Weekly training parades are conducted within the campus by the PI staffs from the unit, ANO & the senior cadets.

These training parades includes:

·         Training on Foot drill

·         Training on Arms drill

·         Technical Training

·         Training on First - aid

Camps Attended By Cadets

Cadets are permitted to attend camps conducted all over India.

List of camps attended by the cadets are

·         Annual Training Camp

·         Combined Annual Training Camp

·         Inter- group Competition

·         Vayu Sainic Camp

·         Republic Day camp

These camps are normally for a period of 10 days during which the cadets are to stay at the camp site & undergo the camp trainings. During the camp, the cadets are trained on Tent - Pitching, Flying, Arms handling, Firing, Physical training, several technical aspects of AIR FORCE, Aero modeling, Fire safety, First aid . Competitions are conducted in these camps on drill, firing and sports and the Best Cadet is selected based on the performance.

Activities Of Air Wing

The various activities taking place in the NCC Air wing SVCE Unit include:

  • Training Parades
  • Training Camps
  • Awareness Programmes
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Swaach Bharath program
  • Road safety awareness Rally
  • International Yoga Day
  • Cycle Expeditions
  • Best cadet selection Competitions
  • Best Outstanding Cadet
  • NCC Scholarship
  • NCC Day Celebrations

Training – Types

To achieve the above objectives, the 1 (TN) Air Sqn NCC provides two broad types of training. One is the institutional training and the second aspect is Camp training. The institutional training covers general subjects like drill, weapon training, civil defense, health and hygiene, lessons in leadership, fitness and basic knowledge of small firearms. Air subjects like the history of air power, principle of flight, air armaments, Radio/Radar are also taught to make the Air Wing cadets. Aero modeling is another favorite subject with the Air cadets. Air cadets of this technical unit can take on gliding also during their training with the NCC unit. The Camp training involves collective training, where the cadets rough it out in the open. Here, the cadets gain the art of 'Esprit de corps' while working in a team. The annual training camps are held in the months of May/June and December/January and incorporate social service activities. The Air Wing cadets are given the opportunity to attend the Vayu Sainik and Attachment camps. The NCC aims to instill in the cadets a sense of adventure, team work and discipline through its various Adventure Training programmes. These programmes call for quick reflexes and toughness and enable the cadets to discover their own potential by overcoming mental and physical challenges. The Adventure Training includes a plethora of activities like para-jumping, para-sailing, hand-gliding, water-skiing, horse-riding, rock-climbing, mountaineering, trekking, sailing, micro-light flying and sky-diving. Thus, the NCC helps instill a high sense of discipline, morals and spirit of adventure in the life of students. The NCC office is located in the NCC building inside the IIT Madras campus.

Camps in NCC

·         Annual Training Camps (Both for Boys and Girls)

·         Attachment Training Camps

·         Basic Leadership Camps

·         Thal Sena Camp

·         Vayu Sainik Camp

·         Nau Sainik Camp

·         Rock Climbing Camp

·         National Integration Camp

·         Attachment to Military Hospital

·         Social Service

·         Republic Day Camp and Prime Minister's Rally

·         Adventure Activities


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