The Student Council stands as the foremost student body within SVCE, representing a vast community of over 4000 students. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. SANJIV T S and the steadfast mentorship of Prof. Ganesh Vaidyanathan, the Student Council is at the forefront of pioneering a range of groundbreaking initiatives, each meticulously designed to empower numerous students. At its core, the vision of the Student Council is to guarantee that every individual who graduates from our college emerges as a triumphant and accomplished individual.

Key Activities

SVCE Tech Team - For the first time in SVCE history, a 25 member College level Tech Team has been created as a branch of the Student Council. The peer mentoring sessions for fourth year students and technical placement guidance for third year students are the most important projects of the Tech Team.

Strong Student - Alumni Relations - The Alumni Association and Council have established very strong ties and thus conduct Networking Events, Spotlight Series, and other programs to mutually benefit each other.

In charge of smooth conduct of college level events - Freshers Day, Ice breaker session for freshmen, Teachers Day, Sports Day, College Culturals and Student Research Day.

Student Council - (2023 - 2024)
MR. SANJIV T S, Final Year B.Tech. (IT)
Students President
Mobile : 9551449859
Email : 2020it0535@svce.ac.in
MR. MEER THAHIR A A, Final Year B.E. (ME)
Vice President
Mobile : 9962254904
Email : 2020me0108@svce.ac.in
Cultural secretary
Mobile : 8667780546
Email : 2020ec0837@svce.ac.in
MR. RAHUL M C, Third Year B.Tech. (IT)
General Secretary
Mobile : 8870820165
Email : 2021it0814@svce.ac.in
MS. RAAGA PRIYA J K, Third Year B.Tech. (ADS)
Joint Secretary
Mobile : 9003699981
Email : 2021ad0725@svce.ac.in
MS. BRINDHA S, Third Year B.E. (CSE)
Sports Secretary
Mobile : 7550122048
Email : 2021cs0840@svce.ac.in
MR. ARYAN SREERAM A, Second Year B.E. (MN)
Mobile : 9884349275
Email : 2022mn0774@svce.ac.in
MS. ABIRAMI K, Second Year M.Tech (BT)
Mobile : 6382836260
Email : 2022by0001@svce.ac.in

Executive Committee:

MR. JISSHNU H J, Final Year B.Tech. (IT)
Mobile : 7358222304
Email : 2020it0564@svce.ac.in
MS. VARSHINI K R, Final Year B.Tech. (BT)
Mobile : 9940642179
Email : 2020bt0093@svce.ac.in

Contact :

Email : studentcouncil@svce.ac.in

Photo Gallery

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