Ongoing R&D Projects :

1. DST FIST 2018- Interdisciplinary Nano Research Centre Rs 80 Lakhs.
2. AICTE Research Promotion scheme 2019: Micro-fabrication of Monolithic TFT based DC-DC Converter using Low cost RF Sputtering.
3. IEI Grant-In aid 2020 "Fabrication of ZnO based photodetector.
4. DST SERB - "Engineering bone graft using nanotubular clay-biopolymer composite and hMSCs", Rs 40.83 L, 2017-20.
5. Fulbright Scholar from Johns Hopkins Univ., USA, with USIEF grant of around Rs 10 L, 2018.


UG Projects :

1. Micro-fabrication of sputtering based Solar Cells.
2. Micro-fabrication of sol-gel based Solar Cells.
3. Modeling and Micro-fabrication of Thin film transistors.
4. Modeling of thin film transistors.

PG Projects :

1. Flexible solar Cell powered Wearable device

Ph.D Projects :

1. Modeling and Fabrication of Thin film Transistor, Thin film solar cells LED devices.

Current Research Areas

Thin film technology and Microelectronics

1. Fabrication of thin film transistor, Solar cell, Non-volatile memory and Optoelectronic devices on "ANY" substrates.
2. Fabrication of Integrated Power converters on Silicon.


1. Nanomaterials for healthcare applications such as drug delivery and theranostics.
2. 3D printing and custom made fabrication of scaffolds using nanobiomaterial.
3. Nanocomposites as scaffolds for tissue engineering.
4. Green synthesis of nanoparticles and nanotoxicity.
5. In vitro and in vivo toxicity studies using in house tissue culture and animal house facility.


Workshops Conducted :

1. 2016 - 17 : ONE Day Workshop on Nanoscience & Nano Engineering, 7th, March, 2017.
2. 2017 - 18 : THREE Days Workshop on Semiconductor Nano Devices - Modeling & Fabrication, 16th - 18th, February, 2018.
3. 2018 - 19 : THREE Days Workshop on Thin Film.
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