About Us


"To Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers Through Science."

To improve the ability of students from the underprivileged sections of the society to succeed in life and profession, by enhancing their confidence level through specifically designed industry-ready skills on personality development and communication skills.

The SVCE Science Club was started by the institution with a purpose to cultivate an interest among thestudent community toacquire scientific knowledge. Our club is an integration of three subjects, namely Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics. The door of the club is open to all the students who want to explore their interests in science.Students areprovided with opportunities to engage with fellow students, professors and eminent personalities of the field in meaningful and prudential ways. The activities carried out inthe club promoteengineers to develop interest in learning science beyond their curriculum and will further educate themto map the knowledge they've acquired in their daily life. The two major principles which act as a guiding light to the Science Club are

- Acquiringknowledge by practice.

- Learning by sharing.

Through the activities of Science Club, learning ofscience becomes a joyful, holistic and evocative experience.

The SVCE Science Club is currently coordinated by Dr. N.R.Sheela, Asst. Professor, Department of Applied Physics. The joint coordinators of the club are Dr. S. Ananda Babu, Asst. Professor, Department Of Applied Chemistry and Ms. Visalakshi Subramanian, Asst. Professor, Department Of Applied Mathematics.

The Principal Prof. S.Ganesh Vaidyanathan, who is the chief Advisory committee member of SVCE SCIENCE CLUB, is really passionate and dedicated in encouraging the student members of this club for conducting various activities and stands as a great moral support to this unit.The Dean - Research, Prof. R Muthucumaraswamy are an integral part of the advisory committee of the SVCE Science Club, his active support and encouragement motivates our members and helps the club immensely to achieve its objectives.

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