III Semester

Course code Subject name
MA18351 Engineering Mathematics III
CH18301 Chemical Process Calculations
CH18302 Fluid Mechanics
CH18303 Mechanics of Solids for Chemical Engineering
CH18304 Chemical Process Industries- I
CH18305 Applied Chemistry

IV Semester

Course code Subject name
MA18451 Computational methods
CH18401 Mechanical Operations
CH18402 Heat Transfer
CH18403 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-I
CH18404 Chemical Process Industries-II
CH18405 Instrumental Methods of Analysis
CH18411 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
CH18412 Technical Analysis Laboratory

V Semester

Course code Subject Name
CH18501 Mass Transfer- I
CH18502 Chemical Reaction Engineering-I
CH18503 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-II
CH18504 Material Science and Technologyl

VI Semester

Course code Subject Name
CH16601 Energy Engineering
CH16602 Material Science and Technology
CH16603 Chemical Process Industries-II
CH16604 Mass Transfer- II
CH16605 Chemical Reaction Engineering- I
CH16003 Food Technology
CH16004 Process optimization
CH16611 Mass Transfer Laboratory
CH16612 Process Control Laboratory
CH16613 Process Equipment Design -I

VII Semester

Course code Subject Name
CH16701 Process Economics for Chemical Engineers
CH16703 Biochemical Engineering
CH16704 Transport Phenomena
CH16705 Chemical Reaction Engineering-II
CH16007 Fertilizer Technology (Elective- II)
CH16008 Process modelling and simulation (Elective – II)
CH16012 Drug and Pharmaceutical Technology (Elective- II)

VIII Semester

Course code Subject Name
CH16013 Petroleum Technology
CH16015 Computational Fluid Dynamics for chemical Engineering
CH16018 Industrial Management
CH16019 Process Plant Utilities
GE16001 Professional Ethics

 M Tech Chemial Engineering

II Semester

Course code Subject Name
CL18203 Advanced Process Control
MC18081 Introduction to Research Mehtodology and IPR
CL18007 Process Integration
CL18212 Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory
CL18213 Advanced Chemical Engineering Laboratory

III Semester

Course Code Subject Name
CL18011 Fuel cell Technology
CL18018 HSE in Petroleum industries




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