Faculty members authored Books and contributed Book chapters 


Year 2018-2019


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ArunSenthilSundaramoorthy, ArunPremAnand Natarajan, SundaramoorthySithanandam

Department of 

Chemical Engineering

Proceedings of the 28th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering – Part A Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering Vol. 43

Contributed a chapter titled “Comparative Performance Analysis of Industrial Scale Catalytic Steam Reformer with Membrane Steam Reformer’’ Published by: Elsevier B. V: Amsterdam, 2018


ISBN: 978-0-444-64235-6

(Book Chapter)

List of Publications for the Academic year 2018-2019



Name of the Faculty(all coauthors)

Title of the paper

Name of the Journal

Vol. No, pages and IF


N. ArunPremAnand, Ananya, R.Gokul, Abirami

Enhanced corrosion protection by recycled Polyurethane

Asian Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 

pp 1085-1088, 2018.



N. ArunPremAnand, 

S. Bhavatharini

PID Controller Tuning using ASPEN HYSYS

International Journal of Research in Engineering and Advanced Technology, 

pp 72-75, 2018


N. ArunPremAnand, 

S. Bhavatharini

Comparative Study of PID Controller tuning methods using ASPEN HYSYS

International Journal of Scientific Research and Review, pp 542-547, 2018.




Studies on the influence of various metabolic uncouplers on the biodegradation rate of toluene in a biofilm bio-filter reactor

Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

(Published Online)


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