Web Essentials

Module 1HTMLIntroduction to web programmingIt talks about the architecture of a website and the different technologies used to design a website.
Module 2HTMLIntroduction to HTMLHTML tags versus HTML elements, history of HTML, how to design a first HTML page, HTML attributes, etc. are discussed in this subject.
Module 3HTMLHTML Formatting TagsHTML colour coding, HTML basic tags, and formatting tags are covered here.
Module 4HTMLHTML-Grouping Using Div SpanThe span and DIV tags used to format HTML web pages are introduced in this subject.
Module 5HTMLHTML ListsThe definition of HTML lists, their significance, types of HTML lists like ordered and unordered lists, etc. are discussed here.
Module 6HTMLHTML ImagesThe use of image mapping in embedding images into HTML pages are explained in this module.
Module 7HTMLHTML HyperlinkThis subject focuses on Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and related concepts. It also talks about URL encoding and the importance of hyperlinks in web pages.
Module 8HTMLHTML TablesThis module teaches how to represent tables in a webpage.
Module 9HTMLHTML iFrameHow to use iFrame tag and attributes to embed one web page into another via nested browsing context is covered in this module.
Module 10HTMLHTML FormIt discusses the syntax used in HTML to integrate forms in web pages and also talks about their importance in websites.
Module 11HTMLHTML HeadersScrip, Title, Base, and other elements of HTML headers are explained in this subject.
Module 12CSSCSS2 IntroductionIt gives the basic introduction to CSS and its importance in HTML web page designing.
Module 13CSSCSS2 SyntaxThe CSS syntax, single style sheets, multiple style sheets, and value lengths and percentages are covered in this subject.
Module 14CSSCSS2 SelectorsIt explains different types of CSS2 selectors and discusses their significance and rules.
Module 15CSSCSS2 Colour Background CursorBackground image, background repeat, position, and CSS2 cursor are covered in this subject.
Module 16CSSCSS2 Text FontsThe various elements of text like font size, colour, style, height, indent, alignment, position, etc. are discussed in this module.
Module 17CSSCSS2 List TablesCSS Tables, including their border, padding, colour, text, height and width, etc., and CSS lists, including their position, style, image, etc., are discussed here.
Personality Development Course

This course aims to help learners to develop skills that help them to develop their personality in a holistic manner that would aid them to evolve into performers and winners. Learners will be able to not only overcome their weakness but also to discover their strength and fortify them. At the end of the course the learners will be self-motivated, assertive individuals who will be able to lead a team, manage their time, communicate effectively and evolve as winners.

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Programming Skills Development Course

This course is aimed at enabling the students to

  • Formulate simple algorithms for arithmetic and logical problems
  • Translate the algorithm to programs
  • Implement branching and iteration constructs
  • Decompose a problem into sub-problems, synthesize a complete program using divide and conquer approach
  • Use arrays, structures and unions to formulate solutions for computational problems

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