Lesson & Lab Plan

4th Semester

Subject Code Subject Name Faculty Name Faculty Department
CE18401 Strength of materials 2 Dr. P. Venkateshwara rao CVE
CE18402 Applied Hydraulic Engineering Mr. S. Diravia Balan CVE
CE18403 Basic Geotechnical Engineering Mr. G. Arun CVE
CE18404 Construction Techniques and Equipments Practices Mr. K. Arun CVE
CE18405 Transportation Engineering-I Dr. M. Selvakumar CVE
MA18451 Computational Methods Dr. A. R. Vijayalakshmi AM
CE18411 Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory Mr. S. Diravia Balan& Dr.P. Venkateswara Rao/Mr. R. Mathiyazhagan CVE
CE18412 Survey Practical Mr. K. Arun & Mr. R.Kalaivannan CVE

6th Semester

Subject Code Subject Name Faculty Name Faculty Department
CE16601 Structural Analysis 2 Ms. K. SathyaPriya CVE
CE16602 Railways,Airport and Harbour Engineeering Dr. M. Selvakumar CVE
CE16603 Structural Engineering and Design Principles Mr. R. Kalaivannan CVE
CE16604 Design of steel and timber structures Ms Ruby Freya CVE
CE16605 Environmental Engineering-II Mr. R. Mathiyazhagan CVE
CE16005 Housing Planning and Management Mr. K. Arun CVE
CE16611 Environmental Engineering Laboratory Mr. R. Mathiyazhagan & Mr. G. Arun CVE
CE16612 Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory Ms. SathyaPriya & Ms.Ruby Freya CVE
CE16613 Survey Camp Mr. G. Arun & Ms.Ruby Freya / Mr. S. Diraviabalan CVE

8th Semester

Subject Code Subject Name Faculty Name Faculty Department
CE16010 Traffic Engineering & Management Dr. M. Selvakumar CVE
CE16015 Repair and Rehabilitation Mr.G.Arun CVE
CE16811 Project Work All Faculties CVE
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