When the College started functioning in the new campus at Pennalur in 1991, the management decided to provide transportation between various parts of Chennai city and the College. Initially eight buses started operating between the college and the city. As the number of courses offered increased, the total strength of the college also increased and now 60 buses are operating from various parts of Chennai to the college.

Transport is also provided for sports, library, laboratory and late evening classes. Buses are operated on Saturdays and Sundays for special classes, NCC, Sports, etc. On special occasions, buses are utilised for industrial visits and social service activities.

The College owns Ten buses, One TATA ACE Auto and one ambulance. A transport committee, headed by a Convenor, is formed to take care of the smooth operation of buses. The staff in-charge of the buses (one teaching and one supporting) ensure the smooth functioning of the buses. The Transport committee meets once in Six months and the Principal and the staff in-charge of the buses attend the meeting.

The members of the committee are :

  • Dr.S.Saravanan Professor-ME (Transport Convenor) (Mobile: 8903974517)
  • Mr.S.R.Balasubramanian, Asst.Prof.-EC (Asst. Transport Convenor)
  • Ms. G.Padmavathi AP/ECE Dept
  • General Secretary, Student's Association
  • Student Representatives


Duties of Transport Convenor:

  • Allocating of bus routes for the first year students during admission
  • Supervising the daily bus operation and giving instructions to the bus supervisors
  • Conducting meeting with all staff in-charges of buses once in three months.
  • Inspecting the condition of the buses and reporting for necessary actions
  • Issuing ticket to the hostel students (at the time of traveling) through the bus supervisors
  • Periodically checking the documents of the buses (College & Contract)
  • Maintaining the ISO documents
  • Verifying and passing the bill for making payment
  • Maintenance of College ambulance
  • Alloting busses for Industrial visits/Placement and Training activities/ Co-curricular activities
  • Monitoring HODs' Transport.
  • Reporting to the superiors as and when required.


Duties of Staff In-charges:

  • Check the starting and arrival time of the bus. Any unnecessary delay may be reported.
  • Ensure proper seating arrangement in the bus. Few seats may be earmarked for the staff members who travel regularly. Standing if any may be informed.
  • Maintain strict discipline while traveling in the bus. Keep vigil over the senior students during the beginning of the year (after the first year classes are started) to prevent ragging in the bus. Any incident of ragging must be brought to the notice of concerned persons.
  • Periodically check the students ID card to ensure that the students are traveling in the bus route allotted to them. In case of a need to go by a different route for any genuine reason, the student may be given permission.
  • In case of bus breakdown or any other problem during the journey, take appropriate steps immediately and inform to the transport convenor.
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