About Us
In July 2016, the Management of SVCE gave approval to setup a “Interdisciplinary Centre for Nanotechnolog” through joint efforts from Department of EEE and Biotechnology. In January 2017, the construction of 500 sq.ft of Class 10,000 type Cleanroom facility was completed under the able guidance and vision of our Respected Secretary Dr.M.Sivanandham, duly supported by the Principal, Vice-Principal and Dean (Research).
In February 2017, an intramural seed funding was released and Equipment worth of 7 lakhs has been procured and commissioned at the Centre. The major thrust areas of this centre include Micro and Nano electronics, Biotechnology, Optoelectronics, Nano materials, and solar cells.
Centre activities is currently being coordinated by Dr.Sudhakar, Professor of EEE, jointly coordinated by Dr.KR.Santha, Vice-Principal, and Dr. Nalinkanth Ghone, Professor of Biotechnology/Chemical Engineering.
On March 7th, 2017, IEEE Student branch SVCE successfully conducted a One Day Workshop on “Nanoscience and Nanoengineering” with the Demonstration of thin film deposition using DC sputtering. With the first year of inception, the centre is fully operational now, and there are around 20 UG EEE students currently carrying out projects related to the fabrication of Solar cells/Thin film transistors, in addition to 6 Ph.D scholars (EEE and Biotech).


Enhance the knowledge of the graduates in the fields of nanoengineering & nanoscience, thereby transforming learners into global contributors and achievers.


Create state-of-the-art nanomanufacturing and characterization facilities.
Educate and encourage students to innovate by doing projects in the fields of nanofabrication, nanomanufacturing, nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine, thereby augmenting research and development in various engineering, science and technology departments.
Provide research ambience which would satisfy the requirements of industry, government and society.
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