene factor. Kaapiteria also serves variety rice during lunch hours.

Since walking to and fro CRB 5 is time consuming, a new Food Court was opened in 2015. It not only serves all the delights served in the main canteen and Kaapiteria but it also helps those who drop in quench their thirst with fresh fruit juices. Separate dining area has been earmarked for the day scholars who have their home cooked food.

To ensure that students get something to munch when they travel back home, mobile counters are made available near the bus bay by Maxx Hospitalities. Also packed branded snacks are sold in the Gurunath Stores who provides stationeries and reprographic facilities in the Automobile Block.

As if all these were not enough, there is also Aavin Parlor run by our students through entrepreneurship cell and a Café Coffee Day.

If this is not variety, what else can be?


Break Fast





Students of I & IV Year & All PG Courses

8.00 a.m
08.25 a.m


11.00 a.m. to
11.35 a.m.

01.20 p.m. to
01.30 p.m.

03.15 p.m. to
03.25 p.m.

Students of II /III year B.E/B.Tech

8.00 a.m
08.25 a.m

10.10 a.m. to
10.20 a.m

12.05 a.m. to
12.40 p.m


03.15 p.m. to
03.25 p.m.


8.00 a.m
09.15 a.m

10.15 a.m. to
10.35 a.m.

11.00 a.m. to
12.50 p.m.


02.25 p.m. to
03.25 p.m.

03.15 p.m. to
04.10 p.m.


Note: All are advised to buy tokens in bulk. Sale of tokens piecemeal will be stopped 5 minutes before the serving counter's closing time.  

Canteen Committee


Prof Dr S.Ganesh Vaidhyanathan, Principal

Officer In-charge

Dr G.Devasakayam,Prof, Head,ACH


Dr.S. Swaminathan
Ms. P Jaibiba
Medical Officer
Mr A Sampath

Student President and 5 Students' representatives 




Mr.U.Pechimuthu, Cook

Mr.P.G.Krishnan, Asst.

Mr.S.N.Munikumar, Asst.

Mr.M.Saravanan, Asst.

Mr.A.Mohan, Cook

Mr.S.Ramesh, Cook

Mr.B Babu, Cook