Read this article to get a complete understanding of what Marine engineering is and how it is an excellent career option!




 Marine engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the operation and maintenance of several equipment onboard ships. The primary job of a Marine engineer onboard of the ship is:

- To ensure the safety of the ship.

- To ensure the safety of the people onboard. 

- To check the safe transportation of cargo. 

- To consider environmental protection. 

Hence a marine engineer should be competent enough to maintain and operate all the types of machinery without exception onboard of the ship. 

Marine Engineers are employable on foreign going and coastal trade ships of various types like Cargo ship, container ship, Oil & Chemical tankers, Car Carrier, LPG & LNG carriers, Off-shore vessels, Passenger ships, etc. 



 Marine engineering as a profession gives the scope for using theoretical knowledge into practice, which in turn provides fulfillment and job satisfaction. Let’s have a look at some of its’ benefits:

 *A talented person joining this field at the age of around 22 - 24 years, can easily become a Chief Engineer of a ship in the shortest possible time (within 6 to 8 years).

 *A medically fit marine engineer can continue to sail up to 70 years. 

 *Quick promotion to higher ranks in the sailing career is possible, as it depends only on passing the competency examinations along with associated skills possessed and not based on seniority or age. 

*Intermittent short time sailing contracts are also possible as per the individual requirement to meet domestic personal commitments. 

*Marine engineers are also employable in the Off-shore vessels, Oil platforms. Alternatively, shore-based careers can also be chosen in the Shipbuilding industry, Hospitality industry, Maritime education, Ports & Marine specific government jobs, etc.





 Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering from a reputed, well known, and the well-graded institute has many advantages both during the sea career and later when the candidate opts for a shore job after quitting the seagoing job. Many public and private colleges offer undergraduate degrees in Marine Engineering, but some schools specialize in this particular arena. Marine Engineers are thoroughly involved in the design and operation of shipboard mechanical, thermal, hydraulics, electrical, electronics, and environmental systems as well as power plants. The sea career enables one to get a sound practical knowledge of all machinery and equipment, and also provides considerable confidence to face and solve the problems.

Moving on to a Master’s Degree in Marine Engineering will often encompass a broader area of study, including Naval Architecture. Naval Architecture involves the overall structural design of ships and other vessels.

Further higher studies like Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the associated fields are also possible.  

After years of experience at sea, finding a career in shore-based industries for marine engineers is very easy. The Multinational Companies would honor the inherited personal attributes like leadership, dedication, commitment to the company, and international exposure, etc. 





Pursuing an engineering degree is a serious commitment and should not be taken lightly. Like any other engineering field, Marine Engineering requires a strong background in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. 

Marine Industry is one of the highest-paid industries globally and also offers faster career growth for competent professionals. Maritime Labour Conventions ensures the welfare and rights of seafarers worldwide. International cuisine is provided onboard the ship. Exploring the world is a gift to the seafarers, which comes in addition to their development of global professional expertise. 





  • SVCE is the first engineering college in India to get approval by the Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, and Government of India to start the four-year program in the B.E. Marine Engineering course in the year 1998. The degree is awarded by the well-known “ANNA University” Chennai.

  • The program is consistently graded as “VERY GOOD” by DGS (Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, and Govt. Of India) authorized agencies during annual CIP (Comprehensive Inspection Program).

  • STCW Courses (Standards for Training Certification and Watch-keeping) are arranged at renowned maritime training institute HIMT, Chennai.

  • The department assists in getting all mandatory government documents like CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate), INDoS Number (Indian National Database of Seafarers), Training Manual, TAR Book (Training and Assessment Record), COC (Certificate of Competency) - Class IV Part A Exemption, SID (Seafarers Identity Document) and Onboard TAR Book.

  • Limited intake helps individual attention to train with the correct attitude and frame of mind for a sea career. 

  • The Six Month Afloat Training at Cochin Shipyard Limited, Kochi, to give a rich practical experience onboard a variety of ships.

  • Well, experienced Marine Chief Engineers and faculty members who not just deliver career guidance for marine engineering but also share their expertise to enhance the teaching-learning process.

  • Dedicated placement cell with excellent placement record, even during hard times. 

  • The students after graduation will be able to join as Trainee marine engineers on board the ship.

  • Excellent Infrastructure, Workshops, and Laboratories support academics to an exceptional extent.

  • The classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids.

  • As this program is offered in an engineering college, students get the best blend of knowledge and practical exposure. Subjects are taught by experts in the respective field.

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