Courses offered by the department

B.E - Computer Science and Engineering:
This undergraduate course duration is four years(8 semesters). Thiscourse offers a set of theory and practical courses that shall be categorized as Humanities and Social Sciences, Basic Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Professional Core, Professional Elective, Open Elective, Employability Enhancement Courses.

M.E - Computer Science and Engineering:
This postgraduate course duration is two years(4 semesters). This course offers a set of theory and practical courses that shall be categorized as Foundation Courses, Professional Core, Professional Elective, Employability Enhancement Courses.

This doctoral research programme is offered as full-time/part-time course of study for the research scholars. The research scholar has to complete minimum credits for the course work. The research scholar has to work on his/her area of research under a supervisor recognized by the anna university.


Department Consultative Committee Member List
SL. No.NameDesignation
1.Dr. R. Anitha, Professor Chairperson
2.Dr. J. M. Gnanasekar, Professor Coordinator
3.Dr. P. Janarthanan, ProfessorMember
4.Dr. R . Jayabhaduri, Asso. Prof.Member
5.Dr. N . M . Balamurugan, Asso. Prof.Member
6.Dr. T. Rajasekaran, Asso. Prof.Member
7.Ms. V. Rajalakshmi, Asst. Prof.Member
8.Ms. S. Rajalakshmi, Asst. Prof.Member
9.Mr. A. Sowmyanarayanan, Asst. Prof.Member
10.Ms. R. Gayathri, Asst. Prof.Member
11.Mr. P. Selvamani, Asst. Prof.Member
12.Mr. M. Lakshmanan, Asst. Prof.Member
Grievance Redressal Committee
SL. No.NameDesignation
1.Dr. R. Anitha, Professor and Head Chairperson
1.Dr. N. Rajganesh, Associate Professor/CSE and Program Head/AD Member
2.Dr. P. Vinothiyalakshmi, Associate Professor/CSEMember
2.Dr. V. Rajalakshmi, Associate Professor/CSEMember
3.Ms. S Poorani, Assistant Professor/CSE Member
4.Dr. S. Senthamizh Selvi, Assistant Professor/CSE Member
5.Dr. S.D. Nandakumar, Assistant Professor/CSE Member

Module Coordinators List for Regulation 2018

Module 1 Coordinator : Dr. B. Praveen kumar

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1CS18201Digital Principles and System DesignII
2CS18211Digital LaboratoryII
3CS18303Microprocessor and its ApplicationsIII
4CS18313Microprocessor LaboratoryIII
5CS18412Computer Networks LaboratoryIV
6CS18403Computer NetworksIV
7CS18401Computer ArchitectureIV
8CS18603Cryptography and Network SecurityVI
9CS18702Cyber Security and Ethical HackingVII
10CS18713Security Practices LaboratoryVII


Module 2 Coordinator : Dr . P . Janarthanan

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1CS18411Operating Systems LaboratoryIII
2CS18302Database Management SystemsIII
3CS18312Database Management Systems LaboratoryIII
4CS18402Operating SystemsIV
5CS18405Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsIV
6CS18501User Interface TechnologiesV
7CS18511User Interface Technologies LaboratoryV
8CS18027Web ProgrammingPE - ODD
9CS18002Advanced User interface TechnologyPE - EVEN
10CS18018Real Time Operating SystemsPE - EVEN


Module 3 Coordinator : Dr. P. Vinothiyalakshmi

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1CS18202Object Oriented ProgrammingII
2CS18212Object Oriented Programming LaboratoryII
3CS18301 Data Structures III
4CS18311 Data Structures Laboratory III
5CS18551Programming and Data StructuresV
6CS18561Programming and Data Structures Laboratory"V
7CS18502Datamining and Data warehousingV
8CS18009Internet of Things and Its ApplicationsPE - ODD
9CS18010Computer GraphicsPE - EVEN
10CS18012Mobile Adhoc NetworksPE - EVEN
11CS18020 Service Oriented Architecture and Web ServicesPE - EVEN
12CS18024 Unix InternalsPE - EVEN


Module 4 Coordinator : Dr. N. Revathi

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1CS18304Advanced Object Oriented ProgrammingIII
2CS18404Software EngineeringIV
3CS18413Software Engineering LaboratoryIV
4CS18512Mobile Application Development LaboratoryV
5CS18017Resource Management TechniquesPE - ODD
6CS18005Graph Theory and Its ApplicationPE - ODD
7CS18011Mobile Application DevelopmentPE - ODD
8CS18013Multimedia SystemsPE - ODD
9CS18023 Software Planning and Project ManagementPE - ODD
10CS18025 Software Requirement EngineeringPE - ODD


Module 5 Coordinator : Mrs . V . Rajalakshmi

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1CS18601Artificial IntelligenceVI
2CS18612Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning LaboratoryVI
3CS18701Cloud Computing and Virtualization TechniquesVII
4CS18712 Cloud Computing and Virtualization Techniques LaboratoryVII
5CS18019Social Network EngineeringPE - ODD
6CS18021Software ArchitecturePE - ODD
7CS18004 Agile MethodologiesPE - EVEN
8CS18008Business IntelligencePE - EVEN
9CS18014Object Oriented Analysis and DesignPE - EVEN
10CS18022 Software Defined NetworksPE - EVEN


Module 6 Coordinator : Dr . R . Jayabhaduri

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1CS18503Theory of ComputationV
2CS18604Machine Learning TechniquesVI
3CS18602Compiler DesignVI
4CS18611Compiler LaboratoryVI
5CS18001Bioinformatics TechniquesPE - ODD
6CS18003Data AnalyticsPE - ODD
7CS18007Information Retrieval TechniquesPE - ODD
8CS18015Natural Language ProcessingPE - ODD
9CS18006Block Chain TechnologyPE - EVEN
10CS18016Parallel and Distributed ComputingPE - EVEN

Module Coordinators List for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

AD Module 1 Coordinator : Dr. N. M. Balamurugan

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1AD18301Foundations to Computer Systems DesignIII
2AD18303Programming for Data ScienceIII
3AD18312Programming for Data Science LaboratoryIII
4AD18401Intelligent Computer NetworksIV
5AD18411Intelligent Computer Networks LaboratoryIV
6AD18503Internet of Things towards Data ScienceV
7AD18512Internet of Things towards Data Science LaboratoryV
8AD18005Bitcoin and Blockchain TechnologyPE-ODD
9AD18010Game TheoryPE-EVEN
10AD18014Quantum ComputingPE-EVEN


AD Module 2 Coordinator : Dr. N. Rajganesh

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1AD18302Intelligent Database Management SystemsIII
2AD18311Intelligent Database Management Systems LaboratoryIII
3AD18402Principles of Artificial IntelligenceIV
4AD18403Applied Machine LearningIV
5AD18404Object Oriented Software EngineeringIV
6AD18412Artificial Intelligence LaboratoryIV
7AD18413Applied Machine Learning LaboratoryIV
8AD18018Sentiment AnalysisPE-EVEN
9AD18020Soft Computing TechniquesPE-EVEN
10AD18022Speech Processing TechniquesPE-EVEN


AD Module 3 Coordinator : Dr. T. Rajasekaran

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1AD18501Deep Learning Algorithms and ArchitecturesV
2AD18502Digital Signal Processing for Data ScienceV
3AD18511 Deep Learning LaboratoryV
4AD18601Cloud Computing Tools and TechniquesVI
5AD18602Big Data Analytics and Visualization VI
6AD18603Natural Language Processing TechniquesVI
7AD18604Computer Vision and Applications VI
8AD18611Computer Vision and NLP LaboratoryVI
9AD18612Cloud and Big Data Analytics LaboratoryVI


AD Module 4 Coordinator : Dr. T. Padmavathy

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1AD18202Data Structures and Algorithm AnalysisII
2AD18203Object Oriented Paradigm and ProgrammingII
3AD18211Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis Laboratory II
4AD18212Object Oriented Paradigm and ProgrammingII
5AD18001Advanced Database Concepts PE-ODD
6AD18003AI in Robotics PE-ODD
7AD18007Healthcare Analytics PE-ODD
8AD18002Bio-Inspired ComputingPE-EVEN
9AD18024Video AnalyticsPE-EVEN
10AD18026Virtual and Augmented Reality PE-EVEN


AD Module 5 Coordinator : Dr. P. Geetha

SL. No.Course CodeCOURSE TITLESemester
1AD18201Digital Logic DesignII
2AD18701Compiler Design TechniquesVII
3AD18702Reinforcement Learning VII
4AD18712Cyber Security LaboratoryVII
5AD18713Reinforcement Learning Laboratory VII
6AD18009Human Computer InteractionPE-ODD
7AD18011Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis PE-ODD
8AD18004Evolutionary ComputingPE-EVEN
9AD18006Explainable Artificial IntelligencePE-EVEN
10AD18008Full stack Software DevelopmentPE-EVEN
11AD18012Knowledge Representation and ReasoningPE-EVEN
12AD18016Semantic WebPE-EVEN

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